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Nature Protectors of the MRT

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The Nature Protectors of the MRT (NPOTM for short) used to be called the Epsilon Nature Preserve Committee (ENPC for short). The ENPC originally wanted to get a Nature Preserve in the Northwest of Epsilon, but when the proposal was rejected by MRT Staff, the organization renamed itself the NPOTM. The organization now advocates for environmental change throughout the MRT instead of just Epsilon.


This is a list of members and their titles within the group if any. This list will be frequently updated.

- Purrcat2010 (Founder and current leader of the commitee)

- Ardyle (Assistant Leader and First in Line Successor of the Committee)

- dubs17

- AlfiePops (Director of Internal Affairs)

- Needn NL (Head Publicist for the Committee)

- TheSubway (Joined the Org the same day as Alranster50)

- Aldranster50 (Joined the Org the same day as TheSubway)

Past Members

This list includes members that left the organization, were banned from the server, or left the server. The list also states the position the player held in the organization if any.

-Mercury203 (Banned from the MRT)(The original Director of Internal Affairs)


If you wish to join the Nature Protectors Of The MRT, just ask Purrcat2010 to join via chat or /mail. You will get a free book, you don't have to do anything else except be a fairly active member of the MRT.

Note: Knowledge of the Party Chat commands is suggested, as the chat during the meetings are often done on Purrcat2010's chat party. Otherwise they are done on the Local chat channel, or in rare cases, the Main chat channel.

NPOTM Headquarters

The NPOTM members are building an HQ in Purrcat2010's town of Cattington. Everyone is welcome to help out, even if they are not directly connected to the NPOTM. More information about the HQ will be added as it gets closer to completion. It will have two major buildings, a parking garage and the Main Building. The parking garage is complete, but the main building's construction has yet to begin.