Imperia Corporation

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"Innovation in Motion"
Notable Staff
Founder, CEO LDShadowLord
Subsiduaries Sublime Corporation, Scindunt, Evella Vindicta, Glitter, Capricorn, Central Exchange Organization (50%), Sublime Burger, Evella Space Industries
Server Headquarters Kalmar Street, Central City
Founded November, 2015
Predecessors Sublime Corporation

Impera Corporation was founded as a vessel to allow LDShadowLord and his colleagues the ability to innovate without limits. This ability to create without hindrance allowed the creation of several technologies that are now available to the entire MRT.

Imperia own a vast array of businesses and technologies across the MRT in both the new world and the old world. While Imperia try to be mainly a technology company they also have departments in finance, food, fashion and retail, as well as technology.

Most of Imperia's technology is proprietary technology that is only used in their own products, although some of it can be licensed and has been licensed.


Product Industry
InterLynC Metro System
Scindunt Food
Glitter Fashion
Sublime Burger Food
Evella Vindicta Legal
Central Exchange Organization Financial
Imperia Technologies Group Technology
Palisade Bank Banking

Transparency Report

As part of the Transparency Initiative, Imperia is trying to be more transparent to both its customers and its investors. Imperia has published the first part of its transparency report, detailing its subsidiaries and their purpose in the company. This report can be found by clicking here.[1]