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Wexford is a currently unranked town located on both sides of XE39 (Foobar). It was founded on May 3rd, 2019 by RileyServer. Echohue, LightningMC, and EdwardIII helped to build the cities's foundation.

Town officials
Mayor RileyServer
Deputy Mayor Echohue
Founder RileyServer
Town Councillors EdwardIII, Luigi Board, th1s1sau, ipadhotdog
MRT  XE39  Foobar
Nearest airport Farwater Airport
Other transit Not Established
Facts and figures
Population 1
Founded May 3rd, 2019
Town rank Unranked
World New
Political Party Democracy
Ward(s) 3
City Phone Code Currently not registered.


There are currently two roads in Wexford.

  • Main St
  • Wexford Rd


  • Flowey Foods Wexford
  • City Hall
  • Sans Inn Express
  • Mayor's Mansion (RileyServer)
  • The Grape Store
  • Stew Stop
  • Minecraftia Shopping Mall
  • Riley Events Center