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I am a weird guy on the MRT server.

EdwardIII's Current Time
9:13 pm, April 19, 2019 CDT
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you are a boi
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Receive the rank of  Member .
Tsar Edward III of Blagovka
Location USA
Language(s) English, and Russian that is so bad your better off asking this guy instead
Gender Male
Birth date Feb 4
MRT Information
Current rank Member
Notable projects failures
Joined December 2, 2018
Accepted December 16, 2018 (after a long battle with Frumple)
Citizen maybe
Trustee maybe
Councillor maybe
Mayor maybe
Senator maybe
Governor not on your life you user
Premier no no no no
Moderator When my grandma touches a hair
Administrator You traitorous spawn!
Supporter maybe
Social networks
Discord @AwesomeKing50000
Nickname(s) Edward, Edward the Third


Q: Where is your username from?

A: I named myself after an English king named Edward III who died when he was 64. (My grandpa is older then that)

He transformed England into a military power. That's all you need to know about this guy.

Q: How did you join?

A: I was searching for "Minecraft metro maps" when I stumbled upon a map of the the Birdhall Metro. So I clicked on the link, and I found the wiki. I became hyped about the server and wanted to get a gaming computer so I could play, so I got one, and I started playing!



Blagovka should go to Willowars. If he says no, any person can come up and claim it (that means you Neptune)