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MHF Exclamation.png
CEO/Founder MHF_Exclamation
Additional Information
What to do Vote for MHF_Exclamation
Parent Company whatever gets the votes
Running for everything
Headquarters the voting station
Main Opponents everyone who is running against MHF_Exclamation
Slogans dont vote for the others
we made our own ads
it isnt stealing its called expressing creativity
-100% original

The MHF_Exclamation campaign is a group to help get MHF_Exclamation elected.

Mhf exclamation1.png
Mhf exclamation2.png
Mhf exclamation3.png
Mhf exclamation4.png
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Mhf exclamation6.png
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Mhf exclamation18.jpg
Mhf exclamation20.png
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Mhf exclamation22.png
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