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Parent companyMinistry of Transportation
Date foundedJune 22, 2023

MetroJeep is a metropolitan public utility vehicle operator in Deadbush. It is inspired by the jeepney services seen in Metro Manila, Philippines and other large urban areas in the country. It was founded on 22 June 2023 a few days after Mojang1014's commute home from his neighborhood mall, of which he did via jeepney.

Jeepney Routes

Operated by Municipio Tsuper-Operator Division Association (MUNITODA)

Route 1: Nord Bayan - Parliament - Sentral Nuevo (via Union Avenue)
Nord Yard Station
Pioneer Avenue Jalan Heampstead
Jefferson Street Middelhoog Hall
Pearson Square Aft Manila St
Damasony HQ Centro Station
Courthouse Southfields Convention Centre
O Higgins Bus Kyoto Embassy
Sentral Nuevo Plaza
Route 2: Nord Bayan - Kota Lembah - Stadium Likod (via Howard Avenue)
Nord Yard Station
Blk 6 Lilydale St Blk 1 Jalan Heampstead
Arcadia Shopping Centre City Hall Stn
Holtz St Howard Stn
Gemstride InstantRibbits
Kota Lembah Kota Lembah Stn
West Point Terminal
Route 3: Nord Bayan - Oaksburg - Talonsville
Nord Yard Station
Union Ave Tulay Nord Valley
Seoland Embassy Palengke
Spleef Arena Talonsville
Route 4: Stadium Likod - Southern Gardens - I.T. Park (via Main Street)
West Point Terminal
Stadium Darlington Centre
West Ave Stn Borderville Tower
Monumento The Cascades
NewPark Library
I.T. Park
Route 5: Pioneer - Howard - University
Pioneer Bus
Governor Bldg Megaton Emb
Howard Stn Howard Hall
Borderton Acc Borderton
Diorite Ctr 1 Farringdon Ctr
Mason Tower Torre Tuazon