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Will be updated daily. The format is like Yoshi's.

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Day Title Artist(s) Favorite Lyrics
1 Peter Pan Kelsea Ballerini "Always gonna fly away / Just because you know you can / Never gonna learn there's no such place as Neverlands / You don't understand / You'll never grow up / You'll never gonna be a man / Peter Pan"
2 Mad Hatter Melanie Martinez "I'm nuts, baby I'm mad / The craziest friend that you've ever had / You think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone / Tell the physcharist something is wrong / Over the bend, entirely bonkers / You like me best, when I'm off my rocker / Tell you a secret I'm not alarmed / So what if I'm crazy the best people are"
3 Chandelier Sia "1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, drink / 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, drink / 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, drink / Throw em' back, till I lose count / I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier / I'm gonna live like tommorow doesn't exist, like it doesn't exist / I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry / I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier"
4 Boombox Laura Marano "Cuz you're my boombox baby you can say anything and I'll blow my speakers out with you / Yah you're my boombox baby you can sing anything and I'ma sing along with you / And if I push the right button / Will you show me something / Little melody that I can groove to / Cruisin' with my boombox baby you can say anything and I'm gonna sing along with you / Yah you're my boom boom boombox baby"
5 Unstoppable Sia "I'm unstoppable / I'm a porsche with no brakes / cuz I'm invincible / Yah I win every single game / I'm so powerful / I don't need batteries to play / I'm so confident / Yah I'm unstoppable today / unstoppable today / unstoppable today / Unstoppable today / I'm unstoppable today"
6 TiK ToK Ke$ha "Don't stop, make it pop / DJ blow my speakers up / Tonight I'ma fight till we see the sunlight / Tick tock on the clock, but the party won't stop oh oh / woah oh oh oh oh oh / Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh / You build me up, you break me down / My heart is pounds when you hold me"
7 Heard It From A Friend LOLO "Yah I heard it from a friend / Who heard it from a friend / So when you gonna tell me you ****Ed me over / Don't you know that people watch / Don't you know that people talk so / When you gonna tell me you don't love me no more"
8 In The Name Of Love Martin Garrix ft. Bebe Rexha "When you let me lead you even when you're blind / In the darkness in the middle of the night / In the silence when there's no one by your side / In the name of love / In the name of love / In the name of love / Name of love"
9 All My Head (Flex) Fifth Harmony ft. Fetty Wap "I wanna feel you un, feel you under my body / I wanna feel you un, feel you un / Flex, time to impress / Come in climb in my bed, it's all in my head"
10 We Don't Talk Anymore Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez "We don't talk anymore / We don't talk anymore / We don't talk anymore like we used to do / We don't love anymore / What was all of it for? / Oh we don't talk anymore like we used to do"
11 Mrs. Potato Head Melanie Martinez "Oh Mrs. Potato Head tell me, is it true that pain in beauty / Does a new face come with a warranty? / Will a pretty face make it better / Oh Mr. potato Head tell me / how did you afford her surgery / Do you swear you'll stay together / Even if her face don't stay together / Stay together, stay together / Even if her face don't stay together"
12 No Broken Hearts Bebe Rexha ft. Nicki Minaj "No broken hearts in the club / no tears in the club / cuz we gon' get it poppin' tonight / No broken hearts in the club / more drinks pour it up / Cuz we gon' get it poppin' tonight / We only got one life / So let's go hard till the day we die / No broken hearts in the club more drinks pour it up / Cuz we gon' get it poppin' tonight"
13 Tag, You're It Melanie Martinez "Running through the parking lot / He chased me and he wouldn't stop / Tag, you're it, tag tag you're it / Grabbed my hand, pushed me down / Took the words right out my mouth / Tag, you're it / Tag tag youre it / Can anybody hear me I am hidden underground / Can anybody hear me am I talking to myself / Saying tag you're it / Tag tag you're it"
14 Sit Still, Look Pretty Daya "Oh I don't know what you've been told / But this gal right here is gonna rule the world / Yah that where I'm gonna be / because I wanna be / No, I don't want to sit still look pretty / You get on from a nine to five / Dreams of picket fences and trophy wives / But no I'm never gonna be, cause I don't wanna be / No I don't want to sit still look pretty"
15 Kill Em' With Kindness Selena Gomez "Your eyes are bullets / Your mouths are guns / And no war in anger / Is ever won / Put out the fire before igniting / Next time you're fighting / Kill Em' With kindness / Kill em with kindness / Kill em, kill em with kindness / Kill em with kindness / Kill em with kindness, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead now / Oh, oh oh oh...
16 Moonlight Ariana Grande "I never knew, I never knew / You could have moonlight in your hands / Till the night I held you / You're my moonlight / Moonlight / You're my moonlight"
17 Milk And Cookies Melanie Martinez "Do you like my cookies? / They're made just for you / A little bit of sugar but lots of poison too / Ashes, Ashes, time to go down / Ooh, honey do you want me now / Can't take it anymore, gotta put you to bed / Sing you a lullaby when you die at the end"
18 Clarity Zedd ft. Foxes "Chasing relentlessly / Still cry and I don't know why / If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy / If our love is insanity why are you my Clarity"
19 Dark Horse Katy Perry ft. Juicy J "Make me your Aphrodite / Make me your one and only / But don't make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy / So you wanna play with magic (Some one got this wrong as "So you wanna play with my dick" or "So you wanna play with my cheeks) / Boy you should know what you've fought for / Baby do you dare to do this / Cause I'm comin' at you like a dark horse"
20 Blank Space Taylor Swift "So hey, let's be friends / I'm dying to see how this one ends / Grab your passport and my hand / I can make the bad guys good for the weekend / So it's gonna be forever / Or it's gonna go down in flames / You can tell me when it's over / If the high was worth the pain / Got a long list of ex-lovers (Hey guys, not "Gotta live these Starbucks lovers heh") / They'll tell you I'm insane"
21 Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus "I came in like a wrecking ball / I've never hit so hard before / I only want to break you up / All you did was wreck me / Yah you wreck me / I never meant to start a war / Yah I just close my eyes and swing"
22 Just Like Fire Pink "Just like fire, burning out the way / If I can light the world out in just one day / Watch this madness, colourful charade / No one can be like me in any way"
23 Stay The Night Zedd ft. Hayley Williams "I'm gonna stay the night / doesn't mean we're bound for life / Soooooo are you gonna stay the night, night, night, night"
24 Girlfriend Avril Lavigne "Hey, hey, you, you / I don't like your girlfriend / No way, no way / Think you need a new one / Hey, hey, you, you / I can be your girlfriend"
25 Stitches Shawn Mendes "You watch me bleed until I can't breathe / Shaking, fall ing onto my knees / Without all your kisses / I'll be need in stitches"
26 This Is What You Came For Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna "Baby, this is what you came for / Lightning, strikes every time she moves / Now everybody's watching her / But she's looking at you"
27 Break Free Ariana Grande ft. Zedd "This is the part when I say I don't wanna / I'm stronger than I've been before / This is the part when I break free / Cuz I can't resist it no more"
28 Pity Party Melanie Martinez "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to (cry if I want to, cry cry, cry) / I'll cry until the candles burn down this place / I'll cry until my pity party's in flames"
29 Bang Bang Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj "Bang Bang, into the room / I know you want it / Bang Bang, all over you / Back back, seat of my car"
30 Why Andra "I wonder, wonder, wonder why / I wonder why / Why? Why did you hurt me? / Why? Why does it hurt?"
31 Don't Let Me Down The Chainsmokers ft. Daya "I need ya, I need ya, I need ya right now / So don't let me, don't let me, don't let me down / I think I'm losing my mind now / It's in the hate / Darling I hope that you'd be here when I need you the most so / Don't let me, don't let me down, don't let me down"
32 Cheap Thrills Sia ft. Sean Paul "It's Friday night and I won't be long till I / Hit the dance floor, hit the dance floor / I got all I need / No I ain't got cash, I ain't got cash / But I got you baby / Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight"
33 Treat You Better Shawn Mendes "I know I can treat you better than he can / Like any girl like you deserves a gentleman / Tell me why are we wasting time / Why are you wasting crying when you should be with me instead / I know I can treat you better / BETTER THAN HE CAN!!!"
34 La La Laura Marano "Countdown, 3, 2, 1 / Lemme know when you are done / Cause whenever your mouth runs / All I hear is la la / Say your ABCs / Do whatever it is you please / Cause I'm not even listening / All I hear is la la"
35 Black Widow Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora "I'm gonna love ya / Until you hate me / I'm gonna show ya / What's really crazy / You should have known better / Than to mess wih me, honey / I'm gonna love ya / I'm gonna love ya / I'm gonna love ya / I'm gonna love ya / Like a black widow baby"
36 NO Meghan Trainor "All my ladies listen up / If that boy ain't giving up / Lick your lips and swing your hips and all you gotta say is / My name is no / My sign is no / My number is no / You need to let it go / Need to let it go / Need to let it go / Nah to the ah the no no no"
37 Love Story Taylor Swift "That you were Romeo / You were throwing pebbles / And my daddy said stay away from Juliet / And I was crying on the staircase / Begging you please don't go / And I said Romeo take me somewhere where we can be alone / And I'll be waiting / The only thing to do is run / You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess / It's a love story, maybe just say yes"
38 Bad Blood Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar "Cause baby now we got bad blood / So it used to be mad love / So take a look what you've done / Cause baby now we got bad blood"
39 All About That Bass Meghan Trainor "Because you know I'm all about that bass / Bout that bass / No treble / I'm all about that bass / Bout that bass / No treble"
40 Bang My Head David Guetta ft. Sia and Fetty Wap "Bang my head against the wall / Though I feel light-headed / Now I know I will not fall / I will rise above it all"
41 Burn Ellie Goulding "When the lights turned off / They don't know what they heard / Strike the match, play it loud / Giving love to the world / We'll be raising our hands / Shining up to the sky / Cause we got the fire, fire, fire / Yeah we got the fire, fire, fire / And we're gonna let it burn, burn, burn"
42 Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift "Say you remember me / Standing in a nice dress / Staring at the sunset, bathe / That lips in rosy cheeks / Say you see me again / Even if it's in your wildest dreams / Oh oh oh"
43 Roar Katy Perry "I got the eye of the tiger / The fire / Dancing in the fire / Cause I am the champion / And you're gonna hear me roar / Louder, louder / Louder than the lion / Cause I am the champion / And you'are gonna hear me roar"
44 Side To Side Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj "These friends keep talking way too much / Say I should give you up / Can't hear them all, cause I... / Have been here all night / Have been here all day / And b-o-o-o-y got me walking side to side (side to side)"
45 Titanium David Guetta ft. Sia "I'm bulletproof / Nothing to lose / Fire away, fire away / Ricochet, you take your aim / Fire away, fire away / You shoot me down / But I won't fall / I m TITANIUM!!!"
46 Centuries Fall Out Boy "Some legends are told / some turn to dust or to gold / But will you remember me / Remember me for centuries"
47 Wide Awake Katy Perry "Falling from Cloud 9 / Crashing on the high / I'm letting go tonight / Yeah I'm falling from Cloud 9"
48 You Belong With Me Taylor Swift "But she wear short skirts / I wear T Shirts / She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleaches / Dreaming bout the day / When you wake up and find out what you're looking for has been here the whole time / If you could see that I'm the one who understands you / Been here all along so can't you see me / You belong with me / You belong with me"
49 Lean On Major Lazer ft. MO "Blow a kiss / Fire a gun / We will need someone to lean on / Blow a kiss / Fire a gun / All we need is somebody to lean on"
50 Let Me Love You DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber "Say go through the dark of days / Heaven's a heartbreak away / Never let you go / Never let me down / Oh it's been hell of a ride / Driving the edge of a knife / Never ler you go / Never let me down / Won't you give up, nah nah nah / I won't give up, nah nah nah / Let me love you / Let me love you"
51 Faded Alan Walker ft. Iselin Solheim "Where are you now / Atlantis / Under the sea / Under the sea / Where are you now / Another dream / The monsters running wild inside of me / I'm lost / I'm faded"
52 Super Bass Nicki Minaj "Boy you got my heartbeat running away / Beating like a drum and it's coming your way / Can't your hear the boom badoom boom badoom super bass / He got that super bass"
53 One Last Time Ariana Grande "So one last time / I need to be the one who takes you home / One more time / I promise after that I'll let you go / I don't care if you got her in your heart / All I really care is that you wake up in my arms"
54 Sing Me To Sleep Alan Walker "Sing me to sleep now / Sing me to sleep / Oh just sing me to sleep now / Sing me to sleep"
55 Love Me Like You Do Ellie Goulding "What are you waiting for / Love me like you do / To, to, touch me like you do / Love me like you to / To, to, touch me like you do"
56 One Thousand Years Christina Perri "One step closer / I have died everyday waiting for you / Darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years / I'll love you for a thousand more"
57 Tears Clean Bandit ft. Louisa Johnson "Tears on the ground / Tears on my pillow / You won't bring me down / And I'll get over you / Woah woah / I'll get over you"
58 Diamonds Rihanna "We're like diamonds in the sky / I knew that we'd become one right away / Oh right away / At first sight I left the energy of sunrays / I saw the light inside your eyes / So shine bright / Tonight / You and I / We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky"
59 Hymn For The Weekend Coldplay "Oh angels sent from up above / You know you make my world light up / When I was down when I was hurt / You came to lift me up / Life is a drink and love's a drug / Oh now I think I must be miles up / When I was hurt withered dried up / You came and rained a flood"
60 We Can't Stop Miley Cyrus "We can't stop / And we won't stop / Can't you see it's we own the night / Can't you see it's we 'bout that life / We can't stop / And we won't stop / We run things / Things don't run we / Please don't take nothing from nobody / Yeah yeah"
61 Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen "Hey I just met you / and this is crazy / But here's my number / so call me maybe"
62 E.T. (Extraterrestrial) Katy Perry ft. Kanye West "Kiss me / K-K-Kiss me / Fill me wih your love and infect me with your poison / Take me / T-T-Take me / Wanna be your victim / Ready for abduction / Boy you're an alien / Your touch so foreign / It's supernatural / Extraterrestrial"
63 Bad Romance Lady Gaga "I want your love and I want your revenge / You and me could write a bad romance / Oh oh oh oh oh oh / Caught in a bad romance"
64 Firework Katy Perry "You just gotta ignite the light / And let it shine / Just own the night / Like the 4th of July / Cause baby you're a firework / Come on show them what you're worth / Make them go woah woah woah / As you shoot across the sky sky sky"
65 Last Friday Night Katy Perry "Last Friday night / Yeah we danced on table tops / And we took too many shots / Thinked I kissed but I forgot / Last Friday night / Yeah we maxed our credit cards / And got kicked out of the bar / So we hit the boulvard / Last Friday night"
66 Starships Nicki Minaj "Starships are meant to fly / Hands up and touch the sky / Can't stop cause we're so high / Let's do this one more time"
67 Party In The U.S.A. Miley Cyrus "So I put my hands up / And they're playing my song / The butterflies fly away / Moving my head like yeah / Moving my hips like yeah / It's a party in the U.S.A."
68 Flashlight Jessie J "I got all I need when I got you and I / I look around me and see sweet life / I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight / You're getting me / Getting me through the night"
69 Animals Maroon 5 "Baby I'm preying on you tonight / Hunt you down eat you alive / Just like animals / Animals / Like animals' paws / Maybe you think that you can hide / I can smell your scent for miles / Just like animals / animals / like animals' paws"
70 This One's For You David Guetta ft. Zara Larsson "We're in this together / Hear our hearts beat together / We stand strong together / We're in this forever / This one's for you"
71 Work From Home Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dollar $ign "You don't gotta go to work / Work work work work work work work / But you gotta put in work work work work work work work"
72 Timber Pitbull ft. Ke$ha "It's going down / I'm yelling timber / You better move / You better dance / let's make a night / You won't remember / I'll be the one you won't forget / woooooooo"
73 Team Lorde "We live in cities / You'll never see on screen / Not very pretty but we sure know how to run things / Living in ruins of a palace within my dreams / And you know / We're on each other's team"
74 Tennis Court Lorde "Baby be the class clown / I'll be the beauty queen in tears / It's a new art form showing people how little we care / Yeah / We're so happy / Even when we're smiling out of fear / It's a new art form showing people how little we care / Yeah"
75 Superheroes The Script "When you've fighting it for all your life / You've been struggling to make things right / That's how a superhero learns to fly / Every time every hour / In the pain into power"
76 Cool Kids Echosmith "And she says / I wish that I could be like the cool kids / Cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in / I wish I could be like the cool kids / lIke the cool kids / yeah"
77 How Deep Is Your Love Calvin Harris ft. Disciples "How deep is your love / Is it like the ocean / What devotion are you / How deep is your love / Is it like nirvana / Hit me hard again"
78 Fight Song Rachel Platten "This is my fight song / Take back my life song / Prove my alright song / My power's turned on / Starting right now I'll be strong / I'll play my fight song / I don't care if nobody else believes / Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me"
79 Yellow Flicker Beat Lorde "My blood is a flood of rubies / Precious stones / It keeps my veins hot / The fires find a home in me / I move through town / I'm quiet like a fight / And my necklace is of rope / I tie and untie it /

I'm done with it ooh / This is the start of how it ever ends / They used to scream my name / Now they whisper it / I'm speeding up and this is the red / orange / yellow flicker beat sparkling up my heart"

80 Payphone Maroon 5 "I'm at a payphone trying to call home / All of my change I spent on you / Where have the times gone / Baby it's all wrong / Where are the plans we made for us two"
81 Big Girls Cry Sia "I may cry ruining my make up / Washing all the things you've taken / I don't care if I don't look pretty / Big girls cry / When their hearts are breaking / Big girls cry"
82 Glory And Gore (Unofficial Video) Lorde "You can try and take us / But we're the gladiators / Everyone a ranger / But secretly they're saviours / Glory and gore go hand and hand / It's why we're making headlines / You can try and take us / But victory's containgious"
83 Same Old Love Selena Gomez "I'm so sick of that same old love / That shi*, it tears me up / I'm so sick of that same old love / My body's had enough / Oh, oh, oh, oh (That same old love) / Oh, oh, oh, oh (That same old love)"
84 Pacify Her Melanie Martinez "Someone told me stay away from things that aren't yours / But was it yours if you wanted it so bad / Pacify her / She's getting on my nerves / You don't love her / stop lying with those words"
85 Come And Get It Selena Gomez "When you're ready come and get it / na na na na / na na na na / na na na na / When you're ready come and get it na na na na / na na na na"
86 Santa Tell Me Ariana Grande "Santa tell me / if you're really there / don't make me fall in love again / If he won't be here next year / Santa tell me / if he really cares / Cause I can't give it all away / If he won't be here next year"
87 Jar Of Hearts Christina Perri "And who do you think you are / Running around leaving scars / collecting your jar of hearts / and tearing love apart"
88 Bad Boy Cascada "Be my bad boy / Be my man / Be my weekend lover / But don't be my friend / Won't you be my bad boy / But understand / That I don't need you in my life again"
89 Rather Be Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne "If you gave me a chance I would take it / It's a shot in the dark but I'll make it / Know with all of your heart / You can't shame me / When I am with you / There's no place I'd rather be"
90 on 25th November 2016 (MY BIRTHDAY :D) Hello Adele "So hello from the outside / I must have called a thousand times / To tell you I'm sorry for what I have done / But when I call you you never seem to be home"
91 Into You Ariana Grande "Before I make a move / Ooh ooh ooh / So baby come light me up / And maybe I'll let you on it / A little bit dangerous / But baby that's how I want it / A little less conversation and little more touch my body / Cause I'm so into you / Into you / into you / into you"
92 Love Me Harder Ariana Grande ft. The Weekend "Cause if you want to keep me / You gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta love me harder / Love me harder / And if you really need me / you gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta love me harder / Love me harder"
93 Rockabye Clean Bandit ft. Anne Marie and Sean Paul "So rockabye baby rockabye / I'm gonna rock you / Rockabye baby don't you cry / Somebody's got you / Rockabye baby rockabye / Rockabye / No / Rockabye / Rockabye rocka rocka rocka bye / Rockabye oh oh yeah / Rockabye / Rockabye rocka rocka rocka bye / Yeah"
94 Scars To Your Beautiful Alessia Cara "But there's a hope waiting for you in the dark / You should know you're beautiful just the way you are / And you don't need to change a thing / The world could change it's heart / No scars to your beautiful / We're stars and we're beautiful"
95 On The Floor Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull "Dance the night away / Live your life and stay young on the floor / Dance the night away / Grab somebody / Drink a little more / Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala / Tonight we gon be it on the floor / Lalalalalalalalalalalala / Tonight we gon' be it on the floor"
96 Better Meghan Trainor ft. Yo Gotti "And I deserve better / better than you / I deserve better / Better than you / I deserve better / Tell them what they already know / I deserve better"
97 Alone Alan Walker "If this night is not forever / At least we are together / I know I'm not alone / I know I'm not alone / Anywhere whenever / Apart but still together / I know I'm not alone / I know I'm not alone"
98 Cake Melanie Martinez "I'm not a piece of cake for you to just discard / While you walk away with the frosting of my heart / So I'm taking back what's mine / You'll miss / The slice of heaven that I gave to you last night"
99 Teddy Bear Melanie Martinez "Teddy bear / you were my teddy bear / you were confident and quiet / how did love become so violent / Oh teddy bear / you were my teddy bear / everything was so sweet / until you tried to kill me"
100 Young Blood Bea Miller "We've got young blood / Can't destroy us / We made our own luck / In this world / We've got young blood / no one chose us / We'll make our own love / in this world"
101 Where Have You Been Rihanna "Where have you been / Cause I never see you out / Are you hiding from me yeah / Somewhere in the crowd / Where have you been / All my life / All my life / Where have you been all my life"
102 Alone Alan Walker "If this night is not forever / At least we are together / I know I'm not alone / I know I'm not alone / Everywhere whenever / At least we are together / I know I'm not alone / I know I'm not alone"
103 Price Tag Jessie J ft. B.O.B. "It's not about the money / money / money / We don't need your money / money / money / We just wanna make the world dance / Forget about the price tag"
104 Play Date Melanie Martinez "I don't give a fu** about you anyways / Who ever said I gave a shi* bout you / You never shared your toys or communicate / I guess I'm just a play date to you"
105 Drum MO "It's your love / And it's all yours / Dance to the beat of your drum / To the beat of your drum / To the beat of your drum / To the beat of your heart"
106 After The Afterparty Charli XCX ft. Lil Yachty "Cause after the afterparty / We're gonna keep it going / We gonna rip it up / The neighbours might complain / Cause after the afterparty / We're gonna stay til morning / Then when the time is up / We'll do it all again"
107 Paparazzi Lady Gaga "Cause baby you know that baby I / I'm your biggest fan / I'll follow you until you love me / Papa-paparazzi / Baby there's no other superstar / You'll know that I'll be your papa-paparazzi / Promise I'll be kind / But I won't stop until that boy is mine / Baby you'll be famous / Chase you down until you love me / Papa-paparazzi"
108 Fire N Gold Bea Miller "When you're stuck in a moment / And your spark has been stolen / This is our time to own it / Go own it / Baby we were born with fire and gold in our eyes / Eyes / Born with fire and gold in our eyes / Eyes / Got lightning in a bottle on the hands / on the throttle in the dust we shine / with fire and gold in our eyes / Eyes"
109 Burn The Pages Sia "Yesterday is gone and you be okay / Place the past into a book / Burn the pages let them cook / Yesterday is dead and so is today / Place the past into a book / Burn the pages let them cook"
110 On My Mind Ellie Goulding "And I now don't understand it / You don't mess with love / You mess wih the truth / And now I shouldn't say it / But my heart don't understand / Why I got you on my mind / Why I got you on my mind"
111 Round And Round Selena Gomez and The Scene "Boy I need you here with me / We can't go on this way / I'm falling hard for you / All I can say / I'm going round and round / We're never gonna stop / Going round and round / We'll never get where we're going / Round and round / And you're going to miss me / Cause I'm getting dizzy / Going round and round and round"
112 Habits (Stay High) (Hippie Sabotage Remix) Tove Lo "You're gone and I gotta stay high / All the time / To keep you off my mind / Ooh ooh ooh ooh / High all the time / To keep you off my mind / Spend my days locked in a haze / Trying to forget you babe / I fall back down / I gotta stay high all my life / To forget I'm missing you / ooh ooh ooh ooh"
113 White Horse Taylor Swift "I'm not a princess / This ain't a fairytale / I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet / Lead her to the stairwell / This ain't Hollywood / This is a small town / I was a dreamer before you went and let me down / Now it's too late for you and your white horse to come around"
114 Hold It Against Me Britney Spears "If I said my heart was beating loud / If we could escape the crowd somehow / If I say I want your body now / Would you hold it against me / Cause you feel like paradise / And I need a vacation tonight / So if I said I want your body now / Would you hold it against me"
115 Dear Future Husband Meghan Trainor "Dear future husband / Here's a few things you gotta know if you wanna be my one and only / All my life / Dear future husband / Make time for me / Don't leave me lonely / And I will never see your family more than mine"
116 I Got You Bebe Rexha "Cause I got you, you / Oh I got you / I got you / I got you / We can get high oh na na na / We can go low oh na na na / Let me be your friend / Baby let me in / Tell you no lies oh na na na / We can get lost oh na na na / Take it all off oh na na na"
117 Shout Out To My Ex Little Mix "Shout out to my ex / You're really quite the man / You made my heartbreak and that made me who I am / It's to my ex / Hey look at me now / Well I'm all the way back up and I'll swear you'll never bring me down"
118 Born To Die' Lana Del Rey "Don't make me sad / Don't make me cry / Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough I don't know why / Keep make me laugh / Let's go get high / The road long we carry on / Try to have fun in the meantime / Come and take a walk in the wild side / Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain / You like your girls insane / So choose your last words / Cause you and I / Were born to die"
119 Hide Away Daya "Where the good boys go to hideaway, hideaway / I'm a good, good girl who needs a little company / Looking high and low / Someone let me know / Where the good boys go to hideaway, hideaway"
120 Routine Alan Walker ft. David Whistle No lyrics
121 Bad Things Machine Gun Kelly ft. Camila Cabello "Am I out of my head, am I out of my mind / If you only knew the bad things I like / Don't think I can explain it / What can I say it's complicated / No matter what you say / No matter what you do / I only wanna do bad things to you / So good that you couldn't say it / What can I say it's complicated "
122 Starving Hailee Steinfield and Grey ft. Zedd "I didn't know that I was starving until I tasted you / Don't need no butterflies / When you give me the whole damn zoo / By the way / Right away / You do things to my body / I didn't know that I was starving till I tasted you"
123 22 Taylor Swift "I don't know about you / But I'm feeling 22 / Everything will be alright / If you keep me next to you / You don't know about me / But I bet you want to / Everything will be alright if / We keep dancing like we're 22"
124 Style Taylor Swift "You've got that James Dean daydream look in your eyes / And I got that red lips classic thing that you like / And then we go crashing down / We come back everytime / Cause we'll never go out of style / We never get out of style"
125 Alone Marshmello "I'm so alone / Trying to find my way back home to you"
126 Blue Blue Knees Melanie Martinez "Just cause I bought a band-aid / Doesn't mean that I am able to clean the scars that run / Deeper than all my old demons / I keep under still water / I need a recovery"
127 Seventeen Alessia Cara "So hear me scream / I was too young to understand what it means / I couldn't want til I could be seventeen / I thought he lied when he said take my time to dream / Now I wish I could freeze the time at seventeen"
128 Stressed Out Twenty One Pilots "Wish we could turn back time / To the good old days / When the mama sang us to sleep / But now we're stressed out"
129 Training Wheels Melanie Martinez "Love everything you do / When you call me f****ing dumb for the stupid sh** I do / Wanna ride my back with you / Fully dressed up / No training wheels left for you / I'll pull them off for you"
130 Soap Melanie Martinez "I feel it coming out my throat / Guess I better wash my mouth out with soap / God I wish I never spoke / Now I gotta wash my mouth out with soap"
131 Turn Me On David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj "Make me come alive / Come on and turn me on / Touch me, save my life / Come on and turn me on / I'm too young to die / Come on and turn me on / Turn me on, turn me on"
132 Elastic Heart Sia "Well I've got thick skin and an elastic heart / But your blade might be too sharp / I'm like a rubber band / Until you pull too hard / But I may snap and may move close / But you won't see me move no more"
133 Bombs On Monday Melanie Martinez "Bombs are fallin / On monday mornin / Waiting for the news together / An explosion / Any moment / We'll make moments last forever / And ever"
134 The Great Divide Rebecca Black (Yes, Rebecca Black.) "Dancing on the line of the great divide / Wash my hands, turn my back / I don't need the memories we had / I'm leaving you behind across the great divide"
135 You Came For 2016 (Year-End Mega Mashup) SuperScreamRock 2 no lyrics
136 Night Mime Melanie Martinez "I'm tongue-tied in the nightime / Silence, sleepless till the sunrise / Claustraphobic with a night light, night light / I'll just wait here for the sunrise / Creeping, crawl back into my life / Until then I'll be a night mime, night mime"
137 DNA Little Mix "It's in his DNA / D, d, d, DNA / It's in his DNA / And he takes my breath away / B, b, b, breath away / I feel it everyday"
138 Gingerbread Man Melanie Martinez "I need the gingerbread man, the one I'll feed / The gingerbread man, the one I'll eat / One who's always crazy / Never calls me baby / That's the boy that I want / All you guys are not him"
139 Move Your Body Sia "Your body's poetry, speak to me / Won't you let me be your rhythm tonight / Move your body, move your body / I wanna be your muse, use my muse / And let me be your rhythm tonight / Move your body, move your body"
140 Carousel Melanie Martinez "Round and round like a horse on the carousel / Wake up / Will I catch up to love / I can never tell / Chasing after you is like a fairytale / But I feel like I'm glued on tight to this carousel"
141 Human Christina Perri "But I'm only human / And I bleed when I fall down / I'm only human / And I crash and I break down / Your words in my head, your knives in my heart / You build me up and I fall apart / Yeah, I'm only human"
142 Paris The Chainsmokers "If we go down then we go down together / They'll say you could do anything / They'll say that I was clever / If we go down then go down together / We'll get away with everything / Let's show them we are better"
143 Demons Imagine Dragons "When the days are cold / And the cards all fold / And the saints we see / Are all made of gold / When our dreams all fail / And the ones we hail / Are the worst of all / And the blood's run stale / When the lights fade out / All the sinners crawl / So they dug your grave / And the masquerade / Will come calling out / At the mess you made"
144 Chained To The Rhythm Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley "Turn it up it's our favourite song / Dance, dance, dance to the distortion / On, turn it on, turn it on repeat / Stumbling around like a wasted zombie / Yeah, we think we're free / Drink, this one's on me / We're all chained to the rhythm"
145 Sledgehammer Fifth Harmony "If you could take my pulse right now it would feel just like a sledgehammer / If you could feel my heart beat now it would hit you like a sledgehammer"
146 F.F.F. (Fu** Fake Friends) Bebe Rexha ft. G-Eazy "Is there anybody real up here / Got my middle finger up when I'm singing / Fu** fake friends, we don't need them / The only thing they're good for is leaving / Fu** fake friends / We don't need them / I've had it up to the ceiling"
147 Ghost Halsey "My ghost, where'd you go? / I can't find you in the body sleeping next to me / My ghost, where's you go? / What happened to the soul you used to be?"
148 Something Just Like This The Chainsmokers and Coldplay "But she said where's you wanna go? / How much you wanna risk? / I'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts / Some superhero, some fairytale bliss / Just something I can turn to somebody I can kiss / I want something just like this"
149 The Spectre Alan Walker "Hello, hello / Lost reliance, a more that nether ends / Is this the place that I call home? / To find I've become / Walk along the path unknown / We live, we love, we lie / Deep in the dark, in my secret lie / Like a ghost inside me"
150 Green Light Lorde "But honey, I'll be seeing you down every road / I'm waiting for it, that green light, I want it / Cause baby I'll come get my things but I can't let go"
151 Force Alan Walker No lyrics
152 Bom Bidi Bom Nick Jonas ft. Nicki Minaj "You got that / Bom bidi bom bom bom, bom bidi bom bom / You give me bad bad love / But I love it baby / Love me all night long if you want baby"
153 Me, Myself & I G-Eazy ft. Bebe Rexha "Oh it's just me myself and I / Solo ride until I die / Cause I got me for life / Oh I don't need a hand to hold / Even if the night is cold / I got that fire in my soul"
154 International Women's Day Megamix SuperScream Rock 2 No lyrics
155 In The Name Of 2016 (Year-End Megamix) chrispy_mashups no lyrics
156 Crying In The Club Camila Cabello "Ain't no crying in the club, hey hey / Let the beat carry away your tears as they fall, baby"
157 First Time Kygo ft. Ellie Goulding "Getting drunk on a train track / Way back when we had our first cigarettes / Ten dollars was a fat stack / I'd do it all again"
158 Don't Let Me Be Yours Zara Larsson (ft. Ed Sheeran, maybe? He wrote the song and did backup singer's job) "You know everybody makes mistakes, mmm / Don't let me be yours / You know everybody makes mistakes / Don't let me be yours, no / Don't let me be"
159 Middle DJ Snake ft. Bipolar Sunshine "I hope that I could turn back the time / To make it all alright, all alright for us / I promise to build a new world for us two / With you in the middle"
160 Take Me Home Cash Cash ft. Bebe Rexha "I'm falling to pieces, to pieces, to pieces / But I still stay cause you're the only thing I know / So won't you take home, won't you take me home"
161 Talking Body Tove Lo "Swear it won't take you long / If you love me right / We f**k for life / On and on and on"
162 Crazy Kids Ke$ha ft. "Hello / Wherever you are, are you dancing on the dance floor or drinking by the bar / Tonight we do it big, and shine like stars / We don't give a f**k cause that's just who we are"
163 Kanye The Chainsmokers ft. SirenXX "I wanna be like Kanye / I'll be the king of me always / Do what I want and make it my way, all day like kanye / Yeah, yeah, yeah"
164 Young The Chainsmokers "Young / We were so young that we thought that we knew how to love / Fought about anything everything led to disfunction / But you just gotta own that sh*t / Maybe we can grow from this"
165 Stay Miley Cyrus "Well I tried to live without you / But tears fall from my eyes / I'm alone and I feel empty / God, I'm torn apart inside / I look up at the stars / Hoping you're doing the same"
166 Here's To Never Growing Up Avril Lavigne "Singing Radioheads at the top of our lungs / With the boombox blaring as we're falling in love / Got a bottle of whatever but it's getting us drunk / Singing here's to never growing up"
167 Strangers Halsey ft. Lauren Jauregui "Said that we're not lovers / We're just strangers / With the same damn hunger / To be touched, to be loved / To be anything at all"
168 I Want You To Know Zedd, Selena Gomez "I want you to know that's it's our time / You and me bleed the same light / I want you to know that I'm all yours / You and me run the same course"
169 This Kiss Carly Rae Jepsen "This kiss is something I can't resist / Your lips are undeniable / This kiss is something I can't risk / Your heart is unreliable / Something so sentimental / You make so detrimental"
170 Animal Ke$ha "The animal inside / let it live and die / Like it's end of time / Like everything inside / Let it live and die / This is our last chance / So give me your hand / Cause the world is spinning at the speed of light"
171 Sky Alan Walker ft. Alex Skrindo no lyrics
172 Praying Kesha "I hope you're somewhere praying, praying / I hope your soul is changing, changing"
173 Bloodstream The Chainsmokers "When I was living how I wanna on my own / And I thought I, I, I, I don't need that much / I guess I, I, I, I, I was out of touch / I'm fu*ked up, I'm faded / I'm so complicated / Those things that I said / They were so overrating / But I, I, I, I, I meant it, yeah I, I, I, I, I really fuc*ing meant it"
174 Bed Of Lies Nicki Minaj ft. Skylar Gray "Do you ever think of me when you lie / Lie down in your bed, your bed of lies / And I knew better, than to look into your eyes / They only pretend, you will be mine"
175 Pulses Karmin "I wanna make your heart beat / I love it when you beats for me, yeah / I wanna raise pulses / La chica with the most-est / Not in the mood for the average Josephs / Coming unglued, baby this is explosive / I wanna raise pulses"
176 Why Try (Fan music video) Ariana Grande "I'm loving the pain / I never wanna live without it / So why-y-y-y-y-y-y do I try-y-y-y-y-y / You drive me insane / Now we're screaming just to see who's louder / So why-y-y-y-y-y-y do I try-y-y-y-y-y"
177 All We Know The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan "I'll ride my bike up to the road / Down the streets right through the city / I'll go everywhere you go / From Chicago to the coast / You tell me, “Hit this and let's go, blow the smoke right through the window" / Cause this is all we know"
178 My Happy Ending Avril Lavigne "You were everything, everything that I wanted / We were meant to be, supposed to be / But we lost it / All of the memories so close to me just fade away / All these time you were pretending / So much for my happy ending"
179 Locked Away Rock City ft. Adam Levine "If I got locked away / And we lost it all today / Tell me honestly would you still love me the same / If I showed you my flaws / If I couldn't be strong / Tell me honestly would you still love me the same"
180 7 Years Lukas Graham "Once I was 7 years old / My mama told me go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely / Soon I'll be 60 years old / Will I think the world is cold / And will I have a lot of children who can warm me / Soon I'll be 60 years old"
181 Bright Echosmith "Did you see that shooting star tonight / Were you dazzled by the same constellation / Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me / I think you and the moon, and Neptune got it right / Cause now I'm shining bright"
182 Million Reasons / Megamix T10MO No lyrics
183 The Fool Ryn Weaver "When I curse my stars for a fair game / And you nurse my scars and the old flame / I'm a fool for you, I'm a fool for / I'm a fool for you, I'm a fool for"
184 OctaHate Ryn Weaver "I can't take it / From the day I saw my heart stopped breaking, no one saved me / I can't take it / Can't believe I really lost you baby / Earth keeps shaking all around"
185 Heroes (we could be) Alesso ft. Tove Lo "We go hideaway in daylight / We go undercover and wait up the sun / Got a secret side in plain sight / When the streets are empty, there's where we run / Everyday people do everyday things but I, can't be one of them / I know you hear me now, we are a different kind / We can do anything"
186 Fireflies Owl City "I like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly / It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep / Cause everything is never as it seems"
187 Love Will Remember Selena Gomez (fan lyric video) "Even if we try to forget / Love will remembee me, and love will remember you / I know it inside my heart / Forever will forever be ours / Even if we try to forget / Love will remember"
188 Be My Forever Christina Perri ft. Ed Sheeran "So darling just swear you'll stay right by my side / And oh, we got love / Yeah / We're on top of the world now darling, so don't let go"
189 Back To You Louis Tomlinson ft. Bebe Rexha, Digital Farm Animals "You stress me out, you kill me / You drag me down, you f**k me out / We're on the ground, we're screaming / I don't know how to make it stop / I love it, I hate it / But I can't take it / But I keep on coming back to you"
190 Beating Heart Ellie Goulding "Wanna hear your beating heart tonight / Before the bleeding sun comes alive / I want to make the best of what it's left, hold tight / And hear my beating heart one last time"
191 Can't Shake You Melanie Martinez "And I can't shake you off, oh oh, oh oh / The love we had is lost, oh oh, oh oh / And I can't shake you / I don't really wanna wait another day / What's the point when the spark has gone away / And I can't shake you"
192 Perfect Places Lorde "All of the things we're taking / Cause we are young and we're ashamed / Send us to perfect places / All of our heroes fading / Now I can't stand to be alone / Let's go to perfect places"
193 Winner Ellie Goulding "What a shame, what a loss / The winner takes, she takes it all / What a shame, what a loss / But I can see why, because she's beautiful / What a defeat, to say the least / But thank God, the love is free / And maybe it's good for you, it's good for me / A-ah, a-ah, a-ah"
194 The Life Fifth Harmony "Give it up for the kids / Eating good, getting lit / Living life, feeling rich / Oh I, Oh I / This is the life / We're the best in the biz / Breaking off, betting chips / Oh I, Oh I / This is the life"
195 Stephen Kesha "I saw you in your tight ass rocker pants / You saw me too, I laughed / Cause I was completely trashed / And I watched your ugly girlfriend sneer across the room / As if I really care that she's here with you / All I know is your my object of affection / My drug of choice, my sick obsession / Stephen, why won't you call me"
196 Boom Clap Charli XCX "Boom clap, the sound of my heart / The beat goes on and on and on and on and / And boom clap, you make me feel good / Come on to me, come on to me now"
197 Primadonna Marina And The Diamonds "Primadonna girl / Would you do anything for me / Buy a big diamond ring for me / Would you get down on your knees for me / Pop that pretty question, right now baby"
198 Seven Tobu no lyrics
199 Hibiki EspiDev (don't judge me :P) no lyrics
200 Bittersweet Tragedy Melanie Martinez "Enough of your bittersweet / Your sugar rots my teeth / Clogs up my arteries / Your bittersweet shares a tragedy / I'm done with your bittersweet, bittersweet tragedy / It's no fun when I'm sitting all alone, you're right in front of me"
201 Car Radio Twenty One Pilots "I ponder of something great / My lungs will fill and then deflate / They fill with fire, exhale desire / I know it's dire, my time today / I have these thoughts, so often I ought / To replace that slot with what I once bought / Cause somebody stole my car radio / And I just sit in silence"
202 Empire Shakira "Like the empires of the world unite / We are alive / And the stars make love to the universe / You're my wildfire every single night / We are alive"
203 Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People "All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run, outrun my gun / All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run faster than my bullet"
204 Thunder Imagine Dragons "Not a yes sir, not a follower / Fit the box, fit the mold / Have a seat in the foyer, take a number / I was lightning before the thunder / Thunder, feel the thunder / Lightning then the thunder"
205 Pierre Ryn Weaver "I can't let him in / You call me up and ask me how I've been / I call your bluff and keep on telling, telling, telling you lies / No, I can't let him in / You play me rough but I won't let you win"
206 Ghost Ella Henderson "I keep going to the river to pray / Cause I need something that could wash all the pain / And at most, I'm sleeping all these demons away / But your ghost, the ghost of you it keeps me awake"
207 Trees Twenty One Pilots "I can feel your breath / I can feel my death / I want to know you, I want to see / I want to say hello, hello / Hello, hello"
208 Break The Rules Charli XCX "I don't wanna go to school / I just wanna break the rules / Boys and girls across the world / Putting on our dancing shoes / Getting to the discotheque / Getting high and getting wrecked"
209 Nothing Left To Say (MEGAMIX) Adamusic no lyrics
210 Heart Afire Defqwop ft. Strix "Nightmares creep / While you and me repeat / This bittersweet heat is suffocating / I'm waiting and always hesitating / Kryptonite desires set my heart afire, heart on fire, set my heart on fire / Yeah"
211 Alive Krewella "It's worth a wait even so far away / I'm making the night mine until the day I die / All alone, just the beat inside my soul / Take me home where my dreams are made of gold / In the zone where the beat is uncontrolled / I know what it feels like, come and make me feel alive"
212 Look What You Made Me Do Taylor Swift "But I got smarter, I got harder / In the nick of time / Honey I rose up from the dead / I do it everytime / I've got a list of names and yours is in red underlined / I check it once and check it twice"
213 End Of Summer Megamix 2017] Adamusic no lyrics
214 Summer Megamix 2017] Adamusic no lyrics
215 Army Ellie Goulding "I know that I've been messed up / You never let me give up / All the nights and all the fights / And the blood and the breakups / You're always there to call up / I'm pain, I'm a child, I'm afraid / But yet you understand / Yeah, like no one can / Know that we don't look like much / But no one f**ks it up like us"
216 Fetish Selena Gomez ft. Gucci Mane "You got a fetish for my love / I push you out and you come right back / Don't see a point in blaming you, yeah / If I were you, I'd do me too, yeah"
217 1-800-273-8255 Logic ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid "I've been on the low / I've been taking my time / I feel like I'm out of my mind / It feel like my life ain't mine / I want you to be alive / I want you to be alive / You don't gotta die today, you don't gotta die"
218 Dust My Shoulders Off Jane Zhang "Can't keep me down, me down / It's only temporary / Can't make me frown, me frown / So I ain't even worried / Cause the world keeps spinning / Life goes on and on / I won't cry for long / Won't cry for long, long, long"
219 We Were Young MASHUP 2016 AndyWuMusicLand no lyrics
220 Younger Now Miley Cyrus "No one stays the same, oh oh / You know what comes up must come down, oh oh / Change is a thing you can count on, oh oh / I feel so much younger now, oh oh"
221 ...Ready for It? Taylor Swift "In the middle of the night, in my dreams / You should see the things we do, baby / In the middle of the night, in my dreams / I know I'm gonna be with you / So I take my time / Are you ready for it?
222 On & On Cartoon ft. Daniel Levi "And on and on we'll go / Through the wastelands, through the highways / To my shadow, through the sunrays / And on and on we'll go"
223 Dusk Till Dawn Zayn ft. Sia "But you'll never be alone / I'll be with you from dusk till dawn / I'll be with you from dusk till dawn / Baby, I am out there / I will hold you with these forearms"
224 It's Time Imagine Dragons "Cause after all, the city never sleeps at night / It's time to begin, isn't it / I get a little bit bigger / But then I'll admit I'm just the same as who I was / Oh, do you understand I'm never changing who I am"
225 Thumbs Sabrina Carpenter "Somewhere in the world, you got a robber and a bank / And the bank rob the people so the people rob the bank / And so they keep on twiddlin' them thumbs, skiddly di-de dum"
226 Atlantis Bridgit Mendler ft. Kaido "I know that love exists / It's asleep with the fishes down in Atlantis / Oh my lord, where's my soul / How did we end up like this / Fast asleep with the fishes down in Atlantis"
227 Immortal Marina And The Diamonds "I'm forever chasing after time / But everybody dies, dies / If I could buy forever at a price / I would buy it twice, twice / But if the Earth ends in fire / And the seas are frozen in time / There'll be just one survivor / The memory that I was yours and you were mine / Everybody dies, dies / Chasing after time, time / When you love somebody, they always leave too soon / But a memory, a memory can make a flower bloom"
228 On Purpose Sabrina Carpenter "You're scared, I'm nervous / But I guess that we did it on purpose, on purpose / Baby, I know it's weird but it's worth it / But I guess that we did it on purpose, on purpose"
229 Break My Heart Hey Violet "Tell me you've never loved me / Tell me that it wasn't real / Just say you found somebody else / I wanna know the way it feels (break my heart)"
230 Gasoline Halsey "Do the people whisper about you on the train like me? / Saying I just want to waste your pretty face like me? / And all the people say / You can't wake up, this is not a dream / Your part is a machine / You are not a human being / With your face so made of living on a screen / Low on self esteem, so you run on gasoline"
231 2016 ANTHEM MASHUP (230 SONGS) squillermusic no lyrics
232 Candyland Tobu no lyrics
233 To Say Goodbye Slushii no lyrics
234 Running Out Matoma & Astrid S "I was thinking bout the day we met / When the love came out and you were empty handed filled with regret / Our love is running out, our love is running out"
235 Be Together Major Lazer ft. Wild Belle "Maybe if the stars align / Maybe if our worlds collide / Maybe on the dark side / We could be together, be together"
236 Kings Never Die Eminem ft. Gwen Stefani "Here to stay even when I'm gone, when I close my eyes / Through the passage of time / Kings never die"
237 Escape From Love Eva Simons & Sidney Samson "I'm holding on for life / Cause I can't escape-ape-ape, escape from love / And I don't wanna die / But I can't escape-ape-ape, escape from love"
238 At My Best Machine Gun Kelly ft. Hailee Steinfeld "I shout, I swear, I get angry, I get scared / I fail, I break, I mess up, I make mistakes / But if you can't take my at my worst / You don't deserve me at my best"
239 Summer '17 (THE MEGAMIX) Dj Flapjack no lyrics
240 Here Alessia Cara "And we'll discuss our big dreams, our big plans / How we plan to take over the planet / So pardon my manners and I'll hope you'll understand that I'll be here, oh here, oh here / I ask myself what am I doing here"
241 Beautiful Now Zedd ft. Jon Bellion "We might not know how, we might not know why / But baby tonight, we're beautiful now / We're beautiful now / We're beautiful now"
242 Melody Oliver Heldens no lyrics
243 Monody TheFatRat ft. Laura Brehm "Summer in the hills / Those hazy days I do remember / We were running still / Had the whole world at our feet / Watching seasons change / Our roads were lined with adventure"
244 Hold My Hand Jess Glynne "Standing in a crowded room and I can't see your face / Ooh, ooh / Put your arms around me, tell me everything's okay / Ooh, ooh / In my mind, I'm running round a cold and empty space / Just put your arms around me tell me everything's okay"
245 Whatever It Takes Imagine Dragons "I wanna be your slip, slip / Word upon your lip, lip / Letter that you rip, rip / Break me down and build me up / I do whatever it takes / Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins / I do whatever it takes / Cause I love how it feels when I break my chains"
246 I Bet Ciara "I bet you start loving me / Soon as I start loving someone else / Somebody better than you / I bet you start needing me / Soon as you see me with someone else / Someone other than you"
247 You're Such A Hailee Steinfeld "You keep calling, you keep calling / Saying that you want it back / All my loving, all my loving / I know the truth / Damn, you're such a"
248 Can't Stop Dancin' Becky G "Aye, ay, aye, aye / Just can't stop dancing / Ay, ay, ay, aye / Don't wanna chance it / So don't let go, let go of me / Don't let go, let go of me"
249 Ride Twenty One Pilots "Help me / I've been thinking too much (help me) / I've been thinking to much (I've been thinking too much)"
250 Sirens Cher Lloyd "I am tired of growing older / I'm getting weaker everyday / Lay down here / Beside me in the shallow water / Besides me where the sun is shining on us still"
251 Oath Cher Lloyd ft. Becky G "Wherever you go, just always remember / That you got a home for now and forever / And if you get low, just call me whenever / This is my oath to you"
252 Misery Gwen Stefani "So put me out of my misery / Hurry up, come see me / Put me out of my misery / Hurry up, come see me / Enough, enough of this suffering / Hurry up, come see me / So put me out of my misery"
253 Homemade Dynamite Lorde ft. SZA, Khalid & Post Malone "So let's get things come out of the woodwork / I'll give you my best side, tell you all my best lines / Seeing me rollin', showin' someone else love / Dancin' with our shoes off / Know I think you're awesome, right?"
254 Sugar Karmin "Now that we're cool / We can just chill, we can be friends / The problem with that is I've gotten in over my head / I can't think about anybody but you / Sugar, I can't think about anybody but you"
255 Savages Marina And The Diamonds "We live, we die / We steal, we kill, we lie / Just like animals / But with far less grace / We laugh, we cry / Like babies in the night / Forever running wild in the human race"
256 Touch It Ariana Grande "Cause every time I see you I don't wanna behave / I'm tired of being patient so just pick up the place / Take me all the way / Ain't nobody gonna touch it, touch it, touch it"
257 Keeping Your Head Up Birdy "Hold tight, you're slowly coming back to life / I'll be keeping your head up / I'll be keeping your head up, darling / Let go of all your haunted dreams tonight"
258 Along The Road Karmin "All the words we never said / All the crazy things we did / Keep on playing in my head (Ooh, yeah) / And although this is the end / Broken hearts are meant to mend / And I know we'll meet again / Along the road"
259 Happy Marina And The Diamonds "I found what I'd been looking for in myself / Found a life worth living for someone else / Never thought that I could be, could be / Happy, happy"
260 FADED Megamix T10MO no lyrics
261 Enjoy The Ride Krewella "Cause if it's fast or slow / All I really know is that I'm gonna enjoy the ride / And if it's hard or soft before we get off / I'm gonna enjoy the ride, enjoy the ride"
262 We Are Daya "We are gonna be, we are gonna be who we are / We don't really care, we don't really care where'd you run / Never put a weed, never put a weed in the bar / Gotta let it go, cause I'm telling you he won't stop"
263 Next Plane Out Daya "It was only 24 hours chasing / Love we found on the train to uptown / Before it all went down / Why did you have to say it? / Now we learnt it's all ending right now / Cause baby I'm on the next plane out"
264 DO IT Rae Morris "We could write another duet / Or instead, babe we could just do it / Duet, do it, do it / Duet, do it, do it, do it / Let's do something that you might regret / Take your guard down, I can see through it"
265 Giants Lights "Oh, this city towers over us / All our problems make us powerless / Let's get somewhere where the both of us / Come rising up, come rising up / Where we could be giants / Bigger than the walls that hide us / Breaking all the laws of science / Looking at a sea of diamonds"
266 Gorgeous Taylor Swift "You're so gorgeous / Can't say anything to your face / Cause look at your face / And I'm so furious at you for making me feel this way / But what can I say? / You're gorgeous"
267 Million Reasons Lady Gaga "I bow down to pray / Trying to make the worse seem better / To cut through all his worn out leather / I've got a hundrer million reasons to walk away / But baby I just one good one to stay"
268 Bloom ODESZA no lyrics
269 Thief Ookay "Like a thief in the night / I'm coming for your home / I'm coming for your heart / Just pretend anything goes / I guess I'm just a selfish ghost"
270 Runnin' (Lose It All) Naughty Boy ft. Beyonce, Arrow Benjamin "I ain't runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin' / Runnin', runnin', runnin' / Ain't runnin' from myself no more / I'm ready to face it all / If I lose myself, I'll lose it all"
271 Housewife Spliffin' Ängie "Oh babe, dudududu / Oh babe, I call it housewife spliffin' / Just without a man and no housekeep mission"
272 Wasted Youth FLETCHER "Look what you did to me / A rebel born free / Running wild through the concrete jungle / Now I can't seem to stay away / We are the, we are the wasted youth"
273 Stargazing Kygo ft. Justin Jesso "And I will still be here / Stargazing / I still look up, look up, look up for love / You blame human nature and say it's unkind / Let's make it up our own minds"
274 This Town Kygo ft. Sasha Sloan "All of my friends are settling down / They're only kids, but they're married now / Let's follow the lights, follow the crowd / Baby, we gotta get out of this town"
275 '[ Lady Wood (Fan Lyric Video, Not Gonna Put The Music Video In) Tove Lo "I know what people say about you / They say the same about me / I don't care if it's all true / I want you hanging with me / I want you, I want you hanging with me"
276 Message Audien "A message from my heart / It's too loud to stay apart"
277 Back To God Reba McEntire "You gotta get down on your knees / Fold your hands and beg and plead / You gotta keep on praying / You gotta cry rain tears of pain / Pound the floor and scream his name / Cause we're still worth saving / We gotta give this world back to god"