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Minecart Rapid Transit is a server oriented around transportation, urban planning, cities, towns, and architecture in the game Minecraft. It was founded by Frumple in July 2012, but the transit system it uses has been worked on since the days of Minecraft's beta versions of early 2011. To learn more about the server, visit the Server Information Page.

This wiki contains information about the various things that members of the server have created.

The server has a lot of creativity in its members. It is full of many cities, towns, franchises and overarching corporations that give it a unique character. In addition, no two cities or corporations are alike, which makes the server all the more interesting.

Player creations

Below are some of the notable creations from the MRT server players:

Most Notable Creations

This list includes some of the most widely recognised creations in the history of the MRT. This list includes cities that have reached Premier rank, but is not comprehensive.


This lists some of the corporations from any period.

Old World

This section is for the towns and cities created on the Old World, and franchises and businesses created during the period between August 2012 and October 2014 on the Old World.

Cities and Towns


New World

This section is for the towns and cities created on the New World, and franchises and businesses created during the period from October 2014 to present on the New World.


A town can be called a City when it reaches Senator, Governor or Premier.

City Rank Mayor
Achowalogen Takachsin [Premier] Tom_Pairs
Airchester [Premier] CortesiRaccoon
Deadbush [Premier] MojangChan
Elecna Bay [Premier] mine_man_
Evella [Premier] LDShadowLord
Kenthurst [Premier] Aliksong
Quiris [Premier] _HeavenAngel_
Segville [Premier] godzilltrain
Sunshine Coast [Premier] Echohue
Venceslo [Premier] time2makemymove
Whitechapel [Premier] _hnt
BirchView [Governor] _crepper
Birdhall [Governor] Robang592
Covina [Governor] _Kastle
Carnoustie [Governor] CaptainObi
Dabecco [Governor] Sirots
Espil [Governor] EspiDev
Falloway [Governor] thomasfyfe
Formosa [Governor] camelfantasy
Fort Yaxier [Governor] camelfantasy
Freedon [Governor] soso123
Hummingbird Islands [Governor] MinecraftYoshi26
Kessler [Governor] lalaboy
Kolpino City [Governor] MishkaMan
Konawa [Governor] Soleurs
Laclede [Governor] jphgolf4321
Lanark [Governor] Earack
Mason City [Governor] kiwirainbow
Marblegate [Governor] just_robinho
Pearl Coast [Governor] knowmads7
Radiance Square [Governor] MindBender15
Richville [Governor] woorich999
St. Roux [Governor] tarheelscouse
San Reinoldi [Governor] Camelicano
Sealane [Governor] RLcrafters
Thunderbird [Governor] decorminecraft
Utopia [Governor] Narnia17
Venceslo [Governor] time2makemymove
Vermilion [Governor] chiefbozx
Wazamawazi [Governor] autobus22
Xilia [Governor] Yellowitcher
Zaquar [Governor] KittyCat11231
Aeolia [Senator] Camelfantasy
Amestris [Senator] I_90
Armada [Senator] ArdyArd
Astoria [Senator] MIKE24Dude
Bakersville [Senator] FredTheTimeLord
Bexley [Senator] autobus22
Camino [Senator] Omricon
Chalxior [Senator] soso123
Cornus [Senator] unjinz
Coruscant [Senator] SilverBubble
Creeperville [Senator] Frosty_Creeper10
Daneburg [Senator] BaronThamesBank
Danielston [Senator] mjpwwf
Grayzen [Senator] cardinalland
Farwater [Senator] Diemundz
Heampstead [Senator] MikeRoma
Ilirea [Senator] mikefishr
Itomori [Senator] _mitsuha
Kantō [Senator] Camelfantasy
Lakeview [Senator] Just_robinho
Liten [Senator] Gopher
Nippia [Senator] KittyCat11231
North Haven [Senator] samyankeesfan20
Norwest [Senator] ModernArt
Paixton [Senator] CaptLincoln
Pine Mountain [Senator] BuildPilot
Ravenna [Senator] jphgolf4321
Schillerton [Senator] chiefbozx
Siletz [Senator] MeetMeInSpace
Spring Valley [Senator] Architect_21
Spruce Neck [Senator] MikeRoma
Stoneedge [Senator] soso123
Storalisburg [Senator] Vulpicula
Titsensaki [Senator] frogggggg
Tranquil Forest [Senator] hvt2011
Valletta [Senator] AEhub
Vegeta [Senator] mine_man_
Verdantium [Senator] _Mossie
Washingcube [Senator] nktrain
Waterville [Senator] PtldKnight
Waverly [Senator] cal76
Welsbury [Senator] dragonbloon419
West Calbar [Senator] sesese9
Whiteley [Senator] AP_Red
Woodsdale [Senator] Hightech_TR
Wythern [Senator] Baseball02a
Xandar-Vekta [Senator] Aliksong


A settlement can be called a Town when it reaches Councillor or Mayor.