Autonomous Division of Schusterlans

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Autonomous Division of Schusterlans
Town officials
Mayor MegaMC ByteMega - Divisionary: ezzocraft
Deputy Mayor AEhub
MRT  C44 (Station of Rosefield)  
Roadways Maards Street, Rosefield
Facts and figures
Population 0
Town rank Mayor as follows with the Rosefield district of Main Schusterlans
Official language(s) English, Dolanese (fictional)
World New World

Autonomous Division of Schusterlans (Dolanese: Otonomy Schiebelands) is a semi-autonomous district of Schusterlans, with differences of the main district. The government is headed by ByteMega, and deputized by AEhub, although ezzocraft has full rights of the district and so is the divisionary minster technically, to not cause confusion with the admins/mods.


The Autonomous Division has a border with the Rosefield district. The three borders of Rail, Maards, and Walk/Jeepney are controlled by the government but no longer include border control. People can instead be identified by the cameras at each border.

A border is planned with Toshi, and will begin planning as part of the road connection.


The Autonomous Division of Schusterlans has 3 ways of transport: by rail, road, and Jeepney. (a type of bus-like transport in the Philippines, used only in Schusterlans) . Rail is served by the semi-abandoned Woodlands using the Woodlands shuttle, which also links to Armalans. the road is served by Maards Street, and Jeepney is served by the station checkpoint. A road connection is planned to Toshi when Toshi is recognized as a town by the Server.


Roads are the main type of transport in Autonomous Schusterlans and is prioritized by the autonomous government for transport plans. Route 9 is the first and currently only highway in Autonomous Schusterlans, beginning with a 1-lane bi-directional road, and then turns to the 2+1 stage. When it comes near Maards/Main Street, it turns turn to a 4-lane dual carriage way road with a exit to the planned Toshi road (Route 9A / B ???). This weird road system is for prioritization of people by organizing in advance whenever they're going through the bridgeway or continue on Route 9. Route 9 is also the first and only highway and 2+1 road in both Autonomous Schusterlans and all other districts of Schusterlans. This highway continues over the Schusterlans-Toshi canal as a bridge, then turns left to continue as Route 61 in the district of Rosefield of Schusterlans.

Bridges and Tunnels

Currently, 2 bridges are constructed, which are:

- the Ezzo Bypass Bridgeway (Dolanese: aezo baipass bregeway), a 2-lane road connecting Maards to the border directly. Vehicles which can't handle the bridge can go to Route 9 to bypass the bridge.

- Canal Bridge, a 4-laned bridge qualified for all types of vehicles, and then continues as Route 61 in the district of Rosefield of Schusterlans after passing the disused Port interchange.

It is unknown if other tunnels or bridges will be built.


Rail is currently open to inter-city services within district law, although there might be a plan there. The Woodlands/Wodenlans shuttle services a two-rail service to Armalans and then Schusterlans staiton.


These are the builds counted in Autonomous Schusterlans. Please note this might be different from the rank count and/or the main government's count.

Customs and Borders


Please note these are not normally counted as buildings in other counts.


- Woodlands Interdistrict Shuttle


- Route 9 / Toshi / GC interchange

- Ezzo Bypass Bridgeway

- Canal Bridge

- (Disused) Port Interchange


- CreeperCola - Diemundz

Governmental Buildings

- Gov't Centre


Coming soon...