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LocationLancashire, United Kingdom
Time zoneGMT
Birth dateMarch, 1998
MRT information
Current rank [Premier+] 
Notable projects(City of) Evella, Central City Financial District, (City of) Monolith(s)
AcceptedJuly 13, 2012
PremierJanuary 21, 2018
ModeratorJuly 19, 2012
SupporterOctober 11, 2014
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LDShadowLord is a former moderator on the MRT server. After a complication arose with other members of the MRT server he chose to leave the server. He came back shortly after as "Tycoonier", after a short period he then left the server completely. On May 25th, 2013, LDShadowLord was permitted to rejoin the server (he joined later the following day). Currently LDShadowLord is a Premier, with his city "City of Evella" being the 7th Premier city on the server. The city is most distinguished by it's unique building style that heavily restricts the block palette used in construction.

The First Round

LDShadowLord was the CEO & Founder of LDT Holdings - Partnered with ThomasFyfe and his company FyfeCorp they established a monopoly on the server and ran some of the most successful attractions on the MRT server - the Library and the Mail center, and the KFC. After he left the server all of LDShadowLord's assets were entrusted onto ThomasFyfe.

The Second Coming

Some time after returning to the server and the creation of Gamma, LDShadowLord and _Frozen embarked on an adventure to create a scale replica of a Stock Exchange on the server. The complexity of this was severely underestimated and they encountered multiple issues that resulted in the Central Stock Exchange never opening. In addition to work on the Stock Exchange, the two also constructed almost all of the Central City Financial District, which makes up the north-east corner of Central City. After _frozen took an extended break from the server, all progress on the Central Exchange ceased and LDShadowLord resigned back to Evella to work on his own.

The Third Disappointment

Once Evella achieved the rank of Premier, some ongoing projects were finalised before LD founded a new town in the space opened up by Epsilon. The Holy City of Minster, City of Monoliths, was founded independently of the MRT rail network and acts alone.