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Zeta Republic
President Echohue (pro tempore)
Chief Justice TBD
Justices TBD
Founded December 29, 2019 (Declared independence from the Republic of Epsilon)
January 12, 2019 (Constitution ratified)
Membership 22
Headquarters TBD, in the Zeta expansion region

The Zeta Republic (ZR) is a Metropolitan Planning Organization founded to encourage construction of cities and facilitate cooperation and connections between them primarily in the Zeta expansion regions, as well as in the Epsilon and Gamma regions to a lesser extent. The Zeta Republic has a weak decentralized form of government, with power being concentrated in adjustable regions drawn up and maintained by the ZR in order to avoid problems that have plagued many MPOs in the past associated with strong central governments, and to fulfill its central philosophy of allowing cooperation between cities without unnecessary interference or bureaucracy from the central government.


# State Region Status Representative
1 Republic of Bahia Member Echohue
2 Member Wipeout111
3 Republic of Formosa Member camelfantasy
4 City-State of Shadowpoint Member EliteNeon
5 Member Conric005
6 Member daltdisneyland
7 Member Woorich999
8 Member Vulpicula
9 Member Megascatterbomb
10 Kangaroo Member Kangaroo567
11 Heights City Ionian Conurbation Member Toaro
12 Weston Ionian Conurbation Member _crepper_
13 Woodsdale Ionian Conurbation Member Hightech_TR
14 Mojangstaat Member MF_moj
15 Elecna Bay Member mine_man_
16 Member Valkorion314
17 Member MangoLaCroix
18 Quiris Ionian Conurbation Member _HeavenAngel_
19 Sansvikk Member sansnotluigi
20 Arbatskaya Moscow Member MikeRoma
21 Tranquil Forest Member hvt2011
22 Peripotamia Member Cookie46910


# Name Coordinates Members



Number Name State Region Term
Pro Tempore Echohue N/A N/A December 29, 2019 -


Membership is open to all members of the MRT. To join, simply fill out a new row in the membership table. Each member or observer may only represent one of their towns or a state representing multiple towns.

Member status is only for those that own at least one town ranked councillor or above. Observer status is for those that do not meet this criteria or those that choose this designation.

An official discord server exists with invite links distributed only by officers.