Solana Beach

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Solana Beach
Solana Beach City Hall seen across the Cardiff River.
Oakbury Flag.png
The official flag of Solana Beach
Town officials
Mayor PaintedBlue
Deputy Mayor Wipeout111
Roadway(s) B209 Shield.png
Water Solana Beach Ferry Terminal
Facts and figures
Founded November 5th 2020
Town rank [Unranked]
World New
MPO Metropolitan North Association
Ward(s) 2

Solana Beach (formerly Oaksbury) is a town in northeastern Zeta owned by PaintedBlue, named after the Californian city by the same name. It is located in Ward 2. The deputy mayor is Wipeout111. The town attempts to serve as an exurban zone to the town of Encinitas above. It currently has 3 buildings, and is the largest city in Sedalia.


On November 5th, 2020, PaintedBlue founded the town of Oaksbury in Ward 2 in hopes of eventually joining the Metropolitan North Association. He set off developing the town and made roads 4 wide in his town for the first time. One day, the user kyyl_ proposed and built the B902 from his town of Encinitas to Crafterboi500's town of San Diego, which had an exit in Solana Beach. On January 6th, 2021, PaintedBlue and Solana Beach were successfully admited into the Metropolitan North Association.




Solana beach has a planned bus network. Not much is known about it at the time


Solana Beach will be linked and connected together by the Solana Beach Metro (styled as M E T R O). There is an under construction stop at the town hall


Solana Beach as seen on the B209


Solana Beach is connected to Encinitas through the B209. The highway is also expected to go to San Diego.


Solana Beach does not have any active air facilities yet. However, the town can be accessed from the nearby Encinitas Joya Airfield. An airfield will be planned should the town reach Senator.