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I will steal your gates
Time zoneUTC +8
Language(s)English, Español
MRT information
Current rankGovernor
JoinedSeptember 2015
Acceptedsomehow I was able to get mayor by november 2016
Citizenbut I was told I got accepted in october 2016
Trusteedespite getting vetoed once
Councillorand having to pass a whole 5 ranks to make a new town
Mayorwhich was made on nov 4th 2016
Social networks

Me and my MRT life

get rekt bitches I removed my super long bolded introduction that was cringy af, the one that everyone seemed to poke at lol


I'm not gonna bother to write in this...........

My Will

Titsensaki: PlactoCabbage, ModernArt

Instant Ribbits: PlactoCabbage, ModernArt

Shares in NewEnterprise: ModernArt, i____7d (split)

Crossfern: BernCow, Johngi

Las Playas: ModernArt, fork_07

All other things: PlactoCabbage

If I get temp-banned, they will go to the people first on the list. If I get perma-banned, PlactoCabbage will not be included on my will as he is my brother.

Signature: --frogggggg 13:06, 14 May 2018 (UTC)