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Note: This article is for satire made by Purrcat2010. If you are looking for actual MRT News, go to this page: Cattington Action News Now


The Malachite is a totally reliable news source made by Purrcat2010. It is a part of the Malachite Group sub-company, Malchite Brodcasting. It currently has no other staff. It is currently looking for staff. If you have any ideas for a story, leave them in the discussion page, /mail Purrcat2010, tell Purrcat2010 in-game, or PM him on Discord.

Mission Statement

The Malachite makes quality satirical news that has content that is considered morally right. If you have an idea for a story that contradicts this mission statement, I will not accept it.

News Stories

King of SKoC Sighs With Relief Over BNN! Issue


By Purrcat2010

The most recent personal conflict that His Highness, King Purr Cat III (AKA Purrcat2010) of the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington has been resolved with much relief from him. However, relations with the City State of Kitania are still sour. In fact, according to a recent poll, 90% of the population in the SKoC have either neutral or negative feelings towards the CSoK. The main reason for the wide hate in the SKoC towards the CKoC are the numerous human rights violation that the CSoK are infamous for, the most recent being the CSoK killing a Cattingtonian Police Officer for "Just doing his job and following my orders" as King Purrcat2010 puts it. When asked to comment, King Purrcat2010 said, "The City State of Kitania needs to clean up it's act, with force if all peaceful options have been exhausted, which is close to happening."

Man Arrested For Insulting SKoC Govt/NPOTM


By Purrcat2010

Yesterday, a man named Yittik Tacip, a Kitanian immigrant now citizen of SKoC, had been arrested for Criminal Defamation of SKoC Government and the Nature Protecters of the MRT. The man told police that he worked as a minor reporter for BNN!. The police then knew this was the man they were looking for. His fair, speedy, and public trial began today at the Cattington Courthouse. If found guilty of both charges by the jury, which three of the members include Purrcat2010, Needn_NL, and LithiuMirnuriX, he faces up to 30 years in prison.

Early Malachite Stories Found to be True


By Purrcat2010

The Socialist Kingdom of Cattington had issued a study on The Malachite. They found that information contained in the first two stories are actually true. This means that The Malachite was originally a real news source before it turned to satire. If the SKoC is correct, then that means that the Nature Protecters of the MRT are really a harmless organization, and that the “terrorist acts” reported by other newsnets are fictious.

New Species Discovered by SCoK Scientists


By Purrcat2010

A new plant-like species has been discovered outside of MojangChan's town of Dekuville. Scientists have named the species Ukeds (Homo Ukedus in Latin). The scientists have learned that the strange creatures came through a portal near Dekuville, the portal is expected to close at the end of December. The scientists wanted to continue to study the species, but a Uked tried to attack one of the scientists with a seed projectile. The scientists hope to study the species further. The king of the SCoK has asked the scientists personally to report their findings through The Malachite.

Protest Against Mass Clearing of Trees in Cattington


By Purrcat2010

In the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington main city of Cattington, a mass clearing of trees occured. The large number of trees were removed to allow for better views from the Camp Cat Peak lookout tower. As the king of the SKoC put it, “It’s for the good of the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington.” Despite this publicly released comment, environmental group protesters gathered outside of the entrance to Camp Cat Peak. Like the protests from about two weeks before, they got intense at a few times during the course of the protests. They did not turn violent at any point.

B846 Approved at Recent GSM Despite Controversy


By Purrcat2010

The B846, a road proposed by Purrcat2010, has been accepted at the September 2018 GSM. However, there have been protests in Cattington organized by several environmental groups including, but not limited to the Nature Protecters of the MRT and the MRT Green Party. The protests have recently ended, a Cattington Armed Police Officer told The Malachite that while the protest got intense several times during the course of it, not at any point did they turn violent. Construction has begun on the newly approved B846.

King of SKoC Pardons Nature Protecters of the MRT

By Purrcat2010


The king of the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington has issued an official pardon to the Nature Protecters of the MRT. The environmental organization founded by Purrcat2010 and currently led by Needn_NL has received suspicion from several nations on the MRT including the SKoC that it had terrorist intentions. However, a recently established news company called The Malachite interviewed NPOTM Head Publicist Purrcat2010 and found that it had no terrorist intentions at all. The king soon heard about this and issued official pardons to all current NPOTM members. When asked to comment, the king said, “ The NPOTM has and never will do anything wrong such as terrorism and I hope that other nations that have had suspicions about them also issue pardons to this harmless organization soon like the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington did.”

The Truth About the MRT Greener Party: An Interview

By Purrcat2010


The Malachite did an exclusive interview with the ex-leader, Purrcat2010 of the MRT Greener Party


M=The Malachite

M: Has the MRT Greener Party always been called this?

P: No, in fact, it was never called the MRT Greener Party. It is actually called the Nature Protecters of the MRT (NPOTM for short).

M: Did the NPOTM ever do any terrorist acts as rumored by other news nets?

P: No, this is entirely false, our advocations for environmental change on the MRT are done in a moral manner.

M: What really happened with the sudden increase in jungle trees at the Rank Resort?

P: What really happened was that we had a cargo plane transporting a prototype for a new liquid fertilizer made from water, bonemeal, and nitrogen. A build up of pressure caused the containers carrying the fertilizer ruptured and spilled onto the rank resort, causing a rapid growth of jungle trees.

M: Who currently leads the NPOTM?

P: Needn_NL, he was once the Head Publicist for the NPOTM.

M: Who is the new Head Publicist?

P: Me

M: As Head Publicist, what do you do exactly?

P: I basically spread the word about the NPOTM and try to recruit new members.

M: Is the NPOTM currently recruiting?

P: Yes, we are always recruiting.

M: Where. can I find out more about the NPOTM?

P: On the NPOTM’s MRT wiki page.

Interview over