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Guests sometimes come onto the MRT and say very interesting and wild stuff that makes us laugh, or just say "What" and "Did he really just say that?" Some get banned, others move on, and some of those who end up on this list actually become members and achieve high ranks on the server.

If you're looking for funny quotes from members, see Funny Quotes.

Guest Quotes

  • im not god att speak english
  • :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P (goes on like this as a spam) *admin: Banned guest for :P
  • Help I'm Stuck in the Void!!!
  • can i be admin
  • guys i need help dating a girl
  • where is the airport?
  • im stuck
  • Can you build me something.
  • "station name" dispenser is empty
  • Can I have a Job?
Guest: Can I get Op? I'm Op on other Servers.
Member: No one on the server is Op. 
Guest: Is Frumple Op? 
Member: No One on the Sever is OP. 
Guest: But is Frumple Op?
  • Will the owner yell at me if I lie about my age?
  • Stupid idiot admin!
  • im going to break the parkour
  • mod im lost
  • BEEP YOU! *leaves server*
  • can i go see ur town?
  • does anyone need help building?
  • why am i lagging (while in Spawn Station)
  • I should be member by now!
  • How do I get a house?
  • I like you, how do i get member?
  • <--- Name is undercver for notch (meepmeep22)
  • still guest...
  • wat was that sound
  • Why is there lightning outside?
  • What does this button do?...
  • admin, where is the minecart ride?
  • now, to mull over what ill build....
  • can i build planes in Silverhaven?
  • Mod help pl0x! I am stuck in a dispenser! Help!
  • did anyone know theres a lot of lava under us (noob quote)
  • Hi. *30 seconds later* I'm waiting for a hi back...
  • hey no minecarts are here at *line name here*
  •  :( nobody answered my application yet ):
  • speaking of ranks guest is boring. ME WANT BUILD!
  • forgive me for being a n00b, but where are the carts...
  • can i tpa to you i will not kill you
  • i'm new
  • how do you get oout of spawn
  • wath a member
  • *joins* y'all need to update *leaves*
  • I'm stuck in a big room with lots of rails
  • oh nice! you just click on the minecart
  • Did you build this (referring to Spawn Station)
  • How often does someone jump off the Admod building?
[Guest]: What is the most complicated city on the server? 
Benie: I'm going to say, Inchmiur.
*Guest left the game.*
Guest: benie wat is ur interstate?
*Benie tells him the ones he owns*
Guest: wat is it
yeamanator: a road
  • Who's diriving the bus? im at lighthouse station
  • can i be a helper to build stuff???plz
  • am i considered an adult?
  • i am a airplane!
  • think you i am a noob?
  • Im suck
  • i give up in parkour i suck noah were are u
  • nooooooooooo im whispering in my mind
  • *Captain_Arsewipe has joined the game.*
  • why dont use caps
  • dont use caps
  • im a member
  • laglalg alg lag lag
  • so mods fix things
  • la la la la la la :P
  • im lonely
  • the elivador ses i dont have permission to do this
  • Who writes that purple stuff? *is banned*
  • im being a spy and jumping from building from building
  • she is smoken hot even though she is my sister
  • benie can you play with me
  • i am superman aaa
  • i want to build
  • i can fly i can fly i can fly
  • Alright Tire... Prepare for lag wer'e heading to the spawn
  • Gaaaahh!! Lag attack ive arrived at spawn station
 Guest: I must be considered a friendly, mature guest here 
 Just_robinho: You must? 
 Guest: I am possibly, for instance: I believe I am.
  • Oh god... I can smell my own fart right now..
  • Help, I'm stuck in spawn
 [Guest]: thomas
 Thomas: Yes?
 [Guest]: rank me please
 [Guest]: i applied 
 [Guest]: D:
 Thomas: Did you read the rules then?
 [Guest]: yest
 [Guest]: Yest
 [Guest]: Yes
 Thomas: If you did (which you should) then you'll know not to pester staff about the status of your application.
 [Guest]: pfft, Ain't nobody got time for dat
 [Guest]: jk lol
 [Guest] left the game.
  • anyone want a slave to work for them? msg me
  • can guests build anywhere?
  • Whats perms?
  • oh i want tp be ember to be helpful and help players out of holes
  • LITTLE BOY MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Paul is logging on cuz hes a awesome boss
  • The machine made me and my cart eraced
[Guest]: hi
[Guest]: freiends?
[Member]: im lagging
[Guest]: freinds?
  • im a pony!!!
  • ur being sarcastic... i like tat...
  • (lalaboy67 acts like a sheep) Guest: if that's the way you're going, lalaboy, maybe you should be bababoy.
  • keks r u kekkomatic
[Guest]: why am i in survival mode?
[Guest] fell from a high place.
[Guest] left the game.
  • i want to build!!!
[Guest]: Where can i build
[Member1]: Nowhere
[Member2]: You can't
[Guest]: ?
[Member1]: You guest
[Member2]: You have to apply to become a member
[Guest]: Waar kan ik bouwen (Where can i build in Dutch)
[Member1]: Me no sprechen Duetch
[Guest]: Where can i build?
[Guest]: ?
[Guest]: ik wil gewoon ergens bouwen kom op ( I just want to build something come on in Dutch)
[Guest]: come on give answer I just want to build something.and may i rank up?
[Member2]: No, not until you apply.
[Guest]: wmy?
[Guest]: come on give answer I just want to build something.and may i rank up?
[Member1]: to stop greifers
[Member2]: go to
[Guest]: come on guve answer i just want to build something.and may i rank up?
[Member3]: (link to MRT application)
[Member1]: you need to become a member!
[Member2]: Internet:
[Member1]: wait, are you just copy and pasting the same thing?
... several minutes later
[Guest]: come on give answer I just want to build something.and may i rank up?
[Member]: Then don't spam
[Guest]: My last horse diedntats y i did no
(This 'Guest' had like 10 horses with him)
  • DCampite has joined the game | any funny death messages lately?
  • [Guest]: You should make a workout place, you said this place was to beast.
  • Cum to my apartment
  • MY tacos are soft FYI
  • can someone give me advice on bf and gf?
  • I know for sure my crush isn't a lesbian
  • COME JOIN THIS AWESOME SERVER! IP: [Insert IP Here] | Console has banned [Guest] for "No Advertising"
  • i wont let anyone call me a guest
  • how come u are a higher rank than me :(
  • my mom is surprised im permaguest
  • I leak apple juice
Guest Joined the game
[Guest] Hi all!
[Member1] Hi
[Mayor] hey
[Guest] I got rejected again
[ Guest 2 comes in ]
[Guest] Hi guest2
[Guest2] I never get in this is my 6th try!
[Guest] my 3th try to, rejected for ever!
[Guest2] Is there a limit then in number applications?
[Mayor] If you readed all rules what you needed to apply you knowed.....
[Member1] Yep
[Guest2 left the game]
Guest left the game
[Member2] that was wierd.....
[Mayor] Dont do like that, thats guestism.
  • I HATE Frumple!!!! But i love this server, actualy who runs the server?
[Guest] How must i come to "insert town"
[Member] Use MRT green line to "insert station"
[Guest] Whats mrt?
[Member] you dont know what mrt is?
[Guest] nee Waarom zou ik het anders vragen?
[Guest] Meant to say: no why would i ask otherwize?
[Member] MRT means Minecart Rapid Transit.
[Guest] Ooooooh
[Guest] Whats Minecart Rapid Transit? 
[Member] Oh gosh!
  • Why are there two KittyCats?
Guest has joined the game
Guest: ima looking for an airport?
Member1: there are none here
Member2: ^
Member1: youre looking for
Member1: cya and have a nice day
Frumple: um?
Guest: I want to **** a chair
Frumple has banned Guest for "language"
  • can I be mayer of truckee?
  • was there a GIANT WAFFLECONDOM here 5 minutes ago?
plese anser me! reward 6 dimond for saveing me at mineingstone station
or get me perrmison to detroy blocks for 9 dimond award
  • im here for ponies buuuurrrhhhh
  • this server sux (leaves game)
  • I'm sure this used to be a prison server
  • minecarts are cool
  • This server eats horse a**.
Guest: I need permission to ok!
(talking about member application)
Guest: im coming back when you learn your lesson
Guest left the game
Member: yeah... he would never get accepted...
Guest1: hong konk
Mayor: XD
Mayor: *hong konk*
Guest2: 0_0
  • i can speek latin
  • *Guest joins the game without any hellos* | Doesn't anyone care about ME? | Guest left the game
  • I wanna get to a school how do I get there.
  • Your village is cool. Can I build in it?
  • how do I close my cleint?
Mayor: What about I-8?
Guest: im 8 too
Guest: Help im stuck
Mayor: ./spawn
Guest: Mayor: ./spawn
Guest: help im stuck
Member: do /spawn
Guest: do /spawn
Mayor: *facepalm*
_Frozen: hai
Guest: Hi
Guest: Hi is Frozen here
_Frozen: Nope.
  • Does Anyone know if when Girls Feet Sweat what they smell like thanx just curious! OKKK
  • *baconthief224 has joined the game.*
  • Llamas, horses, same thing
  • milk is drink of good
Guest: how do i go afk
Member: um... by leaving your keyboard...?
  • Is this Pokemon?
  • I am trusted?
Guest: Was slain by pickaxe dude using derpy pickaxe
Guest: Fights back with stabby knives
  • g2g im in trouble
  • get ur azz over here
 Guest: Hello im a guest
 Chief: Hello, yes you are. :)
 Guest: I would just like to ride a train
  • illy key board

 Guest: me admin
 (repeats for few times)
 [Admod jailed Guest]
  • can i build a theater??
Guest: where ARE YALL
Mayor: go to dynmap
Member: im in zicronia
Guest: no in the server
Mayor: go to dynmap
Member: im in zicronia...
  • (as mario) [to McYoshi] hey yoshi can i ride you
  • My campaign ends here
  • The pm channel is no longer safe, spread the word
  • there the GSA: Guest Slavery Agency
  • where are the amtrak trains?
  • I'll find the culprit. detective eris on the case. Your cords.
  • get ready to edit guest quotes for these 2 guests (not me)
  • dont say yolo
*A few seconds later*
I just said hi!
im a good owner
im a good manger

[Guest1]: i need builders
[Guest2]: i WILL HELP
[Guest1]: you can't build
  • hey [Mod] can you make me meber
  • hawksfan you are a kid
  • ur mayor of whole server? (speaking to a player with mayor rank)
  • do not guest quote that
  • oh so this is how you text in minecraft
  • WERE THE H IS FARE FAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • i saw that coming
  • im gonna turn off chat so i dont say anything els stuped
 (Member friend joins with members account.) can I build a faction base? 
 (Later) Who wants to be in my faction? 
 (Much Later) This faction server is weird, it's in creative
 (Much Much Later) What's the MRT stand for??
 (And so on) I like fireworks, they pretty
 (And on) Music? Can I join your faction?
 (And Finally)My friend "Used" my account (Member goes and changes his password)
  • is every one trusted
Frumple banned [Guest] for:You're the weakest link,goodbye.
  • i used to be a citizen earlier today
  • ill buy my 37th ticket when I have enough money
  • I gonna steal frumples taco's
[Guest]: My skin is stupid!
[Trustee]: Then change it.
[Councillor]: Then get a new one
[Guest]: NEVA i like it!
  • wee im on a subway trains
  • Oh, I didn't even realize that I was in Creative... LOL
[Guest] how do i apply 
[Guest] left the game
  • i need a friend
  • i would never greif!!!!
  • I like Your Eyes Chief
  • [Guest -> me] caps is not allowed
Frumple added [Guest] to member
[Guest]: What About Me Frumple?
[Guest]: i subscribed u
Frumple: cool thx
[Guest]: can u subscribe me

[Guest] Chief, Can iclone you?
[Chief] Clone?
[Guest] Yes
[Guest] For KFC
[Chief] You can't. You're a guest :(
[Guest] Kalmar Fried Chiefs
[Trustee] does anyone want a franchise in their town?
[Guest] What town
[Trustee] Anytown
[Guest] Where's Anytown
[Guest] robin?
[Robin] JacobER2007?
[Guest] lel
[Guest] i laugh (Then) sentece
[Guest 1] get off at finaicla disrict
[Guest 2] wth out falling in the pit!
[Guest 2] ok
  • can i help build the purple line
  • mine_man can i be a councillor
  • Can you W/E this block?
[Member] do ./spawn
[Guest] ./spawn
[Member] no, the . stops it from working
[Guest] then what's the purpose of ./spawn if it doesn't work?
  • Why can't I open this silver door? Clicking on other doors open them.
[Guest] Hey (insert mod here), time for my daily kick.
[Mod] No
  • how do you get senorator
  • Hey look at me *turns around and presses shift button repeatedly*
  • how do you get ranks (People explain about applying, Then) can you teleport to people
  • thanks your such a help
[Guest] shit!!! i got pissed pants
(some time later)
[Guest] it was a joke
  • [member] needs to build his city
[Guest] when is the next amazing race
[Senator] MinecraftYoshi26: that takes a long time to plan
[Guest] but can we do one
[Senator] MinecraftYoshi26: again, that takes a long time to plan
[Senator] _Kastle: give me 5 minutes
Guest: Hey mineman can I see your city?
Mineman: Sure
Guest: Wait, this is your city?
Mineman: Yes
Guest: Who owns this?
Member: *facepalm*
x TonyTajiri headdesked enough to get a small concussion
  • how long is a wekk
  • this is pure railroad insanity
  • who's cheaf (chiefbozx)
  • what's Frumple doing here?
  • Mayor, can you promote me please (Thought Mayor was in charge)
  • Jepan railways.... nice name
  • i lick trains
Guest: Kitty, are you the boss?
Kitty: No, Frumple is
Guest: Oh, so the boss is frumble
[Guest]: mega hiper nuclear x 3000000000 goaaallll!
[Guest] died
[Guest]: CAN ANYONE HERE ME?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Councillor]: yes, [Guest], but caps spam doesn't generally garner friendships, please consider calming the caps
[Guest]: NO
[Guest]: Where does this airport fly to?
[Member]: Airports don't fly
  • pls pls pls can i build????!!!!
  • where can I buy a ucar
[Guest]: i can't use /me
[Mod] Jph: only staff and supporters can use /me
[Guest]: But I'm 9 years old
[Guest]: How can I have a credit Card
[Guest]: this whole server hates me now because i'm nine years old!
(Everybody): No
[Mod] Jph: because it was funny
[Guest]: HOW IS IT FUNNY?!?!?!?!?!?
[Citizen]: It is called sarcasm
[Guest]: but you didn't make it obvious
[Guest 2]: don't do "Sarcasm"
[Guest]: I take everything seriously
  • I like black people.
  • dose anybodey have any realms that i can join :P
[Guest]: Where is Hatton Gardens
[Senator]: London
[Guest]: On the server?
[Senator]: Hatton Gardens *was* a secure vault in London that stored jewelry for high-end stores.
[Guest]: Ooh
[Guest]: is it on the server?
you cant ban me
without democarcy
A metro :o
  • im flying wtf
  • why cant I ente the station
  • wee!!
  • tis is sick
  • how many peopl do u have in the afternoon?
can u fly plains?
can you aboard a plane and fly?
[Guest] i know how to spell every word correctly
[Senator] Then why didn't you capitalize your I :P
  • Huh, still muted
  • [Guest] : is this an adult server
  • LargeErections joined the game
*fixing spelling on wiki*
(Spelling; likley will...)
[Guest]: don't welcome me....
[Guest]: u should be praising me im a god on this server
[Guest]: cola out
Player Frumple banned [Guest] for: Banned!.
nktrain: I wonder who will get it (new staff position)
[Guest]: me

[Guest]: Im a guest rank, I think

[Guest -> me (Mayor)] Please kick Just_Robinho

[Guest]: how can you change text color
[Mayor]: alt+f4
[Guest]: k let me try
<Guest> has left the game
 [Guest]: how do you get to the airport
 [Mod]: Please calm the caps
 [Guest]: OK
 [Guest]: but how do you get there
 [Guest]: guys plz i a,m leaving in 10 mins
 [Guest]: where is airport
 [Governor]: go to the old world
 [Guest]: how do i get there
 *Member takes Guest to airport*
 *five seconds later*
 [Guest]: where is the new airport
 [Guest]: can you bring me to another one
 [Guest]: can you bring me to another one \
  • when i get member does a city come with it
  • wich do you pfer tocos or choclatee cake i prefer choclate cake
  • can i be a staff member
  • beware im derpy
  • a car just hit me help
  • i am 9 make me staff
  • make me a staff or i get really angry p.s i am a cop in real life
  • who is citirail?
  • so the achonglogen Tanaghsin airport is only in the lab world?
Governor: at least you didnt ask "Wheres the airport""
Guest: Where's the station?
Guest: ;D
Mayor: lol
Senator: [Guest's name here] XD
Guest: XD
Guest: It had to be said XD
LOL I am actualy bypassing ban X'D
Player lalaboy temporarily banned Remote Senses for 15 seconds: -12-2015.
  • How many dollars is mayor?
Guest: How do deez elevators work?
Mayor: Same way as deez nuts
  • btw am i mrts favorite guest
  • What is Central City?
  • why is circle line going so fast help
  • and how become i to a member ?
Guest1: help my kitty
Kitty: [Guest] i am busy
Guest1: kittycat help me
Guest2: [Guest1],
Guest2: shes busy
Kitty: [Guest2] get my gender right
Guest1: ezzocraft help me
[Citizen]: yall should join faf!
[Guest]: no advertising
[Citizen]: thats not advertising
[Citizen]: faf is formosa armed forces xD
  • Hippies do things like let air out of tires
[Senator]: Just stay out of the tram tracks
*1 second later*
[Guest]: uh
[Senator]: Or that'll happen
  • this survival server looks really nice
  • Guys, i just applied to become citizen for the server!
Guest: how do i get a plot
Senator: you dont, you need to apply first
[Guest] left the game.
  • why did you ban tom pairs hes an Administrator (After a player made a fake ban message)
[Guest]: I like milk
[Guest]: SLURP
  • who is frumple?
  • How do you get to central park from spawn?
how do i get myself banned
oh i thought it was a rank
  • guys can i get the banned rank
*spams stuff about getting banned rank*
guys dont spam its annoying'
  • what so great about frumple?
  • chat on this server = ANNOYING
  • arichsonc totwagon?
Guest: Um, is there PvP
Senator: /pa #
Guest: is says arena: # does not exist
  • FRUMPLE IS ON (that requiuired caps)
Guest: mooooooo
Guest: oink
Admin: [Guest] please don't
  • please no ban i luv you (to frumple)
[Guest] joined the game
where is the f*cking airport
*[Guest] joined the game*
can i be mod i like to help
[Guest]: I'm listening to music and my mom said that if turn it up, she will slam my face into the keyboa-
[Guest]: rgfsdedbstrgdhbnrgf
Narnia17 Joined The Game
[Derpy_Melon]: Narnia!
[Guest]: SERIES
  • how do you drive trains?
  • (During April Fools 2016) What is tseuG?
[Guest]: oh my god these flags arent even real countries or anything
[Admin]: correct! its the flags of MRT cities
  • [Guest] was banned by Frumple for: Asking to be co-owner of the server.
[Guest]: im having a lag now
[Enjineer30302]: You mean you have lag?
[Guest]: do you hve the lag?
[Enjineer30302]: No
[Guest]: why not
[Enjineer30302]: Because I have good internet
[Enjineer30302]: And an okay computer
[Guest]: any person have the metro?
[Guest]: or train
[Enjineer30302]: I have a metro
[Guest]: i can see any person city?
Continues on like this
[Broadcast] FYI Mojang authentications servers are down right now
[CaptianChimpy]: don't leave
[Guest]: cant tell me what to do
[Guest] left the game.
[Gopher]: -_-
[kekkomatic]: bye guest.
  • I read wazamawazi as Was I a Nazi.
[Guest]: CC is closed captioning
[Guest]: ?
[Melon]: LOL
[Dope]: LOL
JediPigg joined the game
Welcome JediPigg to the Minecart Rapid Transit server!
I am the master of DA FORCE
  • Frumple why is ur tag sayn owner
  • How did you guys get those cool ranks?
Guest joined the game
Guest: Hallo
Guest: bb
Guest left the game.
i can fly?
  • i would not be suprized if that got onto guest quotes
  • Oh... Finally I understand. Circle line is a circle line.... Now all my life has sense
  • i will do anything for money
  • i have a feeling that I might be one of the smartest guests
  • Just took me five tries to type ./spawn
  • This is actually the most ridiculous server I've ever joined: I love it!
  • I mistook a quartz block with a sign on it for a cake
[Guest] Is there an opped player on?
[Mayor] no
[Mayor] and if you're asking for OP
[Mayor] that's against the rules
[Mayor] so don't ask for OP
[Guest] left the game.
  • Wait a Second, this is hosted in Canada?!?!??!?!!
  • i want to see my ping but it says pong
Guest: is there any airport on the server
Toaro: there are many
soso123: there are a lot
Toaro: most are in China
Guest: what are their stations
Toaro: Chinatown
soso123: XD
Guest: ok
Guest: station number?
Guest: i want to go to china to plane from central city
soso123: This must be in the quotes
Toaro: I'm not sure if there's an airport there
godzilltrain: yah no
what are "gates"?
Do the airplanes actually fly?!!!
  • is online dating legal on here
MScarftingLP joined the game
Welcome MScraftingLP to the Minecart Rapid Transit server!
Guest: ist owner da (is the owner there?)
Kenta1561: oh hi
MScarftingLP left the game
[Councillor]I will add this to guest quotes
  • someone please pay me
[Guest] joined the game
Welcome [Guest] to the Minecart Rapid Tansit server!
[Guest] Hey, can I have the CAPTCHA for the wiki?
[Mod] That's a very specific first request
  • cort is there an airport in france.
  • It's hard to try to get onto guest qyuotes. But somehow I've gotten ther at least 4 times.
  • I joined because I googled for fail server hhaha *rail
  • I'm here to become Head Admin with a friend
[Guest] crispwisp_: im going to go away from my computer for a little bit
[Guest] crispwisp_: afc
[Governor] camelfantasy: something's probably wrong with my mc too
[Mayor+] hvt2011: ./afk
[Guest] crispwisp_: no away from my computer
[Mayor+] hvt2011: :P
[Governor] camelfantasy: alt+f4
[Premier+] kekkomatic: ofc
[Governor] camelfantasy: that helps
[Guest] crispwisp_: what is the alt f4
[Mayor+] hvt2011: do it.
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: No
[Governor] camelfantasy: you can leave your computer
[Governor] _InDev_: staircasesssss
[Guest] crispwisp_: alt f4?
[Governor] camelfantasy: yes
[Mayor+] hvt2011: yes
crispwisp_ left the game
[Governor] camelfantasy: GG
[Mayor+] hvt2011: XD
[Premier+] kekkomatic: ding
[Governor] camelfantasy: well, he left MC
[Admin] Tom_Pairs: it close down minecraft
crispwisp_ joined the game
[Guest] crispwisp_: why did you make me leave
*almost everyone says "XD"
[Guest] crispwisp_: that was so r00d
[Guest] crispwisp_: im not happy with your behavior today camel
[Guest] crispwisp_: yes and i can say hes been a very bad boy
(in MRT International Airport)
[Mayor] SoSo123: go here
[Guest] Ballith: I want for going to Suvanabhumi Airport
[Mayor] SoSo123: where's that
[Guest] Ballith: Th
[Guest] Ballith: ailand
[Mayor] SoSo123: ...XD
[Guest] Ballith: Bangkok
[Guest] Ballith: Where is the gate 22
[Mayor] SoSo123: In Taylor Swift's new album 1989
[Mayor] SoSo123: Wait it's Red not 1989
*guest joins and spams stuff about applying 12 times and being rejected*
Guest: yep, this server is shitty
Frumple: Why do you think this server is shitty?
Frumple joined the game
  • i thought you build in survival mode
What's been happening so far : Guest has been using caps a lot.
Bobnado (not the caps guest) : London Underground is mind the gap, this server is mind the caps.
[Governor+] autobus22: seastep: Benion basically consists of wood boxes
[Guest] Seastep: jk
[Guest] Seastep: oh
[Guest] Seastep: damn
[Guest] Seastep: Perfect place for beavers, I guess..
[Guest] Seastep: idk
[Governor+] autobus22: oMG
[Governor+] autobus22: I am too lazy but someone should add that to the guest quotes
[Member] SoaPuffball: btw this server also has airports
Guest left the server.
  • why am i flying
  • i wish saying wb can get me some money XD
[Guest]: I'm dantdm
[Councillor] MC_Dunc: K
[Councillor] MC_Dunc: simon
[Councillor] MC_Dunc: stop
[Councillor] MC_Dunc: lying
[Councillor] MC_Dunc: i know you from WH
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: Guest that trick doesnt work
  • what rank are you
  • oops wrong server
CyAmethyst: Well, on a different website, people shortened Amethyst to Amy
CyAmethyst: Don't ask why
Guest: One would be P***sboi99
Frosty_Creeper10: ...
SoaPuffball: ...
Guest: Xd
CyAmethyst: ...
Halfy_Crafty: ...
Guest: ..
Guest: ...
SoaPuffball: . .. ...
there are a lot of random stuff in lab world
who agrees say 911
  • damn a transit server thats actually open
Mod has muted player Guest.
Mod: ok time to have a little breather
  • LuckPerms, that must mean that you need luck to be a member
(a while later...)
[Guest] left the game.
Player Frumple banned [Guest] for reason: No airport for you.
  • Is this FrumpleCraft?
camel: do guest bingo :P
*Frumple is now AFK.
Guest: *Frumpel is new afk
*Frumple is no longer AFK.
Frumple: watch the caps Guest
[Guest] left the game.
Player Frumple banned [Guest] for reason: Because this.
  • do i become guest+ if i donate?
Guest: an dtigeann tu
nicrats: wat
SubmergedDisney: Please keep to English in the global chat
Guest: capiche
Guest: i mean yep
Guest: may i ask what's wrong with other languages
nicrats: we don't understand them
nicrats: = spam
Guest: so uncultured
[Guest] left the game.
[Guest]: can i have worldedit
[Guest]: can i have worldedit please
[Senator]: lol jer
[Governor]: not even going to answer that
[Councillor]: yeah same
[Guest]: im literrally asking for a world edit
[Senator+]: ya can't
[Guest]: why not
[Senator+]: ya not member
[Guest]: give me one good reason why not
[Senator+]: what I just said
[Councillor]: 1. Guest/2. No one who can do world edits is on
[Guest]: I said a GOOD reason
  • I warped to this town called Whitechappel [sic] and it's so fake.
Guest: I finally got to T50
nicrats: you could have used the warp but ok
Guest: I dont have warp
Guest: im guest
nic: . . .
dragonbloon419: that's not how warps work [Guest]
nic: there are warps in spawn
dragon: ^
Guest: wait so I didnt need to ride the mrt for an hour??
nic: no
Needn_NL: True
Guest: ._. xD
Guest: welp theres an hour I'll never get back
Needn: And if you say /tpa Needn_NL, you'll be here in one minute
Guest: gtg
Guest left the game.
  • the pointless stupidity button is mean :(
*during a long period of silence*
Guest: i'm funny
Guest2: still remember fiddling round here two months ago
Guest: this server was created two months ago
Guest: NOOB
SoaPuffball: it was made
SoaPuffball: five years ago
Guest: no ur lying
SoaPuffball: it is
Guest: im the owners sister
Guest: you cant tell me
SoaPuffball: y o u  c a n t  f o o l  m e
Guest: listen
SoaPuffball: also im one of the veterans
Guest: u lye
SoaPuffball: lastly a test
woorich999: whos the owner then
SoaPuffball: who is the owner of the server (one guess)
Guest: dude im not telling you
MC_Protocool: what year did the server start and what version
[SoaPuffball -> woorich999] why u ninja
Guest: there rEAL NAME
SoaPuffball: just their username
JTrain77: Ooo this one's going to be good
BrokenKidney: eyyy
Guest: im nto doing it
SoaPuffball: that means
SoaPuffball: you don't know (later escalates into a debate mostly with SoaPuffball and the pretender, who is a troll, about the server)
  • Oh hey Frumple, love the server but mostly ur name is what impresses me
[Guest] joined the game.
nic: welcome to the MRT!
(A while later)
guest: this servers stupid
[Guest] left the game.
Guest: :3
Guest: ILY<3
Vulpicula: uhh
  • Nobody owns this station, it's a food bar one.
  • I may only be a 13 year old girl, but even I know that PEOPLE DON'T LIKE STUPID RULES!!!!
  • I want to have a relationship with all of you imn the same day
CodyHM:so you just love dick and have a high libido
CodyHM:ok, glad we've come to this understanding
CodyHM:I'm a heteromantic, bisextual graysextual so probably won't get some d from me thanks
Guest:I fuck a member of my family each day
CodyHM:watch out for your sisters std's
Guest:also with my cat
CodyHM:Kitty will not be happy(an:in reference to the player)
Guest:kitty are very happy
Guest:the dog is not pretty
  • Add that to councillor quotes
  • Because i want to build my own town. they already have town . That i love to make the town at all. (quoted by Frumple as part of a Funny Reasons to Join the Server session)
  • I place minecarts on trains. I like MRT and Trains. I like Minecraft servers. I like Minecraft cities. (quoted by Frumple as part of a Funny Reasons to Join the Server session)
  • Hallo, adad owivu uiwhfnchfeouuuuuuuuuu fhuqqe falnjccccccccccccc fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffj j (quoted by Frumple as part of a Funny Reasons to Join the Server session)
  • A player in the server said to me that i need to apply for a member, so I thought let's try that and see what it brings to me. (quoted by Frumple as part of a Funny Reasons to Join the Server session)
  • well this should be obvious. It is because I want access to actually do stuff. It is quite unusual to apply to gain access to commands that usually is default on other servers. like for example place and break blocks. (quoted by Frumple as part of a Funny Reasons to Join the Server session)
  • I really wanna build and i wanna invite my friends to the server i really wanna try and then i won't get irritaded my brother :"hwo can i buid" (quoted by Frumple as part of a Funny Reasons to Join the Server session)
  • I Like To Terrain. I Normally Terrain By Hand, But Lately I've Started To Use Voxel And More W/E Based Things And It's Helped A Tonne. That's All There Is About Me. (quoted by Frumple as part of a Funny Reasons to Join the Server session)
  • i don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't nowi don't now (quoted by Frumple as part of a Funny Reasons to Join the Server session)
  • You must accept me because it can be fun. I can get less dead in it.I can tell the guests how to ride the minecart. (quoted by Frumple as part of a Funny Reasons to Join the Server session)
  • I Am A good bilder eg. I Build Futureistic Minecraft structures Such As The Tube Still Work In Progress and Dubai Airport
  • Can someone pls tp me to C41?!?
[Guest]: Is using wizardry against the rules here...?
[Mayor]: Hacks, yes
[Guest]: It's not hacks tho sir..
[Owner]: What is it then?
[Guest]: It's a wand, and my skill
-Leaves game-
  • what are yall playin?
  • my hair is so messy rn
Conric005 was shot by KittyCat11231 using [KIA Recruit's Bow]
Conric005 was slain by MikeRoma using [KIA Recruit's Sword]
[Guest]: what are you guys doing
[Guest]: the rules say no fighting
  • I like this trees leaf tenticles (referring to Johngi's palm trees)
  • Guest quotes are mean
i have a lot of practice of speed building sans
i can build a sans in 2 minutes
[Guest]: why do my mods work on thsi 
[Cookie] mi_aquamarine: ?
[Pudding] Halfy_Crafty: wich mod?
[Guest]: wing
[Cookie] mi_aquamarine: wing?
[Guest]: wing mod
[Guest]: forge
[Cookie] mi_aquamarine: wing mod?
[Cookie] mi_aquamarine: tf is that
[Guest]: do u know what mods r lol
[Guest]: translation issues, soz
[Mayor] Starcubed: what is your first language
[Guest]: english
  • due to personal reasons i will be throwing gallons of milk at cyclists
Guest: OH NO
  • you touch my potato patch and I will dispatch your head, comrade.
applied for staff i am excited to see if i become staff
not staff, member
[Guest] left the server
Guest: how do I go to wild
Guest: or unclaimed area
DaEdwards: savannah line
nicrats: /apply
Guest: I need to be in wild for it
[Guest]: Guys how about a new Mrt line called the artic line
[Guest]: for the artic areas
[Guest]: can i have admine?
Needn_NL: wdym [Guest]?
Frumple: what [Guest]?
AP_Red: If you mean the rank, no
[Guest]: admin
AP_Red: If you mean the attention of an admin, yo es aqui
[Guest]: can i have admin
Needn_NL: rip
Frumple: You want to be an admin [Guest]?
[Guest]: jes
[Other Guest]: yes
Frumple: ok, here you go
[Guest]: yes
Player Frumple banned [Guest] for: Here's your admin.
  • this server is so fucking big that gives me anxiety
  • I want to be discord rank because i have a discord account
  • me go slep put head on pillow and SLEP and if i cant slep ill drink warm mulk and slep like beby
yes, i am a guest
i have zero power in this hierarchy
  • Why are lag machines banned?
  • hey get a command block and make a something cool
[Guest]: how do i get to
[Guest]: MRTvision Screenshot Contest 5 winner
[Guest]: I can't even find the MRT entrance.
[Guest]: I came here by the pointless stupidity.
[Guest]: I will from B1, all the stations, I will visit
[Guest]: It will take lots of time
Guest joined the game
Guest left the game
[Guest]: If you keep droping item you will get kick from the sever :(
[Discord]: Are you guest?
Guest left the game
  • how can i claim my plot?
  • i have a lot of poop in me rn i think i might have to go afk to poop sorry guys brb
  • if sum noob builds sum crappy thing what yall do
oh heres the exit
[Guest] joined the game.
[Guest]: Hi. This is my last time in this server.
[Mayor] Starcubed: what happened?
[Senator+] Frosty_Creeper10: why?
[Guest]: Rejected 4th time
[Mayor] Starcubed: ouch
[Guest]: im changing to *Server address*
[Senator+] Frosty_Creeper10: you still have 2 more ties
[Mayor] Starcubed: umm
[Guest]: Goodbye
[Guest] left the game.
[Mayor] Starcubed: oof
[Mayor] Starcubed: thats
[Mayor] Starcubed: dissapointing
[Mayor] Starcubed: thought he was promising
*few minutes later*
[Guest] joined the game.
[Guest] find me at: *Server address*
[Guest] left the game.
[Senator+] Frosty_Creeper10: that seems like low key advertising
ngl i wanted to get trustee so i could greif but yall aint stupid and made it annoying to do that so imma move on now
have a good day
Guest left the game.
  • what is the mrt?
  • I love u frumple
[Guest]: If I say im hacking rn someone wanna ban me? 
Frumple: sure
Player Frumple banned [Guest] for: Banned!
this is abuse
Starcubed: none of the landmarks mentioned in the song "country roads" are actually in west virginia
Starcubed: i think
Starcubed: actually don't quote me on that
ModernArt: mount mamma
ModernArt: idk
Guest: You went to Mountain Mamma O_O
  • bro there's a gay flag here
"i sell [sic] goiod weapons"
"i got a sword that will knock through totems"
"what is going on?????????????????????????////"
"bruh moment??????????????????"
"i require the link for the discord server may i please have the link for the discord server
"wow these are pretty serious rules for city planning this is a pretty serious server that is serious
nvm its a npc
  • I have to go now guys mom said i need to pee after ed time so i have to go, it was nice tlaking to u guys
Guest 2: go sentral sitty\
  • where can I ride? i must know
Context: Guest had been on the server for a few days and was complaining about not being able to build.
Guest 25 minuts (sic) AND BYE FOR EVER
pretzel33 ok buddy 
pretzel33 applying takes five 
pretzel33 so go apply and stop being bored 
about 30 seconds later... 
time2makemymove you are clearly not leaving 
time2makemymove why do you keep saying that lol 
Guest left the server 
time2makemymove there we go 
10 minutes later... 
Frumple joined the server 
Frumple hi, on for a sec 
Player Frumple banned Guest for: BYE FOR EVER.
  • im just asking to become admin so i can take a better look at this place
  • i have found the perfect horse ridding music! SayMaxWell - Helltaker - VITALITY [Remix] (NO Copyright), the horses head is perfectly sinked to the beat
Dam dum horses drown.
Borderline suicidale things.