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Vitamin Drinks Shop

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Vitamin Drinks Shop
Owner/CEO Camelfantasy
Founded Early 2015 (February?)
Headquarters Formosa
Parent Company Fantasia Inc.
Shops 26
1st Store Vermilion
10th Store Elecna Bay
20th Store Solarion

Camelfantasy owns Vitamin Drinks Shop, which sells potions with different effects.


As all smaller shops are hand-built, each one is generally unique, and can be modified to fit certain locations. The general size is ~10x13.


City Station Type
Vermilion  XW15  Minor
Siletz  V13  Minor
Utopia  D14  Minor
Formosa  XW5   M5   D5  Major
Grayzen  XE3  Minor
Nippia  ZN20   ZN21   ZN22  Regional HQ
Kenthurst  XW10  Major
Astoria  C48  Minor
Maplelyn District  A14  Regional HQ
Elecna Bay  21  Major
Accerton  C27   EC8  Major
 A30  Regional HQ
AFK Village - Major
PieVille  ZS4  Custom (m/M)
Espil  C80  Custom (m/M)
Armada  C107 - A26 , C108 , A27  Regional HQ
Matheson  I9   I10  Custom (m/M)
Royal Ferry  I2 - ZS2 - F2 
 I3 - F3 
Kelvinside  C51 - I20  Major
Solarion  XE19 - C17  Major
Liten  ZN19  Minor
Vanetta - Mall
Kolpino City  M18  Regional HQ
Wythern  C41  Regional HQ
Heampstead  M42  Foobar Minor
IntraRail Laclede Airport Plaza Station  T14  Minor

Regional Headquarters

Regional headquarters can only be built once in each city. It has a separate floor for each potion, and a floor for potion-creation equipment. On each potion floor are areas unique to the floor. These serve as tests for potion samples that are available. On the ground floor is the checkout counter, a small cafe, and the regional manager's office. The regional manager is appointed by the mayor of the city.

Shop Pricing

Store type Size (WxL) Price Material Notes
Mall shop About 5x8 $5 Any (within reason) Hand-built, default glass front
Minor (standalone) About 10x13 $10 Oak wood or quartz Hand-built, default oak wood
Major shop About 10x20 $20 Oak wood or quartz Hand-built, default oak wood
Regional headquarters Exactly 18x23,
9 stories high (~50 blocks)
$20 Quartz W/E

For examples of shops, refer to topmost table.


Vitamin Drinks Shop sells a variety of potions, and an equally varied potion-creation stock.

  • Rapid Regeneration $3
  • Speedy Swiftness $2
  • Fire Resistance $2.50
  • Helpful Healing $1
  • Night Vision $0.50
  • Super Strength $4
  • Water Breathing $3.50
  • Luxurious Leaping $1.50
  • Miscellaneous: Depends (Wonderful Water $1)


The headquarters office is in Suite 2A, Building 2 of Metropolitan Park, Formosa. The headquarters store is in Formosa itself. Currently, the shop that is built serves as temporary headquarters; a modified regional headquarters will be built soon. Potions sold in the store are freshly brewed right in the shop, which is open for the public to see. The ingredients are directly imported from quality and trusted companies. Occasionally, demonstrations for how the potions are made are held in the store. The brewing counter is in front of the window and behind the checkout counter, meaning that both customers and outside passerby are able to view it.



1. Entrance

2. Manager's Office

3. Cafe

4. Automatic potion making machine

5. Regeneration Floor

6. Speed Floor

7. Fire Resistance Floor

8. Healing Floor

9. Night Vision Floor

10. Strength Floor

11. Water Breathing Floor

12. Supply Section

13. Demonstration Section