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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png


Republic of Zerez
Official Picture of Thespe, Zerez at night
Mayor airplane320
Location Ward 6 south of Schillerton
Date Founded May 28, 2017
Number of Attractions 4
Number of Restaurants 11
Number of Shops 8
Number of Residents 3
Number of Rooms (Zerez Hotel) 8 (Hotel)
Highways B98 and A507
Providences Capital, Thespe, and Arena
Official Languages English and Spannish
City Rank Senator
Deputy Mayor chiefbozx
Town Hall Coordinates x-463, y65, z10181

Head of Zerez: airplane320 Deputy Head: chiefbozx Town Rank: Mayor Located in Ward 5 Population: 3 Airplane320 Awsomekeldeo j_universe0 Zerez is a member of the MRT Defence force and has a strong millitary

THE GREAT PORT WAR Zerez has a very strong Military and has 2 war ships, 2 tanks, and hundreds of AK-47. It is ready to defend itself. After the Zerez Embassy was built in Greenport, Greenport pointed several weapons at the embassy, and Zerez considered it as an act of war. On June 5th, 2017 Zerez entered in War. Zerez's AK-47s put Greenport's wool streets in flames and started to take over the town. On June 6th, 2017, 9pm Central Time Zone USA, Greenport surrendered. Since Zerez is definsive, it gave the town back to j_universe0 on the term that Greenport would not point weapons at Zerez, and that airplane320 would have a free house in Greenport.

Zerez currently has 45 buildings 5 of theme which are skyscrapers. Zerez has franchises containing:

(4) North Korean Food Shacks

(2) Helper's Hand Corperation Buildings one of them which is the Headquarters

(3) eTravel owned buildings one of them which is the Headquarters all the rest of the buildings are not franchises

(1) eGadets Store

(1) Tackburger Shack

(1) Earacks Grocery Store

(1) KTV Entertainment


B98 (Trans Providence Highway)

A507 (Planned to connect Thespe, Capital Providence, and Schillerton


Capital Providence- Acts as the capital of Zerez. It has an embassy of Greenport and Silent Plains. It hosts the military buildings, FBI skyscraper, and a residential part on the west side.

Thespe Providence- Hosts many skyscrapers and headquarter buildings for companies. Thespe contains a lot of buisnesses and is the economic core of Zerez. It contains apartment buildings and two town houses which are all up for sale.

Arena Providence- The Arena Providence is located further away then the other two providences. It is an island covered by sand and is a tourist attraction to Zerez. It is planned to have construction to be completed. This providence will not host any forign buissnesses or houses, just a small hotel.

Higway B98 connects the Capital with Thespe and is fully complete, it was finnished November 2nd, 2017. The E-Express minecart system all connects Thespe and the Capital via minecart. Highway A507 is planned to be built connecting Thespe and the Capital with the city of Schillerton.

Flags of Zerez:

The Official Republic of Zerez Flag and Capital Providence Flag ZFlag.png

The Official Thespe Providence, Zerez Flag Thespe.png

The Official Flag of the Arena Providence, Zerez Arena.png