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Trains to Tech
CEO/Founder Allifarki
Deputy Manager Still looking for one
Headquarters AlliCorp Tower, Birch Forest City
Date Founded 30 August, 2014
Alert.png Current News:
AlliCorp will be shutting down and only certain franchises will be transferred to the new EasternCorp.
If you would like an AlliFoods or AlliTech you've got until 2 May 2016 to tell me. I will not be accepting order for those franchises after 5pm GMT that day unless you've spoken to me before-hand. However, EasternCorp will have brand-new franchises better than AlliCorp.
You guys have been amazing supporting me through my journey since 2014. I just cannot believe I have reached 64 stores on AlliFoods. However, I have shut this business down as I am experiencing financial issues. But there is not a word I can say about you guys, you've been great supporting my journey through the business world.
Thanks, Allifarki CEO of AlliCorp


AlliFoods, bringing it from our farms to your fork everyday. AlliFoods is currently on a growth spurt all over the server inculding Airchester, Kenthurst, Armada and Ellesume. If you would like a store please talk to the CEO Allifarki.


Advanced tech in your hands for small prices and the thought of knowing you have a piece of tech that no other store has.AlliTech's number of stores are small at the moment due to the fact that new tech is being invented but in October we shall be offering them for cheap prices! Please buy one of these stores by speaking to Allifarki.

Custom = $17.50

Small = $15.00

Medium = $25.00

Large = $30.00

Superstore = $45.00

Our Products

AlliPhone 1GH = $12.00

AlliPhone 1G+ = $20.00

AlliPhone 2GH = $59.00

AlliPhone 2G+ = $66.00

AlliPhone 3G = $110.00

AlliPhone 3S = $140.00

AlliPhone 4S = $175.00

AlliPhone 4C = $181.00

AlliPhone 5S = $190.00

AlliPhone 5C = $210.00

AlliPhone 6+ = $240.00

Pad1.0 = $76.00

Pad3Z = $150.00

Pad4X = $170.00

Pad5 Mini = $175.00

Pad5+ = $200.00

Pad6 Mini = $190.00

Pad6+ = $250.00

Pad7 Mini = $220.00

Pad7+ (NEW PRODUCT) = $298.00



AlliNews bringing you news to the nation! AlliNews is a independent news channel which soon will do weekly updates of interviews and news stories from across the MRT. The first episode is planned in late January 2016 when I shall be joined by another reporter. Thank KuchenKenta for our new studio and HQ in his town.

Eastern Western Trains

High Speed Travel from A to B.Eastern Western Trains services will start in 2016 and shall use the latest high speed technology to make a high speed line. One of the lines planned was Marblegate to Nippia which would only take 8.20 minutes stopping at Ellesume Central on the way. More shall be said about this part of the corporation when the first lines open. This high speed line will use ChimeRail Technology by KuchenKenta.


Managing your highways across the MRT.AlliHighways have just started up again after a six month break and are now working on the new world on the Lopaia Highways. We are currently working on LH-1 which shall run from Lopaia City Centre to Ellesume and down to Florensia. It is not supposed to be a highway but it shall still be a dual carridgeway.


Owned by AlliCorps and operated by Arrivé Bus Lines, shall connect Ellesume to the East.


The AlliCorp tower in Birch Forest City