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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png

The Kingdom of Cremona is a European-based city-state that is a member of the Epsilonian Republic. It is currently the second largest city in the republic and is rapidly growing. The city is comprised of multiple wards, most notably Capitol Square, midtown, uptown, and the newer downtown area.


Cremona is a corporation friendly city, boasting home to a large variety of franchises with locations across the world. In addition to locally based companies, Cremona is also a hub to transit and financial organizations who are looking to expand into the southeastern sector. The city council hope to soon bring manufacturing to Cremona, as currently it only houses information technology and financial conglomerates.

Cremona-based Corporations

Company name Home city Number of locations
New Hanson Coffee Co Cremona 20+
McDonalds Cremona 6
Yokushi Robata Cremona 7
Taco Bell Cremona 6
Magellan Books Cremona 1

Franchises located in Cremona

Franchise name Owner District
Tacurger Shack soapuffball Capital Square
Comet Cafe soapuffball Capital Square (west)
Comet Cafe soapuffball Capital Square (east)
FunTime Arcade nktrain Capital Square
Magellan Books Ramona Capital Square
Yokushi Robata Ramona Dockworks
Crimson Rose Nightclub Ramona Dockworks
Cremona Night Market Ramona Dockworks

Skyscrapers in Cremona

Cremona is home to a fair number of towers, most serving as headquarters for companies based in the city. There are, however, a growing number of residential towers in Capital Square and the downtown areas as the city grows.

Building name Height District
The Murray at Capital Square 180 meters Capital Square
The Spire 176 meters Downtown
Bank of Cremona Tower 172 meters Capital Square
Lewisville Tower 164 meters Downtown
National Bank of Epsilon 162 meters Downtown
Gerard Tower 157 meters Capital Square
Morris & Baker Building 156 meters Capital Square
The Dolos Building 154 meters Downtown
Airstar Airways Building 154 meters Downtown
New Hanson Coffee Corporate HQ 151 meters Capital Square
One Lotus Tower 148 meters Capital Square
The Icon Apartments at Midtown 134 meters Midtown
Two Lotus Tower 122 meters Capital Square