Epsilonian Republic/Epsilon Seaways Act

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Creating and Defining a national boat company

I - Definition

  1. EpsilonSeaways Group is a public run organization owned by the Republic of Epsilon and managed by the Ministry of Transport's Department of Sea. It is a publicly owned and run organization and does not have a CEO.
  2. The Epsilon Seaways Group is an alliance between passenger ferry/ship/boat companies and passenger seaplane services who agree to join the group.
  3. The Epsilon Seaways Group shall have the ability to buy spaces for boats from ports/marinas and give them for free to its members on the conditions that they:
    1. Occupy the space with the specified vehicle within 30 days,
    2. Do not operate a route between two towns already served by another Epsilon Seaways Group member,
    3. Do not give the space to any other company or person, inside or outside the Epsilon Seaways Group, and
    4. Return the space to the Epsilon Seaways Group upon vacation of the space, removal/leaving of the group or violation of the above terms.

II - Members

  1. Any company willing to join the Epsilon Seaways Group must:
    1. Already operate routes between a minimum of 3 ports, and
    2. Not have joined the group before and been removed due to a violation of terms.
    3. Not have an owner who has joined the group before with this or a different company and has been removed due to a violation of terms.
    4. Have an owner in the Epsilon Republic.
  2. The Epsilon Seaways Group reserves the right to remove any member from the group due to a violation of services.
  3. Any boat/ship/seaplane space bought by a member is owned by the group as a whole, however they can use it straightaway.

III - Audit

  1. The Epsilon Seaways Group must keep a running audit of each space owned by the company, its members, its banned members, the owners of the member companies and the current owners and routes run from each space. This must be updated at least monthly.

IV - Legal Responsibilities

  1. The person who currently owns the space is responsible for any requirements made by the port owner, and must return the space to them if requested.


The act itself, which was originally proposed by Berncow and Johngi, became law on March 24th, 2020. Its identification ID is ER-25A.