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Resident coffee addict.
Founder of various franchises, ParticleDepot, Foxtrot, Storalisburg, Borealia, Monte Isola, Storalia & OwlTech.
Mayor of Storalisburg & Woodsbane.
Deputy Mayor of St. Anna, Rosemont, Glenbrook, Valemount & Spring Valley.
Vulpicula profile icon.jpg
Location Canada
Time zone GMT-8
Language(s) English
Gender Yes
MRT Information
Current rank Senator+
Joined September 5th 2015
Accepted September 8th 2015
Citizen September 15th 2015
Trustee October 5th 2015
Councillor November 4th 2015
Mayor November 18th 2015
Senator February 14th 2016
Supporter January 7th 2017
Social networks

Hey! Welcome to my user page. Please feel free to leave a message on the discussion page, I'll try and read it as soon as I can.

Aside from that, there's not much to know about me. I build sporadically and I am online usually at least three times a week, unless I found a new game, or am just extremely busy.

I should also say that I love to paint the wiki green. (Green meaning adding content to it, increasing the page size.)

If you're looking for my music page, it's here.


  • Get Borealia to Mayor.
  • Put a franchise in the spare space at C94
  • Rebuild Station Road.
  • Get Monte Isola to Senator.