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Usertime's Current Time
7:43 am, June 8, 2023 UTC

This template allows you to add a clock showing your current, local time to your userpage. It will display the same for all users, instead of reformatting it based off of your user preferences.


Param Name Usage Default Example
timezone Sets the timezone that you are in. Must be either 3 letter code, all caps, or a UTC+/-XX:XX. UTC {{usertime|timezone=PST}}
username-override Overrides the auto-detected username, in case it is not up to date or is for some other reason is not working. Your User Page's Name {{usertime|username-override=Minecrafter_11}}
Used to override the default colors of the box. Must be in hex format (#ffffff). #00ff3b
Used to override the default colors for the title and the time output. Must be in a format that {{color}} accepts black


Unfortunatly, the wiki doesn't like to display a template on its own page...you will have to visit the demo subpage to see it in action. Demo Page