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Location Europe
Time zone CEST (UTC+2)
Language(s) English
Gender Female
MRT information
Current rank Mayor
Notable projects Whitecliff
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Citizen Date you were promoted to Citizen (Mayor Pre-Gamma).
Trustee Date you were promoted to Trustee (Trusted Pre-Gamma).
Councillor Date you were promoted to Councillor.
Mayor Date you were promoted to Mayor.
Supporter Date you made a financial contribution (not the day you received your benefits and + tag)
Social networks
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Nickname(s) Pine, Amber
Previous name(s) PineapplePerv






PamelaJacosqui and I share a joint pavings venture, Pam & Pine's Pavings. We can be contracted to build roads both in towns and as major connecting pathways between cities. We are not responsible for planning permission.