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West Calbar

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West Calbar
Town Officials
Mayor sesese9
Deputy Mayor corpse5
Sheriff Undecided
Treasurer Undecided
Town Councillors Miner_piggy
MRT  A14  West Calbar
Other transit CitiRail Commuter Rail and Northstar Ferry
Facts and Figures
Population 4
Founded October 26, 2014
Recognized as town Not yet
Town Rank Not recognized yet
Official Language(s) English
World New

Welcome to West Calbar!

Welcome! The city of West Calbar is a budding city at MRT Arcic Line  A14  West Calbar. The city is always on the lookout for new people to join. All you have to do is either contact sesese9 or corpse5 and leave a letter in their mailbox at the MRT Mail Centre and ask them about joining.


 Downtown District 



Apartment A: Miner_piggy

Apartment B: hntredtie

Apartment C: nktrain

  • More Apartments to come!!!

 Residential District 


  • sesese9's House
  • corpse5's House
  • La Resitance Cafe w/ Apartments (contact sesese9 or placeholder for a room)

 Transit District 


  • Marina w/ Northstar Ferry
  • Future Polaris Commuter Rail Station
  • Future Metrolink inside the Station