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Director of Planes
Location New York, United States of America
Time zone Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5:00)
Language(s) English, Russian, Italian(Little bit)
Gender Male
Birth date May 2nd
MRT Information
Current rank Senator+
Notable projects Towns:
Spruce Neck, Heampstead, Copperport, Hanamura
Manukau Transport, Melon Shop, iMorgan, Royal Cars, Mike's Fresh Produce
Joined December 2015
Accepted Jan. 10, 2016
Citizen Jan. 17, 2016
Trustee Jan. 31, 2016
Councillor Feb. 14, 2016
Mayor Feb. 28, 2016
Senator Aug. 13, 2016
Governor Possibly...
Premier Maybe sometime...
Moderator Yeah I wish...
Administrator You're joking, right?..
Supporter February 1st, 2017
Social networks
Steam MikeRoma
Discord MikeRoma#9810
Nickname(s) Derpy, Melon, Mike, Roma
Previous Name(s) Derpy_Melon, MeloNaeNae, Derp_Pumpkin



Hello! I am MikeRoma, formerly known as Derpy_Melon. I currently have 4 cities on the MRT: Spruce Neck, Heampstead, Copperport, and Hanamura. I joined the MRT server in December 2015 and was promoted to Member in January the next year. Right now, I am a [Senator+].

How I Found the MRT

The way I found this server is actually pretty surprising. One day, I was looking for modded servers with TrainCraft and then MRT came up first on google. So I gave it a shot and right as I joined, I felt very welcome. Almost everyone was nice to me and eager to show me around the server. The community made a good first impression on me and I decided to stay.

Time As A Guest

I explored many places on the MRT server as a guest. I warped to the Premier warps at spawn, took station warps, and teleported to random people to see what kind of cities people built on the server. Some towns I spent a lot of time in are BirchView, Phos City, and Whitechapel.

Town Ranks

After reciving the rank of Member, I quickly sped through the non-city ranks. I got all of them on the day that I was eligible for them. I was proud of Spruce Neck back then, but that was before Heampstead and Copperport. During this time period, I got a double warning for griefing and was demoted to Member for 2 months. After I was repromoted, I founded Heampstead and started working on it nonstop. Soon after that, I applied for Senator.

City Ranks

I got Senator after 2 tries, failing my first attempt didn't discourage me, so I kept on going. After getting Spruce Neck to Senator, I returned to Heampstead. It expanded at insane rates. When it got the Senator rank, Kings Cross was pasted, and Heampstead kept on growing. During this time I also founded Copperport, but that did not last long as I soon stopped working on it.

Current Time

As you read this, I am currently working hard towards Governor. Endless terraforming in Heampstead, more buildings being built, parks being made...But it will be worth it...If I get Governor that is.

Companies I Own/Co-Own

Melon Shop

Main Article: Melon Shop
This was my first ever franchise, created when a friend from the MRT, p11 (Now Retnol), wanted a store in a mall at his town. At that point, Melon Shop was created. However, after 59 locations, I stopped working on it.


Main Article: IMorgan
This was a second franchise I made. It was a tech store and the inspiration behind it was seeing a lot of maps on the MRT with Gordon Freeman's face on them. Just like Melon Shop, I soon stopped making them.

Royal Cars

Main Article: Royal Cars
This is the only store-type franchise that I still sell to players. It is a car dealership and the design was based off of a build I saw on a different server. It was made when I was pasting a dealership in Heampstead and while pasting it, jphgolf4321 wanted one for himself and suggested turning it into a franchise.

Manukau Trains

Main Article: Manukau Trains
Manukau Trains is a division of Manukau Transport which I own 50% of; the other 50% is owned by Frontier Group. This company builds stations around the MRT to provide fast and clean warp train transportation between towns.

Mike's Fresh Produce

Main Article: Mike's Fresh Produce
This is my newest franchise and was founded in August of 2017. This store sells fresh produce which comes straight from a farm in Heampstead! Everything is organic and is priced relatively cheap.

Heampstead Air / Heampstead Charter

Main Article (Heampstead Air): Heampstead Air
Main Article (Heampstead Charter): Heampstead Charter
Heampstead Air and Heampstead Charter are my two largest companies that I completley own. Heampstead Air is an airline company that used to be called Derpy Air. Heampstead Charter is a helicopter company on the server that has all of it's flights going to Heampstead Heliport. Both are tied together.


Main Article: CartoGraphics
CartoGraphics is a graphic design company that I run on the MRT. I make maps, logos, and once in a while I make renders.