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Alert.png Note: This wiki page will no longer be maintained as of May 21, 2020. Please check out for all timely and accurate news about aviation on the MRT. Alert.png

MRT Aviation News is a news agency that aims to provide viewers with updated and timely information on aviation matters on the MRT. It is owned by Airplaneguy9


Lunaria takes order of Subway SI-A-300
On January 13, Lunaria, an airline based in planned Zeta city Wenyanga took delivery of its first medium-haul aircraft, the SI-A-300. The airline will use them for its planned Fort Yaxier - Chan Bay route. The first aircraft, WG-LCA, rolled out on January 14.

MRTHS Air and OLA's fleet registrated
All aircraft in the airlines of MRTHS Air and Oceanic Langus Airways have had signs at the back of their aircraft bearing the aircraft registration. MRTHS Air has been assigned CO- registrations, and OLA has been assigned SE- registrations for its aircraft.

Carnoustie Airport closed due to flooding
On January 5, Hurricane Obi made landfall on Carnoustie. While the city wasn't affected that much, the airport was completed battered and flooded by the storm. Water rose up to 3 blocks as planes were stranded and submerged. Over the next three days, close to 800 flights were diverted or cancelled. Mayor CaptainObi, with help from mods, cleaned up the mess. The first flight to take off after the airport was reopened on January 8 was a MRTHS Air flight to Deadbush's Foxfoe Airport.

BluAir joins SkyTransit
BluAir, the largest airline on the server, has joined the famed SkyTransit. CEO hvt2011 said that "We are proud to be working with SkyTransit, and we would like to thank our customers for flying BluAir". The announcement came hours after a #NukeHendon group delayed a BluAir flight at Creeperville on January 13, threatening to blow the aircraft up over Hendon.

OneBlock Alliance founded
On January 12, Airplaneguy9 founded the OneBlock Alliance. This was the first multiserver alliance, featuring airlines from another geopolitical server. Members from the MRT include Lunaria, ForesneAir, Sans Air and Takeshi Air.

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