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Welcome to the Minecart Rapid Transit Wiki!
A creative Minecraft 1.12.2 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts. It has an extensive fully-automated minecart transit system and a few other things.
Welcome to the MRT Wiki, where members can write informative pages about their creations on the server, which can include towns, cities, companies, franchises, organizations, transit systems, special events, and more.

To get started, you must be an approved [Member] of the MRT Server. First, create an account and confirm your e-mail address. Initially, you will be able to edit existing pages and create new pages. Once you reach Trustee rank, you may request Trusted privileges from an admin to be able to upload images. For a full list of permissions available to you, please see this page.

Check out the official MRT Events Calendar for upcoming events that are happening on the server.

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Featured Article: Robin's Hill
Robins Hill.jpg
Robin's Hill is a large town on the MRT Server, located at G10 Robin's Hill. The current and founding mayor is Just_robinho. This Town, now a city, Was created on the day Just_robinho was accepted to the server, Just_Robinho was rejected using G18 as it was already taken and Nearly rejected G10 as one road, (Tulsa Hill bridge) was close to G10 and Nearly belonged to Tulsa, but was given the go ahead by Frumple to build. It only took a week to established as a town and Just_robinho gained Mayor status. Since its birth, Robin's Hill has quadrupled in size, has an extensive Metro system with 4 lines, and Different Districts. The Robin's Hill expansion project finished on May 30, 2013, with the completion of the Financial District.

Robin's Hill is one of the easiest towns to get to on the server, G10 Robin's Hill on the MRT Green Line which is 4 stops away from spawn, The bus station from Bay 1 Goes Directly from spawn or, if you enjoy nature, you can walk to Robin's Hill as it is a Major stop on the... (read more)

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