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Welcome to the Editor's Hub, the wiki's central hub for editors. This page is intended to be used to help make sense of what's going on with current wiki projects such as what pages are looking to be made and what you can do to help. In addition, the page will be populated with links to help you create better wiki pages, and help to guide new players through the complicated spider web of content.

Project Fill 'er Up

We've got some amazing pages on the go already that need your help.

Most requested pages

See: Special:WantedPages

Some of the biggest towns and cities on the server still don't have a wiki page. Get in touch with a town owner, perhaps they might need some encouragement, or write it yourself. Creating town pages isn't restricted to town owners, you can make them too, that's the spirit of a wiki.

Important: Don't make a page for the sake of making a page, you've got to add content to it. Avoid "work-in-progress" pages.

Material Boxes

Here are some material boxes, polished and ready to go. They should not be used in-text, but rather only in tables and infoboxes.



Please try to contribute to this as it will benefit people that plan to make towns or start SMPs.

For this project, have have to make pages for each of the wards (excluding 0 - CC) and put major towns, roads, SMPs, and MPOs that are within the ward. Please add maps, pictures of the cities/towns, etc. This project will be greatly appreciated and will help out other players. (If you're up for the job, try to do at least 2 wards)

In addition to this, please alter town wiki pages to be in the relevant ward category (Category:Towns in Ward <Ward>)

More maps project

For a list of existing map images, see Category:Maps.

Some guests and members like to ride metros and drive all over the world. But some of those metros have no maps! It will be quite confusing to find out where to go and they can't know more about the metro system. So, metro makers should make a metro map.

Removal of defunct quality template

For list of pages that still have the template, see Category:Pages with the quality template.

Many pages still have an outdated quality template that has become obsolete. Usages of the template on any page should be removed.