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Reaching Higher Heights
Corporate Information
CEO nopro988
Other Staff Littlegopher1
Parent Company N/A
Facts and figures
Founded November of 2014
Airline Information
Hubs Riverside Int'l
Alliance SkyTransit Alliance

ArdenAir is an Airline under management by Linden Corp. ArdenAir is based out of the Riverside International Airport. Arden strives for great customer service, punctuality, and safety. Arden flies large fleet with a big variety of plane types. The CEO of ArdenAir is nopro988 and another notable person in the company is Littlegopher1.


Majority of the flights ArdenAir operates are out of Riverside International Airport.

Departure Airport Arrival Airport Flight Number
Riverside International Airport Akane - Ishuzu International Airport AA01
Riverside International Airport Omerah City Airport AA02


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Aircraft Capacity Range Exits Constructor Video Table Wide Long Hight (Tail) Picture