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A United City, the official flag of the Republic of Woodsdale
Town officials
Mayor Hightech_TR
Deputy Mayor KevinTheLlama
Sheriff SoaPuffball, Frogs4Life
Town Councillors ModernArt(Head), Starcubed, allifarki, Frosty_Creeper10
MRT  ZN10  Woodsdale
Bus WoodsWheels (Service 16 and 14 in full/partial service)
Roadways Highway A90.png B17-shield.png B93 highway.png
The Bakersville-Woodsdale Interchange
Nearest airport Woodsdale Municipal Airport
Rail CitiRail Maidenhead Line
RaiLinQ North Western Line
ChromaRail (U.C.)
Bakersville IRT (6) (U.C.)
NewRail Northwestern Line & Eastern Line (U.P.)
AmesTGV Woodsdale Line
Four Seasons Railways Clover Line (U.P.)
BluRail Line 9 and BC (U.C.)
Fred Rail North Regional Line (U.C.)
Other transit Woodsdale LRT (Partly Operational, U.P.)
Facts and figures
Population 16 as of 7/1/2019
Town hall coordinates -204 69 -5492
Founded July 6, 2015
Recognized as town December 6, 2015
Town rank [Senator]
Official language(s) English, Malay (Bahasa Melayu)
World Gamma (new)

The Republic of Woodsdale (Malay: Republik Woodsdale) is a town founded by Hightech_TR, part of the Kaktus Republic and under military support of the Pearl Coast Empire. It is located in the northern area south of Gold City and west of BirchView at  ZN10 . The city's current development stage is the Alpha Phase.

The Zephyr District, with the town hall, the MRT station and Emarty Village in sight


This is the up-to-date history of Woodsdale from July 2015 to present. It has been a long way since Woodsdale's founding.

Founding of Woodsdale (Pre-Classic Phase)

On the 6th of July, 2015, Hightech_TR was accepted as a Member of the MRT community. He placed down claiming signs at  ZN10 , thus marking the start of Woodsdale. He began building by cutting down some trees and terraforming the land. Station Ave., the first road in Woodsdale, was built. Soon, on the 10th of July, 2015, the uCar rental building, the first ever building in Woodsdale, was completed. This marked the start of the early foundations of Woodsdale that made it a success.

The PiggyHoi District (Classic Phase)

Hightech_TR started on the PiggyHoi district, which got its name origins from the mobile game Angry Birds. He has decided that this should be the economic centre of Woodsdale, where many franchises of sorts were to be built there. He then started on constructing Woodsdale Plaza (present PiggyHoi Plaza). It started off with the popular Eat and Bowl on the 1st floor, slowly progressing its way up to the 10th floor. The foundations for Rainbow Heights, currently the tallest building in Woodsdale, was formed. A Sonamu was then ordered and constructed nearby. Slowly, this district began to form its shape and become a successful economic place in Woodsdale.

The Zephyr District (Classic Phase)

The Zephyr District was founded along with the entire town. Problems were faced during its construction, where the trees and hilly terrain from the Roofed Forest made it difficult to build. The town hall was completed eventually, and  ZN10  station was remodeled from the outside. More buildings were completed, and soon the WoodsWheels bus service in Woodsdale started building bus stops and buses. This district had been one of the most difficult projects in Woodsdale to be completed. Before the [Mayor] rank was reached, the Zephyr District was fully expanded.

The Events Of ClockFest (Indev Phase)

Main Article: The Events Of ClockFest

The monthlong ClockFest raged through the MRT Network from the 7th of December, 2015 to the (mostly 24th of December, 2015) 2nd of January, 2016, scarring the minds of MRT players, especially TrainPro. It had interrupted the progress made on Woodsdale where Hightech_TR had to be with TrainPro throughout the disaster. ClockFest involved a duet of players, ClockSpeed and Trevish, as well as an entire army of infantry, notably x_foxie_x, Ender243, NoiseEBay, Levisor, WitherPlaysMC (could have been worse if he spoke) and FuriousGreen (innocently banned) who wrecked havoc in the MRT server over a single rule in the server, notably the 'Do not share personal information about anyone in the server' rule. These events never left the minds of MRT players and the history of Woodsdale. (There are innocent people who could had been affected, including DragonEngineer, v2_Jester, megaSeth and Yaseen20)

The Connection With Pacifica Rail (Indev Phase)

_frozen had planned the Maidenhead Line to branch off from the main line to connect Gold City and Woodsdale to the rest of the line. Hightech_TR has approved this plan and the station was built. Trains had been connecting Woodsdale to the rest of the MRT community via Pacifica Rail.

Operation: Pimp My Woodsdale (Indev Phase)

This was the big project hosted by Hightech_TR to make some terrain-relevant changes to the Zephyr District in Woodsdale. This project includes a massive clearing of trees in the Roofed Forest and major terraforming of land around the Pacifica Rail station. Multiple players helped in this project, with it being completed on the 24th of March, 2016.

The Woodsdale Mayor Rank Emergency Crisis (Indev Phase)

Upon an endorsement request to Aliksong, Hightech_TR has found out that Woodsdale did not seem to fit his standards for the [Mayor] rank. Hightech_TR decided to blow the horn and declare the Emergency Crisis. Over time of desperation, he was working immensely on Woodsdale, putting TR and Co. on hold. Upon KevinTheLlama's promotion, Woodsdale became inaccessible to any player in the MRT, with its MRT station closing down and making sure nobody interfered with the state of the town. The Emergency Crisis ended with jphgolf4321 promoting Hightech_TR to [Mayor] on the 1st of April, 2016. Work on all targets resumed to normal and Woodsdale became reaccessible to all players with the renovation of its MRT station.

The Woodsdale LRT (Indev Phase)

The Woodsdale LRT is Woodsdale's mode of transport around the town. It would connect all 7 districts of Woodsdale together. This project was planned by Hightech_TR in Woodsdale's mid stages of development. A model of Woodsdale LRT stations were built in the lab world, with a custom built station system that handles all trains entering and leaving the station, trains being dispensed and trains being disposed from the Empty Cart Detector. This custom built system, along with the track powering system, is patented under LRT@WTA. The Woodsdale LRT, together with its other rail and road transport modes are monitored and handles by the Woodsdale Transport Authority. On the 26th of April, 2016, the first two stations comprising the first stage: Woodsdale and PiggyHoi stations, were completed and opened.

The Woodsdale Sonamu Crisis (Indev Phase)

The Woodsdale Branch of Sonamu had fallen victim under the major Sonamu Crisis of 2015. HanSangYoon has actually ended the crisis, where Hightech_TR thought that Woodsdale Branch of Sonamu would continue progress. However, his perception was wrong. The massive store remained unfinished for over 9 months, without any notification of any progress. The unfinished store stains the beauty of the PiggyHoi district and creates a concern with Hightech_TR as he thought that one day, progress would be made on the Sonamu, but it never happened. As he did not want to bug HanSangYoon by asking him to continue work on the Sonamu, he could not do anything but sit and watch helplessly. This Sonamu was demolished in December 2016 to make way for a General Motors. A new Sonamu will be constructed in the PiggyHoi district as part of the Southern PiggyHoi Expansion.

The Connection to A90 and B17 (Infdev Phase)

Woodsdale has approved connection of its town to the two roads A90 and B17. Construction of the exits commenced on July 26th, 2016 and are expected to finish in November 2016. The two roads will link Woodsdale with other cities such as Armada, Konawa and Springwood directly, and connects to other cities like BirchView and Lanark via other roads.

The First Anniversary of Woodsdale (Infdev Phase)

Woodsdale celebrated its first anniversary on the 6th of July, 2016 with the construction of a small stage in Haw Par Villa Park. The celebration was held there with a presentation of Woodsdale's history, a recitement of the pledge and a firework run. Only two people have watched the celebrations this year.

More Third-Party Rail Connections (Infdev Phase)

Woodsdale has approved the connection of its town to several third-party rail lines, mainly the Grand Central, RaiLinQ and ChromaRail, owned by allifarki, autobus22 and KevinTheLlama respectively. They commenced work in November 2016 and is expected to be completed in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2017. The Citirail closed to make way for the opening of the RaiLinQ in December 2016 due to the station being inactive. The rest of the rail connections will remain closed until Senator is reached.

Switching of Town Staff (Infdev Phase)

News spread over the MRT server that allifarki has permanently taken a break from building in the server. Hightech_TR carried out a poll if the town staff of Woodsdale should be modified from this. The results of the poll were 6 for Yes and 1 for No. Resulting from this, allifarki had been demoted to the Councillor rank, ModernArt had been promoted to Head Councillor, and KevinTheLlama had been promoted to Deputy Mayor of Woodsdale.

The Woodsdale Bus Refurbishment Program (Infdev Phase)

The Woodsdale Bus Refurbishment Program replaces the old and unreliable ZongTong PresidentShip MK889L buses with the more reliable //Voltorb metroCITY K buses from aviaracer. This program was started by allifarki in the first place, but he left the server before he has gotten his buses ready. Following Voltorb Buses's demonstration bus in Woodsdale, Hightech_TR purchased the bus for the entire city.

A Years Worth of Waiting (Alpha Phase)

Over a year after the promotion to Mayor, Woodsdale claims its [Senator] rank in the City Rank Promotion Batch #13, announced at the June 2017 GSM on 18th June 2017. By now, Woodsdale's Zephyr and PiggyHoi districts have been fully expanded, Waterista and Gapers has been founded. The voting for Woodsdale came out at a impressive score of 9/9, a guaranteed promotion.

Woodsdale's 2nd Anniversary (Alpha Phase)

Woodsdale finally turns two on the 6th of July, 2017. The event, WD02, was way more successful than the first anniversary event. Instead of a history showcase, there was a game of scavenger hunt, celebrity appearance, a pledge reciting and fireworks. Woodsdale has come a very, very long way since its founding in 2015.

Woodsdale Municipal Airport (Alpha Phase)

Woodsdale's first and only airfield, Woodsdale Municipal Airport started construction in July 2017 with a plan by EliteNeon, which was later revised to a plan similar to that of Dabecco Regional Airport under camelfantasy. It has 10 small gates and 8 helipads. The B-class airfield is expected to complete by the end of 2017.

The Amazing Race Visits Woodsdale (Alpha Phase)

After 4 Seasons, The Amazing Race 8 finally gives a visit to the city of Woodsdale, during the final leg. Teams travelled from Bakersville to Woodsdale and had to find Haw Par Villa Park (located just east of Emarty Village). Once there, the message on the screen of The White Box @ Haw Par Villa Park told teams where to travel, with some missing words. It is here that the final roadblock is held, where one member had to search underwater through shulker boxes in the nearby Maidenhead Lake to find a paper with the answer to the sentence. Teams thus had to travel to Marblelake Heathrow International Airport from Woodsdale Municipal Airport, and then to Wythern for the next clue.

Republic of Woodsdale's City Pledge

We pledge of allegiance, to the Republic of Woodsdale. We must stand tall as one united city, to defend ourselves against all odds. We hope to build a democratic society so as to achieve a successful and happy region, for the entirety of the MRT server.

Republic of Woodsdale's City Flag

"A United City"

The Woodsdale Flag consists of a red, blue and purple stripe across the flag. It is named as such to represent the unity of people in Woodsdale, regardless of race or religion.

The Red represents Strength and Resilience.

The Blue represents Peace and Calmness.

The Purple represents Loyalty.

The flag was once designed to have a grass block in the center, which was removed due to the grass turning to dirt in the 3 x 5 model of the flag.


Woodsdale will have 7 districts. The following shows the districts currently established in Woodsdale.

The layout of Woodsdale's 7 districts.

Zephyr District

The Zephyr District is a commercial district which was established at the founding of Woodsdale, which is the 6th of July, 2015. Located in eastern Woodsdale, it is the centre of transport in Woodsdale, housing [ ZN10  Woodsdale] at 3N-7N Station Ave. which is the first ever road built in Woodsdale. It contains other rail connections such as the Pacifica Maidenhead Line, Woodsdale - <WDE> Station, Woodsdale Station of the Grand Central Main and Branch Lines, RaiLinQ North Western Line (Stoptrain Wazamawazi - Birchview) and ChromaRail. It also houses the town hall, and Woodsdale's Charles Edward Berry Municipal Airport, a B-class airfield.

PiggyHoi District

The PiggyHoi District is a commercial and residential district located in southern Woodsdale. It is also known as the Franchise District. Most of the stores operating in Woodsdale are located here. Examples are Italiaso, General Motors, The Nutella House, Catronics and many more.

Waterista District

The Waterista District is a commercial district located in south-western-central Woodsdale and contains all the embassies in Woodsdale. It contains connections to the A90.

Gapers District

The Gapers District is the Central Business District located in north-western Woodsdale. It will comprise of the central workplace for Woodsdale, including TR and Co.'s regional headquarters and other regional HQs. It also has a connection to the B17.

Breiden District

The Breiden District is a future district, planned for commercial and residential use. It will be located in Northern Woodsdale.

Sprucist District

The Sprucist District is a future district, planned for industrial use. It will be located in north-western Woodsdale and is not known much.

Pacville District

The Pacville District is a residential district south-western-central Woodsdale. This district features the biggest hill in Woodsdale as of now, Mount Pacville.

Transit in Woodsdale


Rail Services
Previous station Next station
 ZN9  Bakersville - Penn Station
towards Dand via Central City
 ZN10  Woodsdale  ZN11  Gold City (Heights City)
towards Rank Resort via BirchView
Birch Forest City
towards Wazamawazi Queen Maxima
RaiLinQ North Western Line
West Calbar Forest Landing
towards Whitechapel Waterfront
Citirail Maidenhead Line
Gold City
AmesTGV Woodsdale Line
towards Eastwood
Four Seasons Railways Clover Line
Bakersville Grand Central
Terminus BluRail Mainline BluRail9-01.png
Bakersville - Penn
towards Freedon
Bakersville - Grand Central
towards Horizon National Airport
BluRail Connector Line BluRailBC-01.png
Bakersville Penn Station
towards Bakersville Grand Central
Fred Rail North Regional Line
Heights City Mihama
towards Liten

Woodsdale LRT

The Woodsdale LRT map, including parts of the Zephyr and Circle Line.

The Woodsdale LRT connects all 7 districts of Woodsdale together.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png WD1 Woodsdale  ZN10  Zephyr North Line, Grand Central Main and Branch Lines
Dynmap Green Flag.png WDX PiggyHoi South No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png WD2 PiggyHoi No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png WD3 Waterista No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png WD4 Gapers No connections
Dynmap Pin.png WD5 Breiden (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png WD6 Sprucist (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png WD7 Pacville (planned) No connections


The following franchises are found within the streets of Woodsdale:

Franchise Owner Location
Eat and Bowl Hightech_TR PiggyHoi Plaza, Level 1
Martyn's Money Bank godzilltrain PiggyHoi Plaza, Level 2
Catronics KittyCat11231 PiggyHoi Plaza, Level 3
Due's Food Station Duechayapol PiggyHoi Plaza, Level 4
Tekea Furnishings ICTman1076 PiggyHoi Plaza, Level 5
Tom's Command Shop Tom_Pairs PiggyHoi Plaza, Level 6
Prubourne Steak TechnologyPro PiggyHoi Plaza, Level 7
nktrain's trains nktrain PiggyHoi Plaza, Level 8
Enter Enterprises Vulpicula PiggyHoi Plaza, Level 9
Froggy Piano Hightech_TR PiggyHoi Plaza, Level 10
Star Fuel Hightech_TR 1 Station Ave.
General Motors Earack 127-131 Rainbow Ave. 1
RapidCoffee _MajorMagpie_ Relax And Unwind @ Woodsdale MRT
AlikLolly Aliksong 132 Rainbow Ave. 1
The Nutella House HanSangYoon 133 Rainbow Ave. 1
Gash Clothing Store MIKE24Dude 136 Rainbow Ave. 1
Medicare KevinTheLlama 135 Rainbow Ave. 1
Pigdonalds SNGTech 138 Rainbow Ave. 1
Fish Tank Store SNGTech 140 Rainbow Ave. 1
Subway SNGTech 1 Rainbow Ave. 2
Creeperface's Cafe Creeperface Woodsdale CitiRail Station Shoppe Unit 01:02
Allifoods allifarki Woodsdale CitiRail Station Shoppe Unit 01:03
Waffle House mjpwwf Woodsdale CitiRail Station Shoppe Unit 01:04
The PiggyHoi Minimart Local Store 137 Rainbow Ave. 1
The Edenwood Restaurant Starcubed 139 Rainbow Ave. 1
Chicken Broadway TheMiner_ 134 Rainbow Ave. 1
RealJacks ModernArt Relax And Unwind @ Woodsdale MRT
PublicPharmacy leeuweb Woodsdale CitiRail Station Shoppe Unit 01:11
CRAB Store clx_ Woodsdale CitiRail Station Shoppe Unit 01:05
FriedPro aviaracer Woodsdale CitiRail Station Shoppe Unit 01:01
Seeds and Flowers Hightech_TR 126 Rainbow Ave. 1
Solaris Solar Plant BuildPilot 119 Rainbow Ave. 1
Italiaso Soso123 121 Rainbow Ave. 1
Papa's Pasteria Soso123 3 Rainbow Ave. 3
Tacurger Shack SoaPuffball Woodsdale CitiRail Station Shoppe Unit 01:09
Demeter Eatery sheimoria Woodsdale CitiRail Station Shoppe Unit 01:10
CherryTech Technologies Sirots 1 Rainbow Ave. 3
eGadget Electronics TBC 10 Station Ave.
PineColada PineapplePerv 4 Rainbow Ave. 3
Bubbler CaptainObi Woodsdale Municipal Airport Food Court
AstroSlurp Conric005 Woodsdale Municipal Airport Food Court
GoLibrary Frosty_Creeper10 Woodsdale Municipal Airport
Purple Pidgeon Vickiposa Woodsdale Municipal Airport Food Court
0xcoffee 0x10 Woodsdale Municipal Airport Food Court


The following towns have built embassies in Woodsdale:

Town Code Name Owner
Saint Roux SRX bestmate66
Arisa ASA kekkomatic
Royal Plaza RPL KevinTheLlama
Xiiona XIN HammerofXiiona
DesertView DSV lfpp003
Armadean Municipality ARM ArdyArd


The following users own or built a house within the streets of Woodsdale:

Resident Address
QueenSmae 1 Emarty Village Rd.
Starcubed 3 Woodsdale Ring Road
ezzocraft Rainbow Heights #16-003
allifarki Rainbow Heights #16-004
KevinTheLlama Rainbow Heights #16-001 and #16-002
Kenta1561 Rainbow Heights #15-001
LithiumMirnuriX 3 Emarty Village Rd.
clx_ 5 Woodsdale Ring Road
hvt2011 2 Emarty Village Rd.
FredTheTimeLord 19 Emarty Village Rd.
aviaracer 17 Emarty Village Rd.
MegaMC 4 Emarty Village Rd.
SubmergedSubway Rainbow Heights #15-004
dovikinn Rainbow Heights #15-003
sheimoria Rainbow Heights #15-002
CaptainObi 34 Emarty Village Rd.
KevakaTheGr8 14 Emarty Village Rd.

Town Staff

The following players are hired as staff of the Republic of Woodsdale:

Player Position Date of Hire
Hightech_TR [Mayor] July 6th, 2015
KevinTheLlama [Deputy Mayor] December 7th, 2015
ModernArt [Head Councillor] November 11th, 2015
Starcubed [Councillor] December 27th, 2015
allifarki [Councillor] March 25th, 2016
Frosty_Creeper10 [Councillor] December 15th, 2017
SoaPuffball [Sheriff] June 23rd, 2017
Frogs4Life [Sheriff] December 15th, 2017


Woodsdale has built embassies in the following cities.

There is one more embassy of Woodsdale which I have forgotten the location of. Please /mail me in game if that town/city has a Woodsdale embassy that is not on this list.

SMPs and MPOs

The following shows the Shared Municipalities and Metropolitan Planning Organisations that Woodsdale is a member of.

Note that Woodsdale used to be a member of the League of Cities, which was dissolved in May 2016, and a member of the United Cities, which was dissolved in 2018.

Yaxier Alliance

Woodsdale is part of the Yaxier Alliance (YA). You can see their wiki page by clicking here.

Hightech_TR is the Army General of Yaxier Alliance. The Woodsdale Interior and Defence Force (WIDF) is thus the corresponding army for YA.

Yaxier Alliance is currently unoperational. Woodsdale has since withdrawn from the Yaxier Alliance to ally with the City-State of Kitania since July 2018.

Central North Association

Woodsdale is part of the Central North Association (CNA). You can see their wiki page by clicking here.

CNA is currently unoperational.

Totally Radically Oppressive Non-Democratic Confederation

Woodsdale is a member of the TRONC MPO. You can see their wiki page by clicking here.

P.S Woodsdale is a democratic city.

Ionian Conurbation

Woodsdale is one of the 4 cities comprising the Ionian Conurbation SMP. You can see their wiki page by clicking here.

Northern Cities Organisation

Woodsdale is a member of the Northern Cities Organisation (NCO). You can see their wiki page by clicking here.

Kaktus Republic

Woodsdale is part of the Kaktus Republic. You can see their wiki page by clicking here.

Future Development Projects

The following projects would take place in Woodsdale to work for the next rank:

  • Southern PiggyHoi Expansion

- Snow Digger's Arena

- Sonamu Woodsdale Branch

  • Fully expand Pacville District
  • More Embassies
  • Make Eastern end more connected
  • Start on skyscrapers in Gapers District
  • Start the Breiden District
  • Start the Sprucist District


  • Woodsdale was planned to be near  A26 - C107  Armada, then was relocated to be near  A6 - T7  Basking Ridge but finally  ZN10  was chosen.
  • Hightech_TR actually 'reserved'  ZN10  for Woodsdale when he was still a [Guest] but when he got [Member], he successfilly claimed it for Woodsdale.
  • The town name Woodsdale came from Woodlands from Singapore, Hightech_TR's home country and Cloudsdale from the TV programme My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Venus Albums has created a beautiful 18-page album showing off Woodsdale's transport and connectivity with the rest of the MRT server, as well as Woodsdale's true tone and feeling it gives.

View the album by clicking here.

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