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Wfd wiki.png
Town officials
Mayor powerminer01
Deputy Mayor the_blockmaster
MRT  A8  Watchfield
Roadways  A8 
Nearest airport Whitechapel Sky Harbor

Y -Innovation Square- Y

Y -Serena West/Watchfield- Y
Facts and figures
Population 4
Town hall coordinates -2548, 75, -1934
Founded 2nd July, 2015

Watchfield is a ward of Serena located at station  A8  Watchfield on the Arctic Line in the new MRT world. Watchfield is the oldest of the Serena wards and is the location of the old town hall. Watchfield is the westernomst part of Serena city with Radiance Square located right across the  A8  highway. Watchfield was first fouded on July the 2nd and has since kept radiating towrds the east and west.


Watchfield was founded on july the 2nd 2015 and has since grown from it's humble beginnings. Originally, the town featured a tram system as means of public transportation, a single line stretching from the  A8  Watchfield station down to today's Prismarine Plaza, The system was entirely designed by mayor and town founder powerminer01 and suffered due to frequent technical problems. By 2017, a big revamp of the public transit system was done by autobus22 who established a bus network which today serves most of western Serena city. Between the years of 2015 to 2018, Watchfield saw frequent transformation with a slow expansion towards the neigbouring cities of Xilia and Cornus. As of february 2020, plans have been made to make Watchfield a ward of the larger Serena, in effect spltting up large areas of Watchfield far from the original MRT station, and make them new wards all under the Serena flag, the first version of which can be found waving in the wind in Watchfield.


  • October 1st 2019 Watchfield joined the Epsilonian Republic!
  • September 29th 2019 New plans were revealed to expand Watchfield into a larger metropolitan area and give it the name Serena
  • May 15th 2017 Watchfield's malfunctioning tram system was replaced by a warp bus service provided by autobus22
  • September 11th 2015 The Class-A Highway  A8  exit "Watchfield" was re-opened
  • July 30th 2015 The Class-A Highway  A8  exit "Watchfield" was closed.
  • July 29th 2015 Watchfield's Tram system was officially completed.
  • July 24th 2015 The town was officially opened for builders.
  • July 20th Watchfield was connected to the Class-A Highway  A8 .
  • July 17th Watchfield got its own banner which swings from the facade of the town hall
  • July 16th The wiki page Watchfield was created.
  • July 2nd 2015 The town was officially named to Watchfield.
  • June 22nd 2015 MRT Station  A8  Watchfield was claimed by powerminer01.