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| data18 = TBA
| data18 = TBA
| label9 = Number of locations
| label9 = Number of locations
| data9 = 146
| data9 = 147
| label19 = Founded
| label19 = Founded
| data19 = April 7, 2021
| data19 = April 7, 2021
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| data20 = [[Variety Brands]]
| data20 = [[Variety Brands]]
'''Wuster's Burgers''' is a fast food franchise owned by [[User:STthecat|STthecat]] founded in the MRT server on April 7, 2021 in [[Dogwood]]. It is a regional variant of STthecat's [https://t08spring.fandom.com/wiki/Wuster%E2%80%99s_Burgers off-server franchise of the same name], with 146 locations currently.
'''Wuster's Burgers''' is a fast food franchise owned by [[User:STthecat|STthecat]] founded in the MRT server on April 7, 2021 in [[Dogwood]]. It is a regional variant of STthecat's [https://t08spring.fandom.com/wiki/Wuster%E2%80%99s_Burgers off-server franchise of the same name], with 147 locations currently.

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There are a total of 146 locations currently operating in the MRT server as of March 2023. There is currently one unoperating location.
There are a total of 147 locations currently operating in the MRT server as of March 2023. There is currently one unoperating location.
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{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center;"
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|10 Mar 2023
|10 Mar 2023
|[[New Chandigarh]]
|New Chandigarh Bus Station
|18 Mar 2023

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Wuster's Burgers
Key people
Founder & CEOSTthecat
FranchiseesServerwide: Cylian, Spegit007
Lumeva: TheAllRounderMC
Number of locations147
FoundedApril 7, 2021
Parent CompanyVariety Brands

Wuster's Burgers is a fast food franchise owned by STthecat founded in the MRT server on April 7, 2021 in Dogwood. It is a regional variant of STthecat's off-server franchise of the same name, with 147 locations currently.


Wuster’s Burgers existed three years before STthecat became a member, with the first location opening in his private world in February 2018. The off-server franchise still operates to this day, with about 10 locations.

On April 7, 2021, the first Wuster's Burgers location in the MRT server opened in Madison Beach, Dogwood just opposite the Madison Beach Ferry Terminal. Two days later, on April 9th, the first location outside Dogwood was completed in Api Village, Itavanga. However, the location only opened on April 11th with a ribbon-cutting ceremony dedicating it as the first location outside Dogwood.

The 10th location of Wuster's Burgers at Central City was completed on April 14, 2021, coinciding with STthecat's promotion to [Citizen]. The location officially opened on April 15th. However, no new Wuster's Burgers franchises were requested until April 18th, when a Custom location opened in Miu Wan.

On April 21, 2021, the first Wuster's Burgers location on a cruise ship was completed, built on Deck 1 of the MS Lake Pearl. Once again, no new Wuster’s Burgers were built due to STthecat building Azalea Arctic. However, on April 25th, a new franchise in MS Lake Sapphire opened.

On April 29th, STthecat finally thought of going back to building new Wuster’s Burgers franchises. On May 1, 2021, the first franchise not to be on a cruise ship since the Kaloro City location opened in Caravaca.

On May 6, 2021, the first Wuster's Burgers to be located on two floors opened in Kazeshima at Owoten Block 5. Select Wuster’s Burgers locations built after May 13, 2021 comply with Ruffism standards, such as allowing discounted takeaways to Ruffists. The first location to be certified Ruff-friendly is located in Watford Shopping High Street. This has been replaced by an official HRCA certification, starting with the 111th location in Avondale on February 19, 2022.

On May 18, 2021, Wuster’s Burgers entered an agreement with Chicago Style Gyros to operate a concept colocation. It is located near the North Campus of Bristol Community College and was opened two days later. It was initially scheduled to open on May 19th.

On May 20th, Wuster's Burgers became the first Gold sponsor of the XX TacoBurritoAThon. Wuster’s Burgers also debuted an advertisement titled “Speedrun” on MBS and MRT Media Studio on May 22, 2021 during the second commercial break. The advertisement initially premiered on February 6, 2021 locally in STthecat’s Bedrock world.

On May 28, 2021, three Wuster's Burgers franchises opened concurrently, breaking the current record of 1-2 franchises per day. This record was broken again in September 2021.

On May 31st, Wuster's Burgers opened a special franchise in Creeperville to celebrate the unban of Frosty_Creeper10.

Wuster's Burgers' 30th location opened on June 3, 2021 as a drive-thru, to reflect the first drive-thru STthecat built for the franchise. The 30th location also sold a limited-edition Sans Pastrami Burger.

On June 9th, Wuster's Burgers opened its first  [Premier]  franchise in Deadbush's Edgecliff Retail Park, marking a major milestone in its history.

On June 13th, a second Wuster's Burgers location opened in Cypress, which featured the franchise's first outdoor verandah seating area.

Starting from the 37th Wuster’s Burgers location, all new locations built until June 30th served a limited-edition Pride Rainbow Milkshake to celebrate Pride Month.

On June 16th, Wuster's Burgers was sold to Variety Brands along with Stop n' Slep. Bobby's Q became independent at the same time.

On June 24th, the first Wuster's Burgers location was relocated to 4 Madison Parkway and was downgraded to a Small location due to space constraints and underperforming sales. The Drive-Thru type of location was discontinued thereafter and replaced by Drive-Thru+.

On June 30th, the first Wuster's Burgers location with round table seating opened in Oaksfield. It was also the last location not to feature french fries in its menu.

On July 11th, Wuster's Burgers announced that the 50th location will be a Flagship location and will be available for bidding soon.

On August 21, 2021, after several delays mainly due to STthecat's hiatus, the 50th Wuster's Burgers location opened in Parkland. True to its word, Variety Brands opened a Flagship location there, becoming the 2nd of this type to be ever built in the MRT.

Just two days later on August 23rd, LabCylian became a franchisee for Wuster’s Burgers, which allowed the smooth expansion of the franchise. This was followed by PDPlays07 on November 30th, over three months after.

On 6th September, 2021, the second  [Premier]  location opened, at Kenthurst. On the same day, Wuster’s Burgers opened its first locations in the United States of the East at Greenland’s Gron Jord and Midbay’s Ponton Pier, becoming the second burger franchise to open in the region. The 60th and 70th locations of Wuster's have also been decided: Watford and Miu Tung. A partnership franchise with MilkShack will open soon, with possibility being the 70th location.

On 7th September, 2021, the third  [Premier]  location opened, at Venceslo.

On 3rd October 2021, the third Flagship location opened, at Rattlerville, marking the 69th store.

On 5th October 2021, LabCylian and HarborRandom852 built a co-op location of Wuster's Burgers and MilkShack, marking 70 stores.

On 7th November 2021, LabCylian and STthecat built a Wuster's in Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport, making Venceslo the first  [Premier]  city to have two Wuster's in it.

The menu has also changed, as Wuster's would no longer sell Thicc Juice like Astroslurp, but would sell Orange Slurpee, a drink by HyCorp.

On 6th December 2021, PDPlays07 built the 90th location in Variety Brands Centre.

Wuster's Burgers debuted a new ad campaign titled #borgir, debuting with a 12-second and a 18-second ad on December 10th. It was conceived by Lumevan franchisee TheAllRounderMC and the ads were produced in-house by VIBE Entertainment. The campaign was met with positive reviews and became an instant success. In fact, the campaign was so successful that it debuted on MRT Media Studio during the 2021/22 MRT Winter Games in Miu Wan on January 29, 2022, which gained it even more popularity. The campaign later expanded to billboard and poster ads and even spawned a TAR-themed ad which advertised The Amazing Borgir.

On 14th December 2021, the fifth  [Premier]  location opened, at Espil.

On January 4, 2022, the 100th and first Wuster’s Burgers location to open in 2022 opened in Serena. However, the 100th location was not a Flagship but still offered the complete menu from all franchises, along with a distinctive orange band on the exterior.

Wuster's Burgers' first anniversary on April 7, 2022 marked a special milestone for the franchise, coinciding with the opening of an exclusive Shipwreck location in Nashville.

The city with the most Wuster's Burgers in it is Parkland with 6 locations.

Not-so-happy record: The first Wuster's to be completly closed and demolished is Calgary's 1st St SW location, the first in Calgary.

Currently, the franchise also has plans to expand to cities such as Musique, Utopia, and Kyoto.


Item Type Availability Price
Original Hamburger All locations have this item. $2
Cheesy Hamburger All locations have this item. $2.50
VMA (Veggie Martial Arts) Hamburger All locations have this item. $2.50
The Amazing Borgir Hamburger Only sold at locations #50 (Parkland) and #138 (Stone Bay). $2
Original Fries Some locations do not have this item. $1
Cheese Fries Some locations do not have this item. $1
Cajun Fries Some locations do not have this item. $1
Orange Slurpee Drink Some locations do not have this item. $1
Weier Cola Drink Some locations do not have this item. $1
XTREME COLA Drink Only sold in Spegit007-built locations $4
AstroSlurp Thicc Juice Drink Not sold anymore $1
Chocolate Milkshake Some locations do not have this item. $1
Vanilla Milkshake Some locations do not have this item. $1
Matcha Milkshake Some locations do not have this item. $1
Pride Rainbow Milkshake Only sold at locations built in the month of June. $1
Port Sonder Key Lime Milkshake Only sold at locations #24 (Rattlerville) and #49 (Port Sonder). $1
8oz Coffee Only sold from 8am to 12pm

Some locations do not have this item.



Like our competitors, Wuster's Burgers has a fixed range of types of stores, either to suit the needs of players in the server or STthecat's new way of expanding his franchise. The current range was introduced on April 13, 2021, to provide franchisees with more options. Drive-Thru+ was introduced on June 13, 2021 in order to provide bigger drive-thru options.

Wuster’s Burgers initially required mandatory payment for ordering of all types of stores when the range was first introduced, however it has since become a payment-optional franchise.



A Wuster's Burgers store size that can be sandwiched into any shop, any plot, the custom store size is ideal for shopping malls, markets and funfairs. A budget version of the Custom store size is also available, and they are branded as Wuster's Burgers Express, which is more ideal for apartments and offices. The Express store size has no seating compared to Custom locations.

Price: Floor area ÷ 10


The small store size is the backbone of our franchise, both sweet and simple. It includes outdoor seating similar to In-N-Out Burger in real life, providing a good user experience. A variant of the small store size was the drive-thru store size, a slightly cheaper and modified option, which includes two parking lots and a roundabout for the drive-thru, inspired by Hardee's. However, as of June 24, 2021, the Drive-Thru variant is discontinued.

Price: 9 × 9 ÷ 10 = $8.10 (drive-thru), 9 × 11 ÷ 10 = $9.90 (small)


Not convinced yet? Well, we have a larger but still smaller than big size, the medium store size. It has a bigger area for outdoor seating, for customers who like suntanning. It is also ideal for locations in small playgrounds or located near highway exits. Drive-Thru+ is a newer variant of the medium location and is intended for plots which are too big for normal drive-thru locations.

Price: 11 × 15 ÷ 10 = $16.50


The biggest store size among the four sizes currently available, the flagship store has an even larger outdoor area with the signature "WB" sculpture seen in some locations. Ideal for large retail parks and the most suited place in the middle of the parking lot.

Price: 15 × 27 ÷ 10 = $40.50


There are a total of 147 locations currently operating in the MRT server as of March 2023. There is currently one unoperating location.

Store Number Store Type Buyer City/Town Address/Location Cost Date Completed
1 Small
(formerly Drive-Thru)
STthecat Dogwood 4 Madison Parkway, Madison Beach N/A 7 Apr 2021
(relocated on 24 Jun 2021)
2 Custom Noahrebl Ukarimu Purple Building, Api Village 8.1 9 Apr 2021
3 Custom DintyB Beachview Beachview Mall, Lot B2 17 10 Apr 2021
4 Custom CyAmethyst Silverville Mineral Mall, Lot 202 16.5 10 Apr 2021
5 Custom PaintedBlue Cape Cambridge Vertex Apartments, Grafton Road, Downtown 7.7 11 Apr 2021
6 Custom Z3NO Welchett Grand Blomberg Mall, Lot 3A 22.1 11 Apr 2021
7 Small Minecraft252 Bristol 5 Edgewood Road near New Bern Regional Park 9.9 12 Apr 2021
8* Custom KevakaTheGr8 Shenghua Little Nymphalia, Level 1 8.8 13 Apr 2021
9* Small KevakaTheGr8 Sayando Playa Este 5-2 9.9 14 Apr 2021
10 Flagship STthecat Central City Cytus Street (just behind Inter-Continental Theater) N/A 14 Apr 2021
11 Custom HarborRandom852 Miu Wan L'Arc, Level 4 10 18 Apr 2021
12 Custom Needn_NL Kaloro City Kaloro City West Station (near Metro exit) 23 20 Apr 2021
13 Express Airplaneguy9 MS Lake Pearl Mall-at-Sea, Deck 1 N/A 21 Apr 2021
14 Express Airplaneguy9 MS Lake Sapphire Mall-at-Sea, Deck 1 N/A 25 Apr 2021
15 Express Airplaneguy9 MS Lake Topaz Mall-at-Sea, Deck 1 N/A 30 Apr 2021
16 Custom Freskooo Caravaca Calle de Navas de Tolosa 2 11.7 1 May 2021
17 Custom i 7d Kazeshima Owoten Block 5, Levels 1 and 2 25 6 May 2021
18* Medium MrMinecraft1423 Watford Watford Shopping High Street 11.2 13 May 2021
19* Medium HarborRandom852 Miu Wan HFuel B988 North Gas Station 16.5 13 May 2021
20 Custom ModernArt Westbeach CitadeL!, Level 1 N/A 17 May 2021
21* Custom KevakaTheGr8 Shenghua Eagle Island 5 18 May 2021
22# Small Minecraft252 Bristol Bristol Community College North Campus Area/North Bristol 11.2 20 May 2021
23* Custom Avaneesh2008 Cypress TBA 15.6 27 May 2021
24* Custom kingsnake Rattlerville Rattlerville Westside Shopping Area 8 28 May 2021
25* Express KevakaTheGr8 Shenghua Tiexia Mansion, Level 3 3.5 28 May 2021
26* Express HarborRandom852 Miu Wan Finance Square, Level 4 8 28 May 2021
27* Custom Frosty_Creeper10 Creeperville SM Creeperville Premier, L-A204 N/A 31 May 2021
28* Express KevakaTheGr8 Shenghua Shenghua South FLR N/A 31 May 2021
29* Custom STthecat Dogwood Port Blackhawk Tower E1 N/A 2 Jun 2021
30* Drive-Thru bobbygammer Boberton near Boberton Embassy of Dogwood N/A 3 Jun 2021
31* Express
(formerly Custom)
CyAmethyst Silverville ArcticRail Silverville Station 9 5 Jun 2021
(rebuilt on 17 Jul 2022)
32* Small Minecraft252 Miu Sai N/A 10 5 Jun 2021
33* Custom Starcubed Skogheim Skogheim Metro Revedam Station N/A 8 Jun 2021
34* Medium MF_Moj Deadbush Edgecliff Retail Park, Lot E N/A 9 Jun 2021
35* Custom kingsnake Miu Rattler near Miu Rattler Town Hall 10 12 Jun 2021
36* Custom Avaneesh2008 Cypress TBA 16.7 13 Jun 2021
37* Express chimata Cirno Bay Cirno Bay Terminal, Level 1 21.7 15 Jun 2021
38* Medium
(formerly Small)
LabCylian Hytown 12 Green Hill Road N/A 15 Jun 2021
(relocated on 2 Oct 2021)
39 Custom Airplaneguy9 MS Mokupuni Princess TBA N/A 20 Jun 2021
40 Custom Airplaneguy9 MS Lake Diamond TBA N/A 20 Jun 2021
41* Express Retle65 Archell Archell Food Court, Lot 01-A1 N/A 21 Jun 2021
42* Express STthecat MS Azalea Taiga promenade.ctrl, Deck A N/A 24 Jun 2021
43* Express LabCylian Ngau Ling Hywarp Rail Ngau Ling Station N/A 28 Jun 2021
44* Custom ConnConn2005 Oaksfield 3 Oak Road N/A 30 Jun 2021
45*< Express frogggggg Titsensaki Stop n' Slep Titsensaki City Airport N/A 3 Jul 2021
46*< Custom LabCylian Hytown Stop n' Slep Hytown N/A 5 Jul 2021
47* Custom MF_Moj Grassbush Mountain View Block 1 N/A 6 Jul 2021
48* Small stxnmusic Upton Ulster 3 Kipan Walk 10 11 Jul 2021
49* Custom TheThirdOdd Port Sonder near Port Sonder Central Station N/A 12 Jul 2021
50* Flagship STthecat Parkland TBA N/A 21 Aug 2021
51* Small LabCylian Hytown Hytown Ridge Station N/A 4 Sep 2021
52 Custom Needn_NL Winterside Winterside West Mall N/A 4 Sep 2021
53* Custom Ada_Virus Llanwrst Newydd TBA N/A 6 Sep 2021
54* Express bro1bro2 Broville Broville Mall N/A 6 Sep 2021
55* Small _Ludus Gron Jord TBA N/A 6 Sep 2021
56 Medium Krakabraka Midbay 4 Hytown Road N/A 6 Sep 2021
57* Express Aliksong Kenthurst Kenthurst Xenonite Station N/A 6 Sep 2021
58* Custom AP_Red Ellerton Fosby Heaton Plaza N/A 6 Sep 2021
59* Express Melecie Nymphalia Opliss Square Mall N/A 7 Sep 2021
60 Custom
(formerly Express)
MrMinecraft1423 Watford Watford MRT station
(Seating shared with Eat and Bowl)
N/A 7 Sep 2021
(rebuilt on 30 Oct 2021)
61* Express time2makemymove Venceslo Midtown CityCentre N/A 7 Sep 2021
62* Express time2makemymove San Dzobiak Freeacre Mesa Apartments N/A 7 Sep 2021
63* Express kingsnake Canalside TBA N/A 7 Sep 2021
64* Express frogggggg Titsensaki Frostville Road N/A 8 Sep 2021
65* Express PtldKnight Waterville Waterville Bus Terminal N/A 10 Sep 2021
66* Custom
(formerly Express)
Hightech_TR New Bark Town Wakaba Gym Spleef Arena N/A 10 Sep 2021
(rebuilt on 1 Nov 2021)
67* Express gsuatv Southport-sur-mer TBA N/A 10 Sep 2021
68* Small ModernArt Norwest TBA N/A 14 Sep 2021
69* Flagship kingsnake Rattlerville TBA N/A 3 Oct 2021
70M Medium HarborRandom852 Miu Tung TBA N/A 5 Oct 2021
71* Express ModernArt Norwest TBA N/A 5 Oct 2021
72* Custom STthecat Dogwood Blackhawk Coast Bus Terminal N/A 15 Oct 2021
73 Medium Melecie Nymphalia Stellia Warprail Station N/A 18 Oct 2021
74* Express STthecat MS Azalea Plains promenade.ctrl, Deck A N/A 19 Oct 2021
75* Express HarborRandom852 Miu Wan Terminal 1, Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport N/A 23 Oct 2021
76* Medium TheAllRounderMC Tung Wan Station Road N/A 30 Oct 2021
77* Medium LabCylian Winter Wind Koho Road N/A 31 Oct 2021
78 Custom MIKE24DUDE Oakley TBA N/A 6 Nov 2021
79* Express STthecat Parkland Mall of Plains Confederation Food Hall, Lot 202-2 N/A 7 Nov 2021
80 Custom MIKE24DUDE Oakley TBA N/A 7 Nov 2021
81* Custom time2makemymove Venceslo Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport N/A 7 Nov 2021
82* Medium Avaneesh2008 TBA TBA 27 8 Nov 2021
83* Express ModernArt Pasadena 3 Thicc Road, Archway N/A 10 Nov 2021
84*< Custom KevakaTheGr8 Shenghua Stop n' Slep Shenghua Nanwan N/A 10 Nov 2021
85 Custom LabCylian GSM Town TBA N/A 13 Nov 2021
86* Express STthecat Parkland Parkland Frampton Airfield N/A 13 Nov 2021
87*> Custom PDPlays07 Calgary 1 1st St SW N/A 28 Nov 2021 (demolished)
88*> Custom LabCylian Peacopolis Peacopolis International Airport Terminal 2 N/A 3 Dec 2021
89*> Medium PDPlays07 Calgary 3 2nd Ave NE N/A 3 Dec 2021
90*> Express PDPlays07 Calgary Variety Brands Centre (2 1st Ave SE) N/A 5 Dec 2021
91*> Express PDPlays07 Calgary Calgary Southern Heliport (13 Main St S) N/A 9 Dec 2021
92* Express STthecat Dogwood 10 Madison Parkway, Madison Beach N/A 9 Dec 2021
93 Drive-Thru+ Krakabraka Idk 10 Main Street N/A 9 Dec 2021
94 Medium LabCylian Winter Wind Yosako Shopping Street N/A 11 Dec 2021
95*> Custom PDPlays07 Vancouver 2 Queen Ave W N/A 12 Dec 2021
96* Medium Missa_Solemnis D90 MRT Station D90 MRT Station N/A 12 Dec 2021
97* Custom EspiDev Espil TBA N/A 14 Dec 2021
98*> Express PDPlays07 Calgary Central Station Mezzanine (3 2nd Ave SW) N/A 15 Dec 2021
99* Custom LabCylian Winter Wind Shinagawa Usara Heliport N/A 20 Dec 2021
100* Custom powerminer01 Serena Republica Mall N/A 4 Jan 2022
101*> Custom kingsnake Rattlerville RailWalk N/A 8 Jan 2022
102* Express STthecat Stone Bay 504 Redshore Parkway, Redshore Strip N/A 9 Jan 2022
103 Express Krakabraka Idk Eastcity Mall 6.9 16 Jan 2022
104*> Custom arbirchy Dewford 200 Bayridge Ave, First Floor 14 17 Jan 2022
105*> Custom Spegit007 Calgary 3 Southhall Avenue SW N/A 23 Jan 2022
106 Express TheThirdOdd Port Sonder Port of Port Sonder N/A 31 Jan 2022
107* Custom STthecat Parkland VB SkyPark, 1 Variety Avenue, Union N/A 1 Feb 2022
108*> Medium ain13 Ainville 12 Block Street, Next to Ainville Line 3 station N/A 2 Feb 2022
109* Custom hvt2011 Nippia Nippia Unity Towers BluRail N/A 5 Feb 2022
110*> Custom Spegit007 Cornwall 2 Emerson Ave N N/A 13 Feb 2022
111* Medium RadiantRanger26 Avondale 10370 East Main Street, Downtown N/A 19 Feb 2022
112 Custom Krakabraka Santo Polvo Rua Comercial N/A 16 Mar 2022
113*<> Custom Spegit007 Cornwall 5 Centre St E N/A TBA
114*> Custom TheNorthMemphis Memphis A3 , Central Lane Road N/A 17 Mar 2022
115*> Shipwreck Minecraft252 Nashville N/A 12 7 Apr 2022
116* Custom STthecat Walczaka 7 Centrum Boulevard, Wilczak N/A 8 May 2022
117* Custom STthecat Parkland Cedar Hill Apartments, Tower B N/A 28 May 2022
118 Express STthecat MS Lake Emerald Mall-at-sea, Deck 2 N/A 31 May 2022
119* Express frogggggg Titsensaki South Golf Road, Olympia N/A 5 Jun 2022
120*> Express Spegit007 New Mayton City 20 Bloor Ave SE, South City, New Mayton N/A 11 Jun 2022
121* Custom mi_aquamarine Shenghua Kuru Mall N/A 13 Jun 2022
122*> Express Spegit007 New Mayton City 1 Ohio St SW, South City, New Mayton N/A 14 Jun 2022
123*> Custom Spegit007 New Mayton City 4 Lantern St SW, Bowage, New Mayton N/A 16 Jun 2022
124 Drive-Thru+ Krakabraka Krakabraka's Transport Town TBA N/A 18 Jun 2022
125* Custom JeremiahLH9978 Amina Amina Town Center 10 18 Jun 2022
126 Slum Shack Weier Savage City Sewers Slum Stacks N/A 19 Jun 2022
127*> Express TheNorthMemphis Memphis Memphis Ropeway Station B N/A 20 Jun 2022
128*> Custom Spegit007 Nieuwburg Near heliport N/A 23 Jun 2022
129* Express Starcubed Skogheim Pinecone Square N/A 4 Jul 2022
130* Custom DoubR Camden Town TBA N/A 4 Jul 2022
131* Custom STthecat Parkland 1 Matilda Street, Matilda Strip Mall, Cedar Hill N/A 4 Jul 2022
132* Custom Lexi9076 Lexburg Lexburg Mall N/A 17 Jul 2022
133*> Custom Kr4ka Quinston Beach Road N/A 22 Jul 2022
134*> Custom Saltedline New Chandigarh NCMall N/A 22 Jul 2022
135*> Express worrski Keriyowna 1 Aero Lane (Aero Arena) N/A 22 Jul 2022
136 Custom STthecat Beningbury JiffyRail Beningbury Station N/A 31 Jul 2022
137*>% Custom Spegit New Mayton City 12 Ohio Street SW 420 9 Aug 2022
138* Express STthecat Stone Bay Adventure Bay Stone Bay N/A 3 Sep 2022
139* Express HalfyCrafty Fay sur Mer Fay sur Mer Station N/A 27 Oct 2022
140* Express STthecat Mootown JiffyRail Mootown Station N/A 11 Nov 2022
141*> Custom Spegit San Francisco 3 Corozos Boulevard N/A 11 Dec 2022
142> Custom Bingu0 Mesaburg Mesaburg Among Mall, Unit 1 N/A 11 Dec 2022
143> Custom Freskooo Kwai Tin somewhere N/A 11 Dec 2022
144* Custom chimata Yonge 15 Harmony Street 5 22 Jan 2023
145* Custom i 7d Peacopolis Peacopolis International Airport Terminal 3 Arrivals N/A 5 Feb 2023
146* Custom DDaniii_ San Esteban TBA 30 10 Mar 2023
147* Custom Saltedline New Chandigarh New Chandigarh Bus Station N/A 18 Mar 2023

(*) Denotes that a Wuster’s Burgers location is certified Ruff friendly/has an official HRCA certification.

(#) Denotes that it is co-located with Chicago Style Gyros.

(M) Denotes that it is co-located with MilkShack.

(<) Denotes that it was built alongside a Stop n' Slep hotel.

(>) Denotes that it has a wireless transaction scanner.

(%) Denotes that it is co-located with ZXCOFFEE.

Do you want a franchise? Apply for one here!

If you would like to apply for a franchise, please edit this section to join the queue. Cylian and Spegit007 will also help with building the stores.

Alternatively, you may DM STthecat or any franchisee on Discord for a store.

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