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Rank Resort is a rank based resort run by megascatterbomb. It is located on the Lakeshore Line at  L14 . Contact megascatterbomb for more information on how to claim a room.


Trustee Tower

Under Construction.

Room Listings

Councillor Cabins

The Councillor Cabins are for [Councillor]s, and are just south of the Senator Skyscraper. The wood from the forest that existed there was used to build the cabins, but terrorist attacks from environmentalists have caused a jungle to grow around the cabins.

Room Listings

Mayor Motel

The Mayor Motel is for [Mayor]s and can be identified as the building with blue and white striping on the outside. There are two seperate segments, each containing 40 rooms.

Room Listings

Senator Skyscraper

The Senator Skyscraper is for [Senator]s and is the building that is over the MRT tracks.

Room Listings

Admod Attic

On top of the Senator Skyscraper is the Admod Attic. There, you can find many of the staff members going about their daily lives, like hvt2011 playing Dance Dance Revolution A.

Governor Gazebo

The Governor Gazebo is for [Governor]s and can be identified as the dark oak building that looks like a gazebo.

Room Listings

Premier Penthouse

The Premier Penthouse is for  [Premier] s and is located on top of the Trustee Tower.

Room Listings