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Mayor: {u|RileyServer}}
Mayor: {{u|RileyServer}}
Deputy Mayor: {u|Echohue}}
Deputy Mayor: {{u|Echohue}}
City Council: {u|DaEdwards}}, {u|Luigi_Board}}, {u|TheGreenKangaroo}}, {u|FiorkG}}
City Council: {{u|DaEdwards}}, {{u|Luigi_Board}}, {{u|TheGreenKangaroo}}, {{u|FiorkG}}
There are currently 4 roads in Wexford.
There are currently 4 roads in Wexford.

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Wexford is a currently unranked town located on both sides of XE39 (Foobar). It was founded on May 3rd, 2019 by RileyServer. Echohue, LightningMC, and DaEdwards helped to build the city's foundation.

Town officials
Mayor RileyServer
Deputy Mayor Echohue
Founder RileyServer
Town Councillors DaEdwards, Luigi Board, TheGreenKangaroo, FiorkG
MRT  XE39  Foobar
Nearest airport Farwater Airport
Other transit WMT (Wexford Metro Transit)
Facts and figures
Population 3
Founded May 3rd, 2019
Town rank Unranked
World New
Political Party Democracy
Ward(s) 3
City Phone Code 314


Mayor: RileyServer

Deputy Mayor: Echohue

City Council: DaEdwards, Luigi_Board, TheGreenKangaroo, FiorkG


There are currently 4 roads in Wexford.

  • Main St
  • Wexford Rd
  • Station Ave
  • Oakwood Dr


WMT is a city owned and operated transit system that uses minecarts. WMT Stations are identified by WS#.

  • WS1 (Oakwood and Station)
  • WS2 (City Hall Station

Non-Residential Buildings

  • Flowey Foods Wexford
  • City Hall
  • Sans Inn Express
  • Mayor's Mansion (RileyServer)
  • The Grape Store
  • Stew Stop
  • Wexford Department Of Transportation (DOT)


  • Law 1: All citizens and visitors alike shall follow the Montego state laws/acts, as well as the Wexford city laws.
  • Law 2: Bills only need three-fifths (about) of the vote to become a law. A bill also becomes a law if there are no opposed votes after a period of 5 days.
  • Law 3: Council law proposals (Bills) are required to have 1 Star from the Mayor to be eligible for voting.
  • Law 4: Make TheGreenKangaroo the official Montegan Representative for Wexford. The Montegan Representative's duty is to enforce Montegan State laws, as the city of Wexford is part of the People's Republic Of Montego.
  • Law 5: Weier is officially named Secretary Of Transportation of Wexford. The Secretary's duty is to enforce, create, and provide for the following types of laws: traffic, transit like WMT, and All cases involving public transportation of any kind.
  • Law 6: A public education district shall hereby by formed as Wexford School District (WSD). Schools will open up new jobs, provide stronger education for youth, etc.
  • Law 7: All citizens of Wexford must receive a minimum wage of 1-5$
  • Law 8: A city department shall be established: The Parks Department. This department will take care of any public outdoor areas, such as parks and city lawns.
  • Law 9: Wexford will establish a ring road network and Highways Department that builds a ring road around the town. The road will be grade-separated from the local and primary streets of Wexford, and should circle around the MRT station as a centre point.