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Matheson is a city in the middle of the island line at  I10 ,  I9 , and  I8 . Founded on February 5th 2015, The Mayor is Detroit_Kitteh, and deputy mayor is Narnia17. Matheson is a Mayor ranked town. City hall is located at Smart Ave at Dimebag Ave. Matheson also has a ghetto called Brampton. Known for its abandoned buildings, shady areas like Queen St and Cypress Hills St known for its violence, drug lords, and gang wars. Brampton also homes Paul Gray tower. A tribute to a famous bassist.

Little Ecuador, a famous district of Matheson, services many spanish restaurants and one of the transit hubs for Matheson Transit, and Old City Hall. Matheson is also known for its transit. 26 subway lines 20 of them operationg, and 6 of them planned, and 10 planned bus lines. Matheson Transit also owns GO Transit, a regional transit service. Planning to serve some cities possibly December. MATHexpress, owned by Matheson Transit, are train lines that rounds to seperate parts of Matheson, there is 4 lines so far for MATHexpress. The main hub for MATHexpress is Mathesons Union Station located beside the Ferry Terminal.