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Ventus (archive)

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Alert.png Hello eveyone, Ventus has somehow been proven to be a success, and here at Ventus we want to expand that success in as many ways as we can. Over the upcoming weeks there will be some changes. New staff members, new ideas, new branding, we all want to make your expirence on Ventus the best, and with these changes that will be possible, thank you and F L Y V E N T U S!!!

Ventus Airways is a Risima based premium service airline which was created after it's predecessor, Pan Puno Skies was dissolved.

Ventus Airways
CEOs EliteNeon
Facts and Figures
Slogan Come Fly With Us
Hubs Vermilion Gateway Airport
Grayzen National Airport
Founded April 3rd, 2016 (As Pan Puno)
June 18th, 2017 (As Ventus)
Alliance SkyTransit Alliance
Parent Company Acacia Enterprises


Ventus was founded on June 18th, 2017. Founded by EliteNeon, the airline was the successor to the failure known as Pan Puno Skies. After the first few weeks of failure, Company CEO EliteNeon decided to shit the direction of the airline from a vacation airline to be a premium service product aimed at the business travelers of the MRT and the vacationers, aiming to get people places quick with luxury and style. Ventus' flights leave hourly, and if one flight is completely filled a second aircraft is on standby just in case the need for more capacity arises.


Ventus is the Latin word for wind. EliteNeon originally wanted to name the airline Latin for air or something like that but the name came out to be to similar to Italian Volante and/or Caelus.


Flight 1

Clipper Pattengill
Vermilion to Birchview
On Time
This Flight Uses The BTBPlane v2

Flight 2

Clipper New Horizons
Brooklyn to Fort Yaxier (Int'l)
On Time
This Flight Uses The BTBPlane v2

Flight 3

Clipper Sinatra
UCWT to Arlington
On Time
This Flight Uses The Cessna Citation V

Flight 4

Clipper Bryant
Whitechapel to Grayzen
On Time
This Flight Uses The Cessna Citation V

Flight 5

Clipper Sunset
Grayzen to Utopia Fokker
On Time
This Flight Uses The Cessna Citation V

Flight 6

Clipper Sunrise
Airchester (Epsilon) to Espil
On Time
This Flight Uses The Cessna Citation V

Flight 007

Clipper Martini
Dabecco to Espil
On Time
This Flight Uses The Cessna Citation V

Flight 8

Clipper Tradewinds
Espil to Spring Valley
Under Construction



Designed by the ever powerful BaronThamesBank, this plane is the primary aircraft for all medium and some short haul flights. It is being pressed into service as Ventus has acquired 2 medium haul routes.

Cessna Citation V

Designed by Keks63, this plane is the most widely used aircraft in our fleet, being used for all shothaul flights that cannot hold a BTBPlane.


Upper Cabin

Ventus is proud to introduce Upper Cabin, our First/Business Class product. It features a fully lie flat Ellesume leather bed-seat with an NATC flat screen TV. Avalible on all but our smallest aircraft.

Main Cabin

Ventus' Econony Class product. With an Ellesume leather reclining seat and industry leading legroom, this is the Economy class you've always dreamed of. Avalible on all of our aircraft.


All services on Ventus are free with a $0.10 server issue tax.

In-Flight Services

Ventus is proud to serve or customers with 4-Star meals prepared by chefs trained by Ventus CEO and James Beard Award winning chef allifarki. Complimentary premium snacks and beverages are also avalible. We also provide In-Flight Entertainment screens for each seat and USB ports so our customers can charge their mobile devices.