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Hello, I'm LondonThameslink, a guy that goes around and does a lot of redstone work, as well as station work.

This is my page and I'm the mayor of Hendon. I'm also the deputy mayor of Rosemary, over in the west, owned by SubmergedSubway.

From 2016, the MRT has become my home and to be successful, I have now achieved the Senator rank, after being Mayor for nearly 2 years.

I current run a few franchises -> London's Rail and Redstone Workshop, MRT Bowl, London's Superstores and also the Hendon Thameslink warprail company.

By any means, if I'm off on holiday, notice will be given here as to when and how long I'm away for.

By all means now, feel free to ask any questions about Hendon, its rail companies and even history as all questions are answered with correct information.


Right ok, so the Assets page...

If I get permanently banned from the wonderful MRT Server, London's Rail and Redstone Workshop will go to Needn_NL. If Needn doesn't want the company, it will go in this order; Needn, Frosty, RoseKorea (Subsub) and if neither of those want it in that order, I give my permission for it to go for auction.

My warptrain company Hendon Thameslink will go to Frosty first, then if he doesn't want that, Subsub will have the company.

Now, with the Hendon Underground, this will be left in the good capable hands of Needn_NL. Frosty is allowed to take part in this company as well. However, all the track and stations that have been installed by me during my ownership of the network must remain as part of evidence that I did a good job.

Should I be banned indefinitely (this will probably never happen cos I'm too good to be banned), Hendon will go to SubmergedSubway or if she is inactive, to someone who is trustworthy not to change the entirety of the city. It can be requested through the GSM but the person requesting needs to be trustworthy as a lot of the buildings in Hendon are very unique.

That's the assets list and history of myself.