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| Track 3
| Track 3
| style="background:green" align="center" | <big>[[MdRail|'''{{color|white|MdRail}}''']]</big>
| style="background:green" align="center" | <big>[[MdRail|'''{{color|white|MdRail}}''']]</big>
| Pine Mtn. Line
| Northern Link
| Pine Mtn. Central
| Pine Mtn. Central
| {{colorbox|orange|'''DELAYED'''}}
| {{colorbox|orange|'''DELAYED'''}}

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Waterville Union Station
Director PtldKnight
Additional Information
Owned by Goverment of Waterville
Operated by Waterville Terminal Railroad
Built by PtldKnight
Location Waterville

Waterville Union Station is an Future Warp-Train Station to be built in Waterville. It will be based off the Station Building of the Former Portland Union Station in Portland Maine which was demolished in the 1970s. It will have 8 Tracks and a freight/coach yard for the Waterville Terminal Railroad.


Track Company Line Destination Status
Track 1 Manukau Crescent Northbound Armada  DELAYED 
Track 2 Manukau Crescent Southbound Washingcube  DELAYED 
Track 3 MdRail Northern Link Pine Mtn. Central  DELAYED 
Track 4 BluRail [WC] Line Laclede  DELAYED 
Track 5 BluRail [6] Line New Phoenix  DELAYED 
Track 6 BluRail [6] Line Horizon Nat'l Airport  DELAYED 
Track 7 IntraRail Upwester Horizon Nat'l Airport  NOW ARRIVING 
Track 8 IntraRail  DELAYED 
Track 9 IntraRail Shuttle Service Waterville Downtown Station  DELAYED 
Track 10 FredRail B&K Railroad NB Kennington  DELAYED 
Track 11 FredRail B&K Railroad SB Bakersville  DELAYED