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==MRT Vision Opinion List==
==MRT Vision Opinion List==
The pictures are in for MRTvision 4! Here are Venus albums picks on the best pictures, as well as some tips and other things we can learn from them. We will also include the story behind the Venus Albums picture.
This section will shortly be updated with the MRTVision 5 submissions. Until then, here's some [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBlFHuCzPgY light music].
Also, if you are the owner of one these pictures and would like a statement, please contact {{u|Johngi}}
Also, if you are the owner of one these pictures and would like a statement, please contact {{u|Johngi}}
===''Venus Albums Picture: "Pine Valley"''===
[[File:MRTV4 Pine Valley.png||500px]]
After like 3 iterations, I'm not going to comment on this. Just relax.
===#5: "The City that Never Sleeps" by Megafro===
[[File:05 The City That Never Sleeps - Megafro (Tokyo).png||500px]]
What caught me about "The City that Never Sleeps" is the sheer scale that the picture manages to make. I think it is safe to say that there is no other picture that manages to make the city feel so busy and large. If this picture had giant gears it would 100% be a steampunk city, too. Someone should add those.
Anyways, here are some things I noticed about the picture that really made it good:
# The building heights go from low to high. This is very important because then buildings are stacked on top of each other. If one column on screen was a single skyscraper, then it would be very flat and just a line of towers. But the stacking really gives a feeling of depth and size.
# The picture is taken facing parallel to blocks. By this, I mean that, when the picture was taken, Megafro was not looking diagonally but straight on, and so the towers lined up perfectly.
This picture is a very good example of positioning. If the picture had been taken with a slightly different angle at a different place, then the whole effect could have been thrown off and the picture would not work. You should always experiment with different spots to try to get the best picture before commiting to one.
In an interview with Venus Albums, Megafro commented "idk i like all the lights and the dense buildings basically, and its epic cuz its night and epic"
===#4: "After a Rainy Night" by Autobus22===
[[File:05 After a rainy night - autobus22 (Wazamawazi).png||500px]]
"After a Rainy Night" is a picture that takes full advantage of many quirks of shaders, such as splashes left behind after storms, to make a calm, morning scene after a wet windy night. The way the picture is taken is romantic almost, with the sea visible in the background.
The lens flare is also a good feature and one that should be made right. In many good sunset or sunrise pictures, the lens flare serves as a feature which, if used right, can make the picture feel much more magnificent. There are also large clouds visible in the sky, which add that extra bit to the picture. Using environmental effects is a good way of adding to your picture, and making what may be a mediocre image into a far better one.
===#3: "Starry Night in the City of Light" by Megascatterbomb===
[[File:15 Starry Night in the City of Light - megascatterbomb (Moramoa).png||500px]]
During the last few contests, many have tried and mostly failed to capture this elusive theme, but this "Starry Night in the City of Light" can be confidently called the first to succeed dramatically. One noticeable change is the complete darkness of the sky, something previous pictures lacked, and clear, neon colours. This picture is mostly here because of its aesthetics, but also as a reminder that what seems to be impossible is not with a little planning.
===#2: "A Tropical Afternoon" by Echohue===
[[File:16 A Tropical Afternoon - Echohue (Sunshine Coast).png||500px]]
This picture is great at being emotive and making a viewer just look at it. While all the effects mentioned above are great for spicing up a picture, a picture really needs to make the person seeing it feel something, or think something. Maybe bring up memories. And having humans in the picture makes it far better at doing that.
While we are here, many pictures this year seem to have been taken in sunshine coast. Sunshine coast is actually surprisingly small for a premier, but with a lot of material and detail. Premier cities, in general, are great for finding inspiration for your next picture.
===#1: "Early Arrival" by Cortesi===
[[File:03 Early Arrival - Cortesi (Murrville).png||500px]]
Fine, you got me, that is one of my planes in the background. But this isn't a corporate deal, I genuinely quite like this picture.
First of all, it is the only picture which truly makes use of silhouettes. "A Tropical Afternoon" admittedly had them, but they weren't the main focus of the picture. Then this also has a story. It has the main plane coming in, in the background, with a... err.. ramp agent? acting as the main character, guiding the seaplane in. Then you have the passengers checking in at the side. It isn't a "story" per se, but it is something that could happen and it has an order of events. With many pictures (including mine, admittingly) you get a simple shot and no actions or movements in it. You can't really imagine something happening there outside of your imagination. But this picture paints a scene in your head that just works. Cortesi has been doing this for a long time and I do believe it is a bit of a winning formula.<br>
But, anyways, this was my opinion list from venus albums. I do hope you took something away that you could perhaps use next time you make a picture, but until then, I bid you a good night. Seriously, it is 2:30 AM at the time of writing. I need to sleep. Bye!
{{quality|2}} [[category:Companies]]
{{quality|2}} [[category:Companies]]

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Venus Albums
Senior staff
Founder Johngi
CEO Johngi
Facts and figures
Founded 09/12/2019 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Venus Albums is a photographer company owned by IOI which makes pictures for towns, companies or the MRTvision Screenshot Contest (as Johngi). The company was founded on the 9th of December 2019, when it released its first album of Sunshine Coast. The company then progressed to be a general place for getting cheap, good shader photos for anything from adverts to logos.

City Albums

The company, as expressed above, has made many albums for cities and towns.

Please click on the photos to be taken to the main album page.

Sunshine Coast

Venus Albums SSC.png


Venus Albums Woodsdale.png


Carnoustie has had several albums taken, and more to be made later, according to the seasonal change of Carnoustie. Here are the albums in the order presented below.

  1. Winter Carnoustie
  2. Spring Carnoustie

Venus Albums Carnoustie Winter.png
Venus Albums Carnoustie Spring.png


Venus Albums make picture albums depending on the size of your town and how many pictures it finally takes. Companies are not subject to the former rule, and only pay for the pictures they choose to use from Venus Albums.


Depending on the size of your city, you may be charged separate amounts. This slight discount for smaller cities is to allow members who may not have much money to buy an album to publicise their small town:

Recommended Rank Price Description
Councillor/Mayor $1 per picture Expect up to 10 pictures taken.
Senator/Governor $2 per picture Expect between 10 to 20 pictures taken.
Premier $3 per picture. Expect between 25 and 35 pictures taken.

These ranks do not mean that you can only get the pack your town falls in to! If you have a sufficiently large town, you can apply for the next higher package, but it will be up to the photographer to accept the package or only do a smaller one.

MRT Vision Opinion List

PLEASE HOLD! This section will shortly be updated with the MRTVision 5 submissions. Until then, here's some light music.

REMEMBER, THIS IS A STRICTLY OPINIONATED, BIASED AND UNOFFICIAL LIST Also, if you are the owner of one these pictures and would like a statement, please contact Johngi