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Martyn's Money Bank

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Martyn's Money Bank
CEO/Founder godzilltrain
Headquarters Marblegate
Parent Company Godz Holdings


Martyn's Money Bank is a franchise on the server made by godzilltrain. The main blocks in it are cyan stained clay walls, birch flooring and fences. Outside the store, Cash Withdrawal Machines (also known as Hole in the Walls) are available for quick and easy EnderChest access. The current available models are one for a straight road and one for a corner:



In addition to Banks, Exchange Services are available for airports. These are done custom each time and pricing is in accordance with the custom pricing of regular banks.

Models available

The current available models are:

Straight Road Bank
Dimensions: 11 wide by 11 back by 7 high
Cost: $10
Corner Bank
Dimensions: 11 wide by 11 back by 7 high
Cost: $10
Custom models are also available

Ordering A Store

To have your own Martyn's Money Bank, you can either choose a world-edited one or a custom store. For a world-edited one, simply ask a mod for a copy/paste from one of the stores in godzilltrain's lab located at (1700,56,-1263) in the lab world. Sponge points have been provided for your convenience.

For a custom store, contact godzilltrain. The cost is equal to the sum of the width, height and length of the plot minus 10 (for instance if the shop's plot is 11 wide by 13 back by 8 high, the cost will be 11 + 13 + 8 - 10 = $22).