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User:SoaPuffball/Broadcast Incident

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This is the log of the Broadcast incident that happpened about 4:55 AM GMT.

[Broadcast] wheres the lamb SAUCE>>
[Mayor+] ModernArt: in the kitchen
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: broadcast are you aliksong?
[Governor] _crepper_: the lamb is still raw
[Mayor+] ModernArt: in the toilet
[Mayor+] hvt2011: down the sink
[Broadcast] I am me, and me is I
[Broadcast] [tsacdaorB]
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: broadcast stahp
[Mayor+] ModernArt: tsac
[Mod] Aliksong: dank
[Mayor+] ModernArt: doar
[Mod] jphgolf4321: broadcast go home
[Broadcast] no on [tsacdaorB]
[Mod] jphgolf4321: yer drunk
[Broadcast] you can't tell me what to do peasant
[Mayor+] ModernArt: gg
[Mod] jphgolf4321: but i can be you if I want to *****
[Mod] jphgolf4321: * ******
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: broadcast stop
[Broadcast] but i can tell you what to do. .od ot tahw uoy llet nac I tub [tsacdaorB]
[Mayor+] ModernArt: SoaPuffball it's a mod dw
[Mayor] j_universe0: how are you doing that
[Broadcast] oh is it
[Mayor+] ModernArt: but I can tell you waht to do.
[Mod] jphgolf4321: bbl
[Broadcast] doing what? ?tahw gnoid [tsacdaorB]
[Mayor+] ModernArt: 'bbl'
[Mayor+] ModernArt: broadcast didn't say that
[Mayor+] ModernArt: or order jph to say that
jphgolf4321 left the game.
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: this is getting crazier reizarc gnitteg si siht :llabffuPaoS [nezitiC]
[Mayor+] hvt2011: wai no color?
[Brrroadcast] nice colour matching. .gnihctam ruoloc ecin [tacdaorB]
[Mayor+] ModernArt: this is getting crazier reizarc gnitteg si siht trAnredoM [+royaM]
[Broadcast] everything changed when the fire nation attacked
[Mayor+] ModernArt: ants canada
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: that fire nation is you and your lamb sauce broadcast
[Broadcast] i need
[Mayor+] ModernArt: alik there is no barbeque in that lamb so i drop ou
[Broadcast] a hero
[Mayor+] ModernArt: the lamb SAUCE
[Mayor+] hvt2011:: milk
AlikSong left the game.
[Mayor] j_universe: the conflict is escalating
[Mayor+] ModernArt: broadcast doesnt respond cause alik isn't here
[Mayor] hvt2011: the conflict has died
[Broadcast] is this the real life
[Mayor] j_universe0: gtg, be back tomorrow
[Mayor+] hvt2011: the conflict has not died
[Mayor+] ModernArt: it's either narn or godzill who's trying to be alik :
[Mayor+] ModernArt: :P
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: now who *** **** is on brooadcast?
[Mayor] j_universe0: cya
[Broadcast] caught in a landslide, no escape from reality
[Mayor+] ModernArt: no escape from canalreality
[Mayor] j_universe0: lol
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: alik i bett you just /vanished
[Mayor] j_universe0: bye
[Broadcast] can I not be on 2 servers at once?
[Mayor] SilverBubble: nope
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: yup
[Trial Mod] godziltrain: yes
[Mayor+] hvt2011: i mean
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: you cant broadcast
*Broadcast kicks SoaPuffball and possibly the others for "you are wrong"*
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: *laughs*
[Mayor+] ModernArt:fake laugh
[Broadcast] I am the walrus, cu-ckoo a choo
[Mayor+] hvt211: i think its narnia
[Mod] Narnia17: anyways, imma go to bed
[Mayor+] hvt2011: bai
[Mayor] SilverBubble: oh
[Governor] _crepper_: byee
[Mod] Narnia17: I apologize for all the broadcast trolling :P
Narnia17 left the game.
[Mayor+] ModernArt: oh wow
[Governor] _crepper_: xD
[Mayor+] hvt2011: told ya
[Mayor+] hvt2011: wasn't alik
[Mayor] SilverBubble: narn is the illuminati
[Mayor+] ModernArt: based in texas
[Mayor+] ModernArt: hmm