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The Nordica Mystery is the mystery regarding who built Nordica, which is a town off A39 station.

How did this town exist?

In some point during Epsilon, a member built this town. However, time passed and in 2018, RacCort went to this town as part of the AZ Finder project, and according to its entry, it had no data.

In December 2020, TheSubway was trying to build a rail line from Sand to Chillington but this town was in the way. As usual, TheSubway did a block check on this town and it had the same result: no data.

At May 2022, chimata had an interest on trying to figure out the mayor of this town, which led to Nordica Mystery. They figured out how old is it using the clues that are available, and this is where we are on currently.

What are the clues?

The town is in the Epsilon expansion, which rules out any date before December 30, 2016.

Its entry in AZ Finder says "No Data" and it was last updated in October 3, 2018, which rules out any date after June 12, 2018.

Another minor clue is that the tunnel below the river has an ice ceiling.