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Director of Kid Icarus
Kawaii Fiork.png
LocationRio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Time zoneGMT -3
Language(s)Native: Portuguese
MRT information
Current rankSenator
Notable projectsMy Preshioz Boy
JoinedSometime in 2016 or 2017
AcceptedJanuary 14, 2019
CitizenJanuary 21 2019
TrusteeFebuary 24 2019
CouncillorMarch 1 2019
MayorSometime in March of 2019
GovernormORE gAteS
PremierAfter i make an airport with many gATeS
Trial ModeratorIdunno
Moderator3 months after Idunno
AdministratorVery long time in the future i guessy guess
Social networks
Nickname(s)Sometimes Fork and Firok
Mumble Logo.png This user prefers Mumble for voice communications.
Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.

Hi i am FiorkG (Related stuff about me: User:FiorkG07/My thoughts on...)

Things o'bout me

Sooooo, i am a talker person and i like minecraft and roblox. Also i like to joke. Datz all folkz huehuehuehuehuehue!

I Like

Ice Cream



My Town(s)

People on MRT




DevyySky (No i am not gay)

I dont like


People who make jokes about me

Epsilonian Republic


Achievement get!
Kiddy boI
Yuo under 13.
Achievement get!
Fiorkistan, Fiorkistan, You are a nais place
You live in Fiorkistan
Achievement get!
A good relationship
Have a good relationship with someone

My History

FiorkG Age

Guest and Pre-Mayor

When i was accepted i've built Southburg. I loved that town. Then i built Valence to fix Southburgish Errors and then.............

The Lost Password

I lost my Password then i can't join for half a month. Also big thenks for Ramona that Donated account to me :D

The New Fiork Age

For know the New Fiork Age, Ask Fiork :|

Town Translations

Some town translations to Portuguese cos wai not

English Portuguese
Example Exemplo
Central City Cidade Central
Hendon Rêndão
Seoland Seolândia
Kenthrust Quentruste
Nippia/Liten Nípia/Litem
Verdantium Verdântio
Rank Resort Resorte dos Títulos
Republic of Epsilon/Zeta República de Epsilon/Zeta
Foresne Forésnia
Loydon Lotônia
Carnoustie Carnóstia
Sansvikk Sansvique
Kleinsburg Cléisburgo