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MRT Eastern Line
Eastern Line logo.png
RouteKleinsburg to Marisol via Nymphalia and Airchester
Number of stations100
Players involved
Main builderchiefbozx: Original section ( EN1  -  EN8 )
just_robinho: Original section and Eastern South Extension ( E0  -  ES26 )
AP_Red: Eastern North Extension ( EN9  -  EN37 )
Vulpicula: Eastern South Extension 2  ES26  -  ES37 
sesese9: Eastern South Extension 2 ( ES37  -  ES41 )
Mojang1014: Eastern North Extension 2 ( EN38  -  EN51 )
Kr4ka & _crepper_: Eastern South Extension 3 ( ES41  -  ES47 )
Additional builderssoso123, Frosty_Creeper10 & SoaPuffball: Exits on Eastern North Extension
Needn_NL: Eastern South Extension
StationMRT v5

The MRT Eastern Line, or simply the Eastern Line, is one of the 22 lines of the New World MRT System and one of the 11 additional New World MRT lines.


The Eastern Line was first mentioned in the New World MRT plans in August 2014. The route it took according to the plan is the southeastern corner with transfers to Island, Southern, MRT Plains Line, MRT Valley Line and MRT Forest Line to northeastern corner via the eastern regions, and was colored green. Later, it was recolored to lime, with green being used for MRT Plains Line. Additionally, the route is slightly adjusted in the southeast, instead terminating at a terminal with transfers to Plains and Island Lines.

In the January 2015 GSM, just_robinho and chiefbozx started building the Eastern Line. Chief was leading the part of C20/XE22 and up, while Robin was leading the southern part to P29. The stations in the initial part of the Eastern Line (between the Circle Line and Plains Line interchanges) were labeled EC#, standing for Eastern Central. Construction on Eastern Line started in late January 2015 and finished about 2-3 months later.

In Frumple's Epsilon MRT plans at the May 2017 GSM, Eastern North would be simply extended to the northeast with a transfer to the far east line, now called Jungle Line and Eastern South would be extended to meet at an terminus where MRT Southern Line and the far east line terminates.

After the parts until EN9 were done, ENX was built and remained isolated until 2017. In 2017, AP_Red proposed an extension of the Eastern Line north up to Verdantium, where ENX was renumbered to EN12. The part was opened after the October 2017 GSM.

At the March 2020 GSM, Vulpicula proposed the ESX extension to extend the Eastern down to Arcadia and connect to the MRT Southern Line.

In the Zeta MRT plans by Frumple at April 2020, instead of Eastern South going to Arcadia as originally proposed, it would instead go to the southeastern corner, meeting at a grand junction with Southern and Jungle Lines, like the MRT line plan posted during Epsilon, and either Eastern North or Jungle North would be chosen to cross the Northern Ocean, before ending in northern Zeta.

However, Vulpicula only completed the extension up to EN36 and the long underwater section leading to EN37 when he departed from staff in July 2021. sesese9 took over construction of ESX and completed the extension in November 2021, where it opened, with Needn_NL proving assistance.

In Janaury 2022 GSM, Mojang1014 was approved to extend Eastern North to Kleinsburg with a provision mentioned in the plan to extend it to Biwabik. The extension opened in January 2022 ISM, following "roughly a week of Mojangitis-fueled construction", mentioned in the announcement announcing the completion of the extension.

At the October 2022 GSM, a proposal to extend Eastern South to Marisol was approved. The extension was built by Kr4ka and _crepper_ with __7d as the sponsor. It opened in October 2022 ISM.

In the Zeta MRT plans by Frumple at November 2022, it would serve East New Brazil and Marisol then it would have 2 possible alignments, each meeting at different points on MRT Union Line. The final MRT line plan instead has 3 different possible alignments terminating at different points on MRT Union Line.


Eastern Line
 J  EN31
 J  EN30
 J   N EN29
 N EN28
 N EN27
 N EN26
Mountain View
 C   X  E0
 C  ES1
 C  ES2
 C  ES3
 C  Sesby
 F  Easest
 P  ES17
 P  ES18
 P  ES19
 P  ES21
 P  ES22
 P  ES23

The Eastern Line runs from Kleinsburg to Marisol via the Premier city of Airchester. The current travel duration for the line's entire length is approximately 180 minutes.

Eastern North Extension 2

The tracks of Eastern Line just north of EN37 station.

The line starts at Kleinsburg, where it remains underground before ascending to a viaduct before EN51 station. The style in this extension is distinguished by the use of daylight detectors along the route and quartz sides. Its columns are made out of quartz and lime concrete with redstone lamps located near the bottom of the viaduct and its tunnels are made of quartz with lime lines across the wall and floor, and the top of the tunnel is rounded, with oxidized copper and iron trapdoors near the center and redstone lamps along regular intervals, but in underwater segments, it is instead made out of glass.

It then goes across forest biomes in MNA region. From just west of U26 to EN49, the line parallels MRT Union Line. On the way south, it passes through Beachview, going underground under the mountain and roofed forest biome, passing through Halloumi, before ascending again and crossing a canal connecting Lake 33 and Lake 34 together. The section between EN46 and EN47 stations is the longest distance between two stations in the entire MRT system, measuring at around 3.3km. It briefly goes underground at Celina before it traverses the savannah and desert, passing through Tulipsburg.

South of EN43 station, it goes underground to cross Northern Ocean, visiting Thegame and GSM Town. The station at GSM Town, EN40 is the first underwater station in the New World MRT system, with the track level being underwater. After GSM Town, it continues south until EN37 station, where it takes a steep ascent with 2 turns in order to reach the station, which is located slightly below ground.

Eastern North Extension

After departing from EN37 station, it goes across the streets of Verdantium. The tracks are styled like the Desert Extension 1 and Northern East Extension, having brick walls with a curved roof with a dashed terracotta line along the walls and an andesite surface. It first goes along Brangton Boulevard then turning to High Street, where EN36 and EN35 stations are located. Then, it ascends above ground and the tracks change to a different style: stone surface with cobblestone wall on the sides, with a lime wool line running along the center with sea lanterns along the way, and brick-arch viaducts. This track style continues until Nymphalia. Near EN33 station, a provision for Jungle Line can be seen and in the station, the former Jungle Line platforms can be seen, where the line used to terminate before it was cut back to allow for an extension to Secunda.

Then, it joins Jungle Line north of EN32 station, passing through the forest biomes via Dwarka. South of EN29 station, it splits off from Jungle Line, before joining the Northern Line. Along the shared section with Northern Line, it passes through Merritt Lakes, Broville and Padagonia, going underground west of Merritt Lakes before ascending again west of Padagonia. Between EN24 and EN25 stations, there is a stream running the space between the lines. West of EN24 station, Northern Line ascends to be above Eastern Line, and the bi-level structure continues until EN22, where Northern Line descends and shifts, running parallel before splitting off, and Eastern Line's style changes to a quartz surface with a small brick tunnel and quartz viaducts without sides with a lime wool line running down the center and quartz columns.

After splitting off from Northern Line, it goes across the forest and plain biomes, skirting the mountains. It crosses A360, then it passes through Greenfields, Jaikrunda, New Bakersville City, Peaslake and Mountain View. Between EN11 and EN12 stations, the line passes through the Portal and Gateway Bridges, which are drawbridges crossing the bay where a canal connects it to Vernal Lake. Then, it goes underground, with sea lanterns changing to redstone lamps before arriving at EN8 station.

Eastern North

After EN8 station, it passes through Valemount, running underground. The style in this section is a quartz tunnel with a low roof and lime wool lines across all sides with redstone lamps along the way. There are brief ground sections, where it has lime wool lines at the sides on the surface. Then, it enters the desert biome, passing through Ellesume. After passing Ellesume, it enters E0 station in Los Angeles, where it crosses above the Expo Line station, and Circle Line splits off from Expo Line and turns to meet with Eastern Line.

Eastern South

XE22/C20/E0 Station

The line continues across the desert biome, across Los Angeles and crossing above ATC-101 and A30, it enters Sesby. Between ES3 and ES4, there is a bridge crossing over the canal that connects Lake 26 and Lake Victoria. The bridge was originally built by BaronThamesBank for the Circle Line crossing, and was duplicated by just_robinho during the construction of Eastern South. After the crossing, the viaduct has now arches made out of sandstone and cobblestone along the sides and sandstone columns.

After passing through ES4 station, Eastern Line shifts to the west to be closer with Circle Line, and upon entering Airchester, the viaducts change to quartz viaducts, and Eastern Line rises for a bit before dropping. Across Airchester, the Eastern Line remains relatively close to Circle Line, except during approaches to stations, until north of EN7 station in Accerton where Eastern Line rises and shifts to the west to be above the Circle Line viaduct, and then after the station, the Circle Line splits off, turning to the west and Eastern Line continuing south.

After Circle Line splits off, the tunnels are now made out of iron with quartz slabs between the rails and center line on the surface, and all sides of the tunnel has a lime wool line with redstone lamps and viaducts have quartz columns with glowstone on it. The line then crosses another desert biome, passing through Castlecombe before entering Marblegate. In Marblegate, it meets with Forest Line at ES11, which arrives on the lower level with Eastern Line arriving at the upper level, before going underground for ES12 station. Then, it goes back aboveground, where it enters Lakeview. In ES14 at Lakeview, a transfer is provided to Plains Line, which is at a seperate station nearby. After the station, the Plains Line tracks separate, becoming the outer tracks with the Eastern Line tracks becoming the inner tracks. In this section, the viaducts are made out of quartz with a single quartz column with redstone lamps, with Plains tracks having green wool sides with redstone lamps along them and Eastern Tracks having lime wool sides and redstone lamps too, during the brief tunnel section.

Eastern South Extension

After ES15 station, the Eastern Line tracks split and combine with the tracks of Plains Line, with the western viaduct carrying Eastern Line southbound and Plains Line outbound and the eastern viaduct carrying Eastern Line northbound and Plains Line inbound. The only other section where it happens is Plains and Valley Lines between Central City NE and P6/V6 stations. In this shared section, which lasts until ES22 station, the viaducts are made out of quartz with quartz columns without any decorations and a striped lime/green wool line in the center, with torches and redstone torches placed along the sides. In ground sections, the sides are accompanied with a lime/green wool stripes and fences instead of torches, and the tunnels are built in the same style as Eastern Line north in Marblegate.

South of ES22 station, the Eastern Line tracks combines into a separate viaduct, with the Plains Line tracks remaining separate. The viaducts then change to a different style, like the viaducts built for Plains Line and Eastern Line South; quartz viaducts with wool and redstone lamp sides, and quartz columns with redstone lamps. The line then bypasses P37 station, stopping at ES23 station located south, across the unused Southern Line station built for old Gamma plans. Additionally, the Valley Line viaduct also built for old Gamma plans begins, having would been split off from Southern Line had the old Gamma plans built as planned.

Both the Eastern and Valley Lines goes underground after ES23 station, passing through Pearl Coast. After ES25 station, Island Line built for old Gamma plans begins, located in a separate station from the Eastern/Valley stations, and Eastern and Valley turns to meet with Island Line. The three lines then continue into ES26 station, where both Valley and Island lines terminate. After the October 2022 ISM, HarborRandom852 converted the old Valley and Island segments around Pearl Coast into heritage railways and opened in November 1, 2022.

Eastern South Extension 2

After ES26 station, the line passes through Pearl Coast, still remaining underground. In this extension, the tunnels are made out of quartz with a curved roof, slightly taller than the ones built in the initial extensions of Eastern Line, and lime concrete with redstone lamps along all sides, with quartz slabs between the rails and the line on the surface. The ground sections are accompanied with lime concrete sides with glass, with brief viaduct sections having thick quartz columns with lime concrete and redstone lamps inside it. While remaining underground, it passes through Frumple's house and Port Locke, before ascending above ground. Along the few sections above ground, it includes Foxfoot Pass between ES32 and ES33 stations, where the line curves to the south along a terraformed valley.

After passing through El Caserio, located at ES34 station, the line begins a slow descent into being submerged under water, and the tunnels change to a tube, being made out of quartz with pillars going from the bottom, and the sides and roof being made out of glass to provide views. The submerged section is called the "Equinox Tunnel", since it goes below Equinox Ocean, and you can see kelp and icebergs off the shore before the line ascends because according to sesese9, Vulpicula wanted a lot of regens to get the newer biomes around the track. In this section, the line remains just above the ocean floor, except for the section in Juhwa Islands, a section west of it and a brief section between ES36 and ES37 stations, where it has to stay above a submerged island that goes slightly below sea level.

The line then ascends from a submerged tube to into a high viaduct as it passes through Cremona, before descending underground on the way to Arcadia. Between ES40 and ES41 stations, there is a brief submerged tube segment. At ES41 station in Arcadia, a transfer to Southern Line is offered, which can be taken by taking a elevator and then taking the stairs to the station.

Eastern South Extension 3

The drawbridge over the strait connecting Equinox Ocean and Coral Sea.

After ES41 station, the extension begins with a different style: tunnels made out of lime terracotta with rounded quartz sides like a tube, and redstone lamps on the top and bottom, connected with a wall, with ground sections and viaducts having quartz stair sides, and the viaducts are made out of lime terracotta with diorite wall corners. The line then leaves Arcadia before going above ground. After ES42 station, it then goes into a high drawbridge above the strait connecting Equinox Ocean and Coral Sea. The line briefly surfaces for ES43 station then it goes into a viaduct again, until ES44 station. Then, it briefly goes into a tunnel before surfacing again, until ES45 station where it immediately descends underground before passing through East New Brazil and Marisol, where the line ends.


City Rank Mayor Stations
Kleinsburg [Senator] EliteNeon  EN52  Kleinsburg - East Transit Terminal
Verdantium [Senator] CaptainChimpy  EN37  Verdantium Harbour
 EN36  Verdantium Old Town
 EN33  Verantium Central
 EN32  Verdantium Fenwick Square
Broville [Senator] bro1bro2  EN27  Broville
Nymphalia [Senator] Melecie  EN24  Nymphalia - Cetisy
 EN23  Nymphalia - Stellia
 EN22  Nymphalia - Windus
New Bakersville City [Senator] FredTheTimeLord  EN15  New Bakersville - Uptown
 EN14  New Bakersville - City Hall
 EN13  New Bakersville - Downtown District
 EN12  New Bakersville - Brighton Beach
Airchester  [Premier]  CortesiRaccoon  ES5  Airchester
 ES6  Airchester South
Marblegate [Governor] just_robinho  ES11  Easest
 ES12  Marblegate Grenada
 ES13  Tyne and Wear
Lakeview [Senator] just_robinho  ES14  Lakeview University
 ES15  Hatton Cross
 ES16  Marblelake Airport
Pearl Coast [Governor] knowmads7  ES24  Central Pearl Coast
 ES26  South Pearl Coast
Arcadia [Governor] Lil shadow59  ES41  Arcadia - Little Alexandria Station
Marisol [Senator] fork_07  ES47  Marisol


MBS released a timelapse of the line as a part of its "Five Years Later" series.
Status Code Station name MRT connections
 Ward 2 
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN52 Kleinsburg - East Transit Terminal
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN51
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN50  U25  MRT Union Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN49  U24  MRT Union Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN48
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN47
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN46
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN45
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN44
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN43
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN42 Thegame
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN41
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN40 GSM Town
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN39
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN38
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN37 Verdantium Harbor
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN36 Verdantium Old Town
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN35
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN34
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN33 Verdantium Central  JN16  MRT Jungle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN32 Verdantium Fenwick Square  JN15  MRT Jungle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN31  JN14  MRT Jungle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN30  JN13  MRT Jungle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN29  JN12  MRT Jungle Line
 NE29  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN28  NE28  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN27  NE27  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN26  NE26  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN25 Padagonia  NE25  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN24 Nymphalia - Cetisy  NE24  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN23 Nymphalia - Stellia  NE23  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN22 Nymphalia - Windus  NE22  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN21
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN20
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN19
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN18
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN17
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN16
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN15 New Bakersville - Uptown
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN14 New Bakersville - City Hall
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN13 New Bakersville - Downtown
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN12 New Bakersville - Brighton Beach
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN11
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN10 Mountain View
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN9
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN8
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN7 North Valemount
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN6 Valemount
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN5
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN4
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN3
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN2 Ellesume Hightown
Dynmap Green Flag.png EN1 Ellesume Central
Dynmap Green Flag.png E0  XE22  MRT Expo Line
 C20  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES1  C21  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES2  C22  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES3  C23  MRT Circle Line
 Ward 3 
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES4 Sesby  C24  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES5 Airchester  C25  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES6 Airchester South  C26  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES7 Accerton Exchange  C27  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES8 Castlecombe Central
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES9 Castlecombe Evergreen
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES10
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES11 Easest District  F26  MRT Forest Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES12 Marblegate Grenada
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES13 Tyne and Wear
 Ward 4 
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES14 Lakeview University  P28  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES15 Hatton Cross  P29  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES16 Marblelake Heathrow Airport  P30  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES17  P31  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES18  P32  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES19  P33  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES20 Royal Plaza  P34  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES21 Southern Royal Plaza  P35  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES22  P36  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES23  P37  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES24 Central Pearl Coast
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES25
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES26 South Pearl Coast
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES27
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES28
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES29
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES30 Frumphaus
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES31
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES32
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES33
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES34
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES35
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES36
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES37 Cremona - Convention Ctr
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES38 Cremona - Capitol Square
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES39
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES40
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES41 Arcadia - Little Alexandria
 SE18  MRT Southern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES42
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES43
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES44
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES45
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES46
Dynmap Green Flag.png ES47 Marisol