Llama Libertarian Party

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Llama Libertarian Party
Llama Libertarians.png
Party Leader Vulpicula
Party Deputy OM3GA
Founder Vulpicula
Founded 28th December 2019
Members 14
Country Republic of Epsilon
House of Representatives

80 / 184

Lumeva State Assembly

1 / 9

The Llama Libertarian Party is the largest official functioning political party in the Republic of Epsilon. It is a Big Tent party, with the primary goal being the furtherance of Democracy in the Republic of Epsilon. It seeks to abolish all non-elected positions, and to establish laws that protect the fundamental rights of the citizens and towns that reside in the republic, by guaranteeing absolute free speech for member cities and citizens. It is currently the largest party in the Republic, and holds the presidency. The party is a constituent of a coalition involving itself, the Labour Party, and the Social Democrats of Epsilon.

Its leader, Vulpicula, is the current president of the Epsilonian Republic.