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Director of bawking
Chicken Picture.png
Location USA
Time zone EDT/UTC-5
Gender Male
Birth date 2004
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor]
Notable projects idk yet
Joined 5/7/18
Accepted 6/30/18
Citizen 7/10/18
Trustee 11/6/18
Councillor 2/12/19
Mayor 5/5/19
Senator eventually
Governor maybe
Premier possibly
Trial Moderator probably not
Moderator very unlikely
Administrator probably won't happen
Supporter 12/8/19
Social networks
Twitter @footechicken
Discord @FooteChicken#8400
Nickname(s) Foote, Foot, Chicken, Bawk


Status color info
    Full access to all services
    Limited MC access, full Discord access
    No MC access, full Discord access
    No MC access, limited Discord access
    No (or very limited) access to everything
    Status subject to frequent changes


I found the server when it was being talked about on Wolvhaven. I joined in April, checked out the server, and then left. In May, SilverBubble messaged me on Discord and asked if I wanted to apply. I applied, and after failing once (i think i misclicked on one of the answers), I passed the test, and was promoted to member. I founded a town at  JN1  on the Jungle Line, and slowly started developing the town a bit more. One day, CaptainObi messaged me on Discord and asked me if I wanted to take over a nearby town at  J0  that he had recently gotten from EliteNeon. I bought the town, which was then known as Upminster and unranked, and slowly built it into today what is known as Bawktown.


The following is a list of everything that is owned or partly managed by me.


These are the towns that I hold a governmental position in.


  • Bawktown
    • Highton/Bawktown North (Bawktown colony)
    • Claimsville (Bawktown colony, its literally just a land grab 500 blocks from bawktown)
  • Metamesa

Deputy Mayor



All franchises are owned by ChickenCorp.


I currently have a home in:

maybe other places too, I don't remember

Creative Stuff

I occasionally make maps of transit networks on the MRT (usually just what I want to make, but I do take requests) and over time have accumulated a nice collection of maps. I also tried to make logos at one point, but I'm just not very good at that unless I already have an idea of what I want to make. Besides this, I also have a few pictures of random trains from my occasional trips; although some of those pictures look very bad and won't be published unless they are of some sort of significance.

My maps Train pictures please note that as of may 21 these links don't work, if they still don't work after june 11th please ping me in discord because i probably forgot to make the pages

edit: it is now 2 weeks past may 21 and i forgot; welp

ill do it if/when i feel like doing it


I own a lot of electronic computing devices (enough that I like to brag about it sometimes) and I want to list them here to make it even more obvious I have an Intel HD 3000 make it easy for people to figure out what I use (the hd 3k is hopefully going to be replaced in a week). To keep my user page somewhat clean, this list only shows my current (and future) devices; a full list will be available here once I make that page. Also, I seem to like getting devices with special extra features that don't come with most devices, which might be partly why I'm so particular with what I get.

Phone (Fxtec pro1, 2019): 6in screen, 128gb storage, 6gb ram, Snapdragon 835, 7-10hr battery life, a headphone jack, good seeming camera, basically the usual besides for the full keyboard (yes)
Owned 2020 -

Chromebook (HP X2, 2018): 13? in screen, 32gb storage, 4gb ram, Intel Core m3 7th gen (which works fine for a chromebook), 6-10hr battery life, no usb-a, front and rear cameras, detachable screen (yes again, i told you i got unusual devices)
Owned 2019 -

Current laptop (Dell Latitude, 2012 model, some specs may not be original): 13? in screen, 128gb ssd, 8gb ram, Intel Core i7 2nd gen, Intel HD 3000 integrated gpu (it runs MC and some light shaders, but the shaders lag), useless battery (always plugged in, only works for ~15 off-wire), single usb-a port, loud fan
Used 2018-2020

Future laptop (Dell Vostro 7590, 2019 model; business version of the Inspiron line): 15 in screen, 512gb ssd, 16gb ram, Intel Core i7 9th gen, GTX 1650 gpu (should run most if not almost all shaders*), 4-10 hr battery life depending on system usage (games are probably 3-5 hr, working is 8-10)*, numpad
Currently ordered, shipping in a few days

  • unconfirmed as I have not been able to test this yet since I have not received the device


If I leave the server for longer than 3 months or am banned, my assets are transferred to the following people. If any of them don't want the asset, it goes to the next person on the list. If no one wants it, it will get auctioned at the next gsm. Please note that the users listed here are subject to change at my own discretion.

  • Bawktown: Johngi > Majatho3 > Imperial_block > Staff
  • Metamesa: metromap_svg > dunno yet, just auction it if we somehow get here
  • Chicken Wings Air: SoaPuffball > mi_aquamarine > KittyCat11231 > Staff
  • Chickenbooks: No one in particular, just give/auction it to someone who can keep the franchise going on their own

List of achievements here