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MRT BOWL Limited is a ten-pin bowling company established by London150 as a new sport and leisure activity. Pins form as a triangle of 5, into an arrow shape. The company was formed on the 30th January 2019, after creating a bowling alley in his singleplayer world.

Main Introduction to Minecraft Ten-Pin Bowling, what to do..

The main objective is to get a high score in normal bowling in real life. It doesn't matter how many strikes you get; as long as you're playing for fun, it's great! Firstly, you have a selection of bowling balls that can vary in different colours and shade. These balls have 3 holes (1 wide one at the bottom for your thumb and 2 slighty smaller ones at the top for your two fingers). Your thumb and two fingers will then grip the ball, and you can bowl it underarm towards the pins at the other end.

HOWEVER.. In Minecraft Bowling... you cannot do all of the above. You have to stand on the orange line and press the drop key (whatever your drop item key is on your keyboard). There is only 2 types of bowling balls at MRT BOWL, one of those is a snowball, the other being a slime ball. Other items can be used but with permission from London to allow them to be in the alley. There is also a ball return machine where you can use the MRT BOWL's bowling balls in case the one you were holding despawns.

Current Locations

Locations of the MRT BOWL alleys are listed below. Hightech_TR's 'Eat and Bowl' restaurants may be at some alleys, just not all of them. The Headquarters for the MRT BOWL is in Hendon City (NE5)

Town Mayor Nearest MRT Station Number of Lanes Does it have an Eat and Bowl restaurant? Open/Closed/Under Construction/Proposed
Valemount Canadian_K9 EN7 2 No Open
Carnoustie CaptainObi NW26/T50 2 Yes Open
Southburg FiorkG Unknown 3 Yes Open
Seolho LithiumMirnuriX None however V36 and V37 are the closest but is still far away 4 Yes (under pending for Mall Plot) Partial Open (Rest of the mall isn't open to the public, bowling alley is fully open but with no Eat And Bowl at present)
Peaslake GrumpyGoomba9 EN11 8 Yes Open
Singlwurst MigInfi Unknown 2 Yes Open
Seoland CodyHM None 5 Yes Open
Antioch woorich999 ZN28 6 Yes Open
Sunshine Coast Cact0 SE23 (via road connection) 2 Yes Open
Larkspur Vickiposa NW22 3 No Open
Spruce Valley TheSubway T40 8 Yes (awaiting construction) Open
New Amsterdam Red_Ray None 3 No Open
  • So far, Peaslake and Spruce Valley are the only alleys that have 8 lanes and an Eat and Bowl. Some towns may not have MRT Stations nearby to the alleys; please check before you travel.
  • Spruce Valley is the only bowling alley that has lanes above the ground floor.
Proposed and currently waiting to be built

As with many buildings on the MRT, the MRT BOWL alleys do take time to be built. Proposed and currently awaiting are listed below. These alleys are not open at the moment and that once an alley is completed, it will be moved to the table above. The table at the moment with requests are listed below.

Town Mayor/Owner Nearest MRT Station Number of lanes proposed Will it have an Eat and Bowl restaurant? Expected completion?
Whiteley AP_Red ZS22 3 (i think) Unknown Some time in 2019, plot has been set up but no specific blocks chosen by AP.
Rockham Aldranster50 V23 3 Yes Some time in 2019
Wythern Baseball02 C40/C41 4 Yes Some time in 2019
Elecna Bay mine_man_ I21/I22 Unknown at present Yes Awaiting on mineman to provide a plot space, construction can begin once provided with specific blocks chosen by Mineman
Eagleshore SkyjumperTalon None 8 Yes TBA - Talon isn't currently active on the MRT
Winterside/Kalaro City Needn_NL Winterside: NE7, Kalaro City has none at present. Unknown Not sure Currently awaiting a plot in both cities
Creeperville Frosty_Creeper10 NE8 6 Yes Awaiting a plot details/specific block types
Takasaki Frosty_Creeper10 Unknown 8 Yes Awaiting plot details/specific block types
Price List

MRT BOWL boss London150 constructs the bowling alleys by hand to minimise problems with the works. Here is the official price list for Winter 2019 for your bowling lanes! (Note; all prices are in MRT Dollars, not in real life money)

1 or 2 lanes Free
3 lanes $10
4 lanes $20
5 or more lanes $30 - $60

Reminder that if you do order 5 or more lanes, the maximum is 8 lanes per very large building.