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Minecart Rapid Transit Wiki:Wiki Rules

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The Wiki, which you are on right now, also has some rules:

  • Only create pages that are notable on the Network right now. This includes:
    • transit lines (bus, rail or road)
    • cities and towns
    • corporations
    • franchises
    • transit system technology
    • civic facilities, even if they're not in the MRT Civic Service Complex
    • future major projects (i.e. the Central City MRT Museum) that are proposed or under construction
  • Do not create pages for future towns, cities, or minor projects until they have been finished or recognized.
  • Be kind and courteous to other editors.
  • Do not edit war - solve disputes through discussion and consensus (that's what the talk page is for).
  • Use standard editing conventions. Text should only be in black except in special cases.
  • Please do not copy other pages onto your page - your own editing style makes them look unique.
  • Towns, transit lines, and major projects should, but are not required to, have an infobox.
  • Please do not create placeholder, WIP, or pointless pages. Sufficient content should be added to a new page.


Guests are liable to add inaccurate or false information to pages. Therefore, guests are restricted from the creation of wiki accounts. To apply for membership, use the link here.