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Permarank Syndrome is a disease (or phenomenon) where a player gets stuck in a rank for seemingly forever, even though they are trying to advance to the next. It has been observed in members from [Mayor] to [Governor], although [Mayor] cases are most common. Permarank Syndrome can be cured, although it is unlikely, as proven when SoaPuffball ranked up to Senator. However, it is possible for it to come back when the member has been promoted and they haven’t been promoted again for a long time.


Symptoms include:

  • Being in the same rank for more than one and a half years
  • Expecting to be denied in CRPB requests
  • Hopelessness in reaching the next rank
  • Less activity in the server due to inability to reach the next rank
  • Conversing about how they are stuck in the same rank for long


Permarank Syndrome is notably experienced by the following people: