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MRT Mail

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MRT Mail Hub
MRT Mail Hub.png
MRT Mail Team
Managing Director thomasfyfe
Mail Team Member Cortesi
Mail Team Member godzilltrain
Mail Team Member Sirots
Mail Hub Location
Warp /warp mrt_mail
Transit Central City Tram: Auden Ave.
Facts and figures
Users 100+
Founded 4 October, 2014

MRT Mail is a service on the MRT Server, founded by thomasfyfe and LDShadowLord under LDT Holdings (which later became FyfeCorp). MRT Mail, along with the MRT Library were made server owned organisations in June 2014. The MRT Mail Hub, home of the MRT Mail, is located within Central City on Auden Avenue.

MRT Mail allows players to leave each other messages using 'Book and Quill's in marked chests. This is useful for contacting players while they are offline or to let all players know of an important announcement. The MRT Mail system is also used by corporations to deliver newsletters and advertisements to players.

The original MRT Mail Centre in the Old World proved to be a popular service so a new MRT Mail Hub was created in the New World which replaced the MRT Mail Centre as the primary location for sending and receiving MRT Mail. It contains a great deal more P.O. Boxes than its predecessor with room for expansion if necessary. The MRT Mail Centre remains open for historical purposes and as a semi-secure storage area for old mail.

Although with the opening of the gamma server and the addition of a new /mail command (via Essentials), MRT Mail continue to operates and has shifted its focus from personal messaging to the distribution and sharing of formatted documents, publications or other items players may want to send to each other but cannot through the /mail command.


P.O. Boxes

P.O. Boxes are the main service of MRT Mail consisting of a double chest which is linked in to the other MRT Mail Services. Each player from Citizen onwards is entitled to a P.O. Box and as of the 2016 update can claim and setup the box themselves.

Mail-To System

A new service that was introduced with the MRT Mail Hub. Allows you to deposit a book, along with the name of the recipient, and the system will deliver that mail to the specified player, to save you searching for their P.O. Box.

Mass Distribution System

An easy to deliver mail to all players with a P.O. Box, useful for advertising your event or business. Note that some players may have opted-out of receiving mass distributed mail.

Mass Distribution Opt-Out

While the Mass Distributor distinguishes MRT Mail from the /mail command, some users may wish to opt-out from receiving mass distributed mail. Along with setting up boxes, players can also enable this feature themselves.

Service Status

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Service Status Information
P.O. Boxes Status: Service Good.png Good service
Mass Distributor Status: Service Good.png Good service
Mass Distributor Opt-Out Status: Service Good.png Good service
Mail-To System Status: Service Good.png Good service

MRT Mail Developments

The MRT Mail service has undergone several major upgrades in its history. From adding additional P.O. Boxes to introducing new services, MRT Mail has always been a popular service which has had to undergo transformations to adapt to the server's needs.

The 2016 upgrade to MRT Mail will allow players to have greater control over their P.O. Box including setup and maintenance requiring less input from MRT Mail staff. This upgrade alleviates pressure on MRT Mail Staff whilst adapting to the server's growing use of the /mail command while still satisfying a need for mass distributed and larger physical mail. This upgrade is being headed by thomasfyfe and godzilltrain following a public consultation on MRT Mail, brought on by a discussion at a GSM. The mass distributor was initially poised to close but was re-opened following upgrades to other MRT services which will allow it to continue operating. The 2016 upgrade is expected to be finished by the end of August 2016.

The following players volunteered their time to contribute to the 2016 upgrade:

  • mine_man_
  • DaMarMan111
  • EliteNeon
  • soso123
  • LimeYT
  • Thesteakpie
  • Derpy_Melon
  • BaronThamesBank